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HHN 28 Most Anticipated Houses/Zones

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This thread is a yearly tradition, so might as well get it started...please add your lists to the thread.



  1. Carnival Graveyard - I love abandoned locations and this sounds awesome.  Also, the first picture released showing how wide open the house is has me super excited to see how it works out.
  2. Seeds of Extinction - The premise sounds promising coupled with the single light source rumor.  Makes me really excited, just like Carnival, to see how they pull off the new idea. 
  3. Poltergeist - This movie freaked me out as a kid...and still freaks me out a bit to this day.
  4. Slaughter Sinema - Campy horror, love it.
  5. Trick R Treat - Love the movie and the scare zone was one of my favorite ever.  It being at #5 is a testament to how strong of year it is.
  6. Stranger Things - enjoyed the show, should be some awesome set pieces, just not sold on how good the scares will be.
  7. Dead Exposure: Patient Zero - The first one was one of my favorite houses of all time...trying not to have unreasonable expectations for this one.
  8. Halloween 4 - my favorite of all the Michael Myers sequels.  Just nothing special to move it up the list.
  9. Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After - Sure this will be awesome, just haven't heard anything about it to get me excited.
  10. Blumhouse 2 - Haven't seen either of the movies, but enjoy the Purge series.  Not a fan of the multiple movies in the same house (unless they're all the same franchise).



  1. Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Dream come true!  I'm going to spend hours in this zone just taking it all in.
  2. The Harvest - Sounds amazing and very curious as to how they pull off the barn.
  3. Twisted Traditions - There needs to be a traditional Halloween house every year.
  4. Vamp '85 - I think I'm the only person on this board who wasn't blown away by Vamp 55.  I grew up in the 80s so have a feeling I'll love this from the music alone.
  5. Revenge of Chucky - zzzzzzzzzz.
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Man, this year is tough, having ten houses really gives you a lot to think about, even if two or three of them are not very good that’s still a great average! I’m less impressed with Scare Zones this year, to me, Scare Zones set the tone for the night even more so than the houses. Obviously the houses are the main event, but the zones have a bigger effect on my overall rating for the year. So let’s give this a try:



1. Carnival Graveyard - If the rumors about this house feeling open are true combined with an abandoned feeling and a crazy theme park aesthetic, this will definitely be my number one. We've all known from the beginning that the original houses are always the strongest (with a few notable exceptions) and now after Scarecrow, Dead Waters, and the Fallen all blew people away last year, everybody else knows it too, so maybe they even got a better budget and approval for some great stuff in their originals.

2. Trick ‘r Treat - I can't help it, this movie is the pinnacle of Halloween movies for me. If they can pull off the feel this will skyrocket to the top of my list. I liked the zone, but I wasn't nearly as impressed with it as everyone else was, so if they can improve on the overall quality, I'll love this one.

3. Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After - I'm ashamed so say that this will be my first Scary Tales branded house. While the twisted fairytale concept has gotten a little cliche now, it's still a good concept and should make for some great set pieces.

4. Stranger Things - I adore the show like most and am excited to come face to face with a demogorgan and see how they pull off the upside down, but I worry about the rest of the house. This show is less about horror to me than the great characters which are simply not scary. We'll have to see.

5. Dead Exposure: Patient Zero - I know it's a gimmick, but it's an intriguing gimmick, plus with the Paris connections, I'm wondering if this is a secret sequel to catacombs, maybe not literally, but the same feel.

6. Poltergeist - An eighties classic full of legitimately scary moments, 80s cheeseball nostalgia, and a great cast. Will be interested to see how this translates into a house.

7. Seeds of Extinction - This is the house that I know the least about, but it seems to be making some of the insiders excited so there you go.

8. Slaughter Sinema - These bottom three are low on the list for a reason. I love the idea of a comedy house, I laughed my way through Leave it to Cleaver for example, and I found Penn and Teller charming and funny, but the rest have left me cold. If they can actually make me laugh and get scared I'll love it, if not...

9. Halloween 4 - I love the Halloween franchise, I'm excited for the new movie and I would point to the first Halloween house as one of the most exceptional IP houses managing to capture the tone of the original film while being legitimately scary and checking off every box. However the fourth movie is mostly garbage with some jump scares. Honestly that might not make for a bad house, but we'll see.

10. Blumhouse - Last year on my first run-through I thought this was the stinker of the event. However, given it's location it often took longer than other locations to build a long line, and therefore become a house we repeated over and over again, and each time the Cast had more and more energy, overwhelming my first impression and making me legitimately like it and get scared by it by the end of the event. My problem this year is the IPs. The Purge is beyond been-there-done-that, and Happy Death Day was great, but I can't see it translating into a good house.


Scare Zones

1. Twisted Tradition - I'm a sucker for the classic halloween feel, so give me pumpkins and a good Central Park zone and I'm solid.

2. Vamp ‘55 - Let's be honest, the New York zone is the same every year. Wide streets with some props and some people with weapons. Big in scale, but not big enough that it's gets in the way of the entrance to the Mummy or the Houses that enter here. I think the most different one was probably the Halloween Psychoscarepy zone at 25. That said, this could be different too. Obviously the 55 aspect will at least mean different music and tone so this could be great.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Apparently this is a sin on this website, but I have never seen this movie, and was barely aware of it's existence. I watched a clip that seemed silly but it could make for a good zone.

Revenge of Chucky - Meh...I liked the house in '09 well enough so maybe it'll translate into a different kind of zone.

The Harvest - Dressed up photo-op zone. At least it sounds like it will be dressed up. Remember when we used to have six scare zones. I miss that.

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Houses (Updated now that I know what Seeds of Extinction is)

  1. Carnival Graveyard - Loved it from the moment I heard about it
  2. Slaughter Sinema - Would love it if HR BloodnGutz made a cameo
  3. Seeds of Extinction - By the description, this has a real Tomb of the Ancients feel to it.  I am bumping it to number three; I smell puppetry...
  4. Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After - Since every Scary Tales has been great, hard to see how this could miss.
  5. Stranger Things - Easily the most anticipated of the IP for me, if only because they must be throwing oodles of money behind it
  6. Poltergeist - The movie freaked me out as a kid but I don't see how this can translate to an entire house.  So many movies have copied the classic scares from this and we have seen those houses.  I don't see how Poltergeist lends itself to pop scares from scareactors.  
  7. Trick R Treat - Scarezone was good.  I have faith in Orlando A&D that this will surprise me.  I think the GP who have not seen the film will love it for Sam.
  8. Dead Exposure: Patient Zero - I didn't care for original DE, and it sounds like this will be more of the same.  You can't "detail" black objects with glow paint.  You just get muddy things that kinda sorta look like recognizable objects.  Same with signs - no matter how good an artist, it looks like a kid painted them.  Hoping this year will be a polar opposite.
  9. Halloween 4 - I don't remember any of the Halloween movies beyond #3.  Don't understand why we need this.  This is my "Saw" from last year.   Why, dammit?  We deserve better.
  10. Blumhouse 2 - My expectation bar cannot get any lower.  Last year the bar was at ground level and both Orlando and Hollywood managed to trip over it.  I'm gonna bury the bar this year and see what happens.



  1. Vamp '85 - I wonder where they can go next year.  I guess hippie vampires?  Millennial vampires that sit around doing nothing?
  2. Killer Klowns from Outer Space - A.K.A. a house from next year.  I think this will be a surprise hit.  I hope they do the shadow puppets.  Red drinks with cotton candy straws can seriously pay for the cost of this zone.
  3. Twisted Traditions - Don't see how this will be different from the other zones in this area.  I feel like I've already been through this multiple times.
  4. Revenge of Chucky - If they do the Insult Emporium, I think it may be a sleeper hit.  Then again, I can't imagine them being nearly as dirty and offensive as Hollywood was.  Would be hilarious if they set up a nearby "safe space" with stuffed animals and blankets.
  5. The Harvest - I hope this will not be just a photo op but it will.  Sorry to sound like criticalanalysis, but I don't see much hope for this.  Hope I'm wrong.
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1 carnival graveyard - this might be hoty imo.

2 seeds of extinction - this also sounds good for scares.

3 trick r treat - i mean come on man it's trick r treat.

4 poltergeist - all time classic and tons of potential.

5 slaughter sinema - would make a wonderful laugh maze.

6 stranger things - could be good if they utilize the right things.

7 scary tales 4 - could be good like st3 or forgettable.

8  dead exposure 2 - i don't know about this one yet. so im gonna wait until more info but for now it's a 8

9 horrors of blumhouse 2 - first one was alright but now we have 2 meh movies here. might be a hit but idk

10 halloween 4 - im sorry but out of anything else they chose the fourth one. what about silver shamlock, or the 2018 remake? i do hope this will be good like 2014 and 2016 though.

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Gonna add to this as I figure it out, could possibly (actually, will probably) be switched around:


#10--Horrors of Blumhouse, Vol 2

From what I've seen of it, Happy Death Day does NOT belong in the event (if they had to have it in some capacity, I would've preferred it to be in the house last year in place of Sinister and for Sinister to be a whole house this year). WAY too "cutesy" in a year where we already have two camp houses, two "family friendly" horror houses and three campy zones (my only real concern about this year--honestly if we have to have Purge I would've rather had an entire Purge house).


#9--Halloween 4: Return of Michael Myers

Really wish they had been able to do the new one, which looks really good. Ah, well. It's just a bit awkward that they're "promoting" the new one by using a house based off a movie whose canon is going to be voided. Could've easily just made the first half a condensed version of the first house and then gone through the trailer. I will say, I love that this is in the Shrek theatre.


#8--Stranger Things

As great of a job as they've done marketing this, and even though I VASTLY prefer this show to TWD and AHS, I'm just not THAT hyped about this appearing--partially because I feel like the other houses we have that are either camp or light-hearted horror just sound better. Also runs the risk of being VERY one-note on scares. Like I said, I'm not angry about this coming at all, but given that it will probably pull record wait times, I'm just not sure if it's gonna be worth waiting for more than once.



Very, very close with my #5 and #6 choice. This sounds like it will have some very awesome set pieces, and some very creepy imagery. I'm especially looking forward to what they do with "The Other Side." However, the fact that this is (again) more of a family friendly property keeps it from being higher on this list. The fact that it's this low shows how strong this lineup might be. I would not be at all surprised if this (or my next two choices) end up ranking higher.


#6--Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After

Neck and neck, and almost interchangeable with my #5 pick. If this were just Path of the Wicked, it would easily be my #1. It hasn't been announced yet, and we don't know if we're going to be getting any fairy tales not in OUAN--Snow Queen would be great, as would Three Little Pigs and Pinnochio. ST3 was my absolute favorite house, so it's a bit of a dilemma. I'm excited to see the flying monkeys, as I do really like that the Wicked Witch is the main villain.


#5--Seeds of Extinction

BARELY beats out ST4 just because it's a brand new concept. Could jump if the "single light source" rumor is true. Seems like there's a lot of possibilities to recreate the "buried in the wall" hallway from Scarecrow--as someone said above, the trailer has that very eerie silence as in the trailer for Scarecrow did. I like the idea of a crashed plane set. Yet, I really don't have a clue of a lot of what's going to be in here. It was emphasized as being "especially scary." This is definitely the biggest wildcard of the event for me.


#4--Trick 'r Treat

Easily my most anticipated IP. I loved The Hallow and Skoolhouse at 18, loved the scare-zone last year, and loved the movie. I'm a sucker for a good old-fashioned Halloween house. Hopefully it's packed with jack-o-lanterns, and I'd love to see them pump in dirt and pumpkin smells.


Not quite sure which order my top four are.

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#1 - Slaughter Sinema 

I LOVE comedy houses. Why? Because they always (well, almost always) are hilarious and amusing while also having some pretty good scares! Asylum in Wonderland 3D and Krampus are perfect examples of this: Houses with good comedy as well as good scares. Plus, this is going to have a cheesy horror film theme, and I love B-movies. Plus the fact that this is going in one of the sprung tents makes it even better! My only concern is that this could be the house with a really good concept, but executed horribly. 


#2 - Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces

I've always had an obsession with abandoned theme park attractions. I love watching urban exploration videos of Six Flags New Orleans, River Country, and Triceratops Encounter. The fact that we're going through a junkyard full of abandoned carnival attractions with evil clowns hunting us down gives me chills at just the thought of it. Plus the fact that this house is looking to be our unofficial Icon house (kinda like Dead Waters last year) gets me even more excited. Plus the fact that Jack and Chance will probably make cameos in here.


#3 - Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After

I've never been able to go through any Scary Tales house. My only experience with it was the scare zone from 2015 (which was a pretty bad zone). But... I've heard how all of the Scary Tales houses have been incredible in both scares and sets. And now that I've read up on the backstory for Scary Tales and that this will be the 3rd sequel, this house has me intrigued. If I hadn't heard about how good the previous houses were, this would probably be at the bottom of my list.


#4 - Stranger Things

I love this show. I love the references to the 80's, I love the humor, I love everything about it! As soon as I heard that the characters were going to be making appearances in this house (Barb, Eleven, HOPPER!!!), I got completely hyped. My main concern with this house is that the Demogorgon is overused.


#5 - Trick 'r Treat

I watched Trick 'r Treat when the scare zone was announced last year, and thought it was a really good Halloween movie. Sam was awesome, the characters were fun, and the kills were pretty fun! However, there's only one problem with this house... We just had it as a scare zone. The scare zone was really good, but I want to wait a bit before experiencing Trick 'r Treat again. Otherwise, pretty excited for this house.


#6 - Dead Exposure: Patient Zero

This house sounds absolutely terrifying. However, I only have two problems with it... 

1. It'll be pitch black. While that is a big part of the house, I would like to see the sets.

2. Zombies. Ugh.


#7 - Seeds of Extinction

I can see this being one of the best houses of the year, or one of the worst of the year. My big problem is that this sounds like a Central Park scare zone except if it became a house. Plus the fact that most of the sets will probably just be mutant vegetation, which I don't find scary.


#8 - Poltergeist

I just finished watching this movie recently, and I loved it. It was really creepy, the comedy was good, and the effects were pretty cool. But, there's only one problem... How the hell is this going to be transformed into a house?! There's not too many scares they can use other than The Beast and some false scares with the chairs... Pretty worried about this one.


#9 - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

I loved the Halloween house in 2016, it was hands-down the best house that year. However... The 4th movie is awful. Just awful. Nothing but guns and lame jump scares. Plus it'll probably be the exact same as it was in 2016, except smaller. We shall see.


#10 - The Horrors of Blumhouse: Part Two

Do I even need to say anything about this?



Scare Zones


#1 - Killer Klownz from Outer Space

The movie is a classic. It's goofy, it's funny, and a little creepy. Can't wait to see it as a scare zone and talk to the Klownz.


#2 - Vamp '85: New Year's Eve

The scare zone in 2016 was so much fun. How interactive it was, how funny it was, yes!!! Can't wait to see it in New York.


#3 - The Harvest

It's Scarecrow except as a scare zone. This can maybe a decent zone, but we'll see.


#4 - Twisted Traditions

It's Trick 'r Treat, but it's not Trick 'r Treat.


#5 - Revenge of Chucky


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8 minutes ago, HHN Pro said:

#3 - The Harvest

It's Scarecrow except as a scare zone. This can maybe a decent zone, but we'll see.


how should i explain this, legacy said this will be like altars of horrors with various of the i.p characters roaming about. but since it will be in a indoor area i think [like the barn in the walking dead zone from 2013] this could be good.

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8 minutes ago, themazethinker said:

how should i explain this, legacy said this will be like altars of horrors with various of the i.p characters roaming about. but since it will be in a indoor area i think [like the barn in the walking dead zone from 2013] this could be good.


Any pictures of this area yet?  While I'm envisioning some Skoolhouse Barn thingy, that just seems too small for the area

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10 hours ago, themazethinker said:

how should i explain this, legacy said this will be like altars of horrors with various of the i.p characters roaming about. but since it will be in a indoor area i think [like the barn in the walking dead zone from 2013] this could be good.


10 hours ago, zombieman said:


Any pictures of this area yet?  While I'm envisioning some Skoolhouse Barn thingy, that just seems too small for the area


Remember, the Harvest is in the Plaza of the Stars aka the Daytime Parade route. So any kind of indoor structure just ain't happening. This zone is pretty much like Altars of Horror with possibly a couple stages for main characters a la' Chance's zone with other characters on the ground. Legacy has playfully coined this zone as "Haybales of Horror" since that's probably gonna' be more accurate then any kind of barn structure the description is hinting at.

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Okay - I don't actually attend the event, so my most "anticipated" is more a "most interested in" list. This is based on stuff I've seen, heard, etc.


1. Seeds of Extinction - This just looks like pure terror. It's an extremely creative idea that I think Universal will do justice. I've always loved ghillie suit/plant scares because of how well they're hidden, and that's what this house essentially is made more. There are some cool set pieces and, if it's as dark as it was conceptualized as being, it could go down as one of the scariest houses they've done. This is a big risk/big reward house that I've wanted to see Uni tackle for a long time.
2. Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces - Seriously, the names this year are on point. Vast improvement. This was one of the houses I first started hearing about; specifically that it would be built almost entirely out of props and curtains. It should give it a very "open" and organic feeling that they have never done before. The big question will be, does it actually "work."
3. Horrors of Blumhouse - This is number three because of the first half of the house (Happy Death Day). The day resets a few times during the house, and I've always felt that "repeating scenes" can obscure the actual length of a house and cause more confusion (and fear). The Purge half should be fine, because at least it was designed from the ground up.
4. Poltergeist - This façade is so great. I'm a fan of "ghosts" houses in general, and this has a strong aesthetic, puppetry opportunities, and a lot chances for creative takes (which they start off with).
5. Trick R Treat - There's a couple of fantastic set-pieces at the tail end of this, but I feel like other segments of the movie aren't really getting their due. It'll be a quality house. I'm just not as intrigued by it as what's above it.
6. Slaughter Sinema - Despite the fantastic name and fun concept, this suffers from humor. I am not, and never really will be, a fan of comedy houses. Even though they are decidedly striving to be not funny with this house, it's going to be funny. It's a personal taste thing.
7. Dead Exposure: Patient Zero - We've seen this all before. Audio selection should be fun though, especially in the first scene. There's a couple of effects that make me think, "Really? This again?"
8. Stranger Things - This, in theory, should be higher. It's not for a reason. I've seen a lot of it and... creative differences. There's far less to this house than there could have been. It'll be pretty, and popular, but not scary.
9. Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After - When I thought this would be dedicated to Oz, I had this higher. Once I got confirmation it was a Scary Tales house, it dropped. This will likely have "grandest" façade, but I don't think it'll be as creative as a Oz-only house could've been.
10. Halloween 4 - This has so much going against it for me. I find slashers uninteresting. I find Shrek a struggling venue. I'm not a fan of repeated ideas (as you can tell). So much meh for me here.

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I think we have another amazing year on our hands like last year, only thing I can say that I think is lacking is what other members have mentioned that none of the houses/properties are ones that strike fear into me...I am sure they will be scary, especially our originals but nothing initially makes me go OMG that'll be scary...it all seems approachable lol. Only minor note for line ups in the future. Although these days I am not really there for scares but just for fun and the details of the houses...ANYWAYS!!!!



1(Most anticipated) - Trick r Treat - I just think the team is particularly passionate about this property and feel there is no way this couldn't be amazing. It is super Halloween spirited and blends the camp, humor and scary...it will provide everything.


2 - Seeds of Extinction -  I feel this can be the most "Scary" house this year and will be as close as we can get to the Last of Us house. I just think it will be a unique house such a different concept...and I think that is what excites me...fresh and new!


3 - Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After - Asylum in Wonderland 3D is one of my top 5 favorite houses and I wish this was a full on Path of the Wicked house BUT thats ok I think it'll be a lot of fun.


4 - Stranger Things - I really don't expect much "horror" in this house but I do expect a lot of money being dumped into this house to probably make it one of THE most immaculate houses ever 


5 - Carnival Graveyard: Rust In Pieces - To be honest initially I was gonna place this on the bottom, fully thinking this was just Giggles n Gore v2.0 but with everyone clamoring for it saying it is gonna be amazing and there is more to it I will curve my enthusiasm ... also the preview pics do look exciting so the hype is starting to build.


6 - Halloween 4 - Granted I haven't seen Halloween 4 (yet) so maybe that is why I am excited but I found both versions of Halloween we have had to be amazing and I expect the same from this especially with Aiello's love for Halloween. I think judging a crappy sequel to a quality of a house isn't the way to go about this. Granted Michael has had repeated visits a little to close to each other for freshness sake but my fiance hasn't experienced a Halloween house yet at HHN, last year was his first year and I bet he will love it and that'll make me love it even more.


7 - Poltergeist - I am mixed on this one but will curve with optimism like Carnival Graveyard....I understand Poltergeist's importance in Horror history, it is a fun film, I like it...but I just don't know how it works as a HHN house ....but I am sure they can pull it off, I just don't know what is jumping at us...what is the scare? Doors slamming? Trees...? Guys dressed as skeletons...? I am really curious and excited...but nervous for an The Exorcist repeat, The Exorcist wasn't ...bad but it wasn't great either. Will see! This could easily jump to be one of my favorites but for now I have reservations first.


8 & 9 (TIE) - Dead Exposure & Slaughter Sinema - I think both will be great and I don't have any reason to not like them just they aren't on my forefront of houses to check off my list first. Not bad just not the one I'll be clamoring to see right away, no particular reason


10 - Horrors of Blumhouse - I am actually a fan of Happy Death Day, thought it was a fun movie in the vain of AHS: Coven and Scream Queens. But Horrors of Blumhouse was kinda the stinker of last year and even though I liked the properties last year like Insidious, big fan, it didn't save it from being not as good. And HDD isn't a strong enough property to save a house from The Purge .... didn't see The First Purge but from what I heard I didn't miss much. They better not just "Sinister" Happy Death Day and give it like two rooms and the rest of the house is recycled Purge stuff or else this will be even more a stinker than the original Horrors of Blumhouse. However I am thrilled we aren't getting Truth or Dare and Unfriended...since I am a fan of Happy Death Day I have some hope but not holding out much for it

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I have not been this pumped for an HHN in a very long time.   GOOD marketing has played a big role in this.

The sting of no Bill & Ted is definitely there, and I'll probably really feel the loss when I'm at the event.

Seems like this will be a very strong year with 9 good houses.


...and Blumhouse.



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Carnival Graveyard - Sounds game changing from what the designers have been sharing.

Dead Exposure: Patient Zero - I know people have been talking down this one, but I'm still just so damn pumped for it.

Halloween 4 - I just love Michael houses.

Slaughter Sinema - I love the idea for this one, and everything they've shown has me excited, but could end up being more of a comedy house than a scare house.

Seeds of Extinction - Seems to have some serious scare potential.

Blumhouse 2 - Sounds like the concepts with HDD could be interesting, and the Purge section actually being designed for the Purge won't hurt.

Trick R Treat - Been there, kinda did that. Prob will be way better in a house though.

Poltergeist - Still haven't seen the film, but I like when they do legacy IPs. Prob will go up when I get to watching the film.

Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After - Meh, might surprise me but Scary Tales isn't really my thing.

Stranger Things - Don't really like the show, so if it's a house focused on showing off the scenes it'll be a snoozer. The Demogorgon is the literal only thing I'm at all excited for.



Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Still haven't came down from the orgasm this announcement gave me.

Revenge of Chucky - Same with Carnival, the premise isn't the most interesting but the designer talk has me hyped.

Twisted Traditions - Nothing that new or interesting, but recent scenic work has me pumped.

Vamp '85 - Should be fun, but could be executed poorly.

The Harvest - Stupid fucking photo-op zone: Round 2

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Not sure how I never posted this list over here. But here goes ...

Man, I have back and forth on a number of these - and to be fair, I think I will love them all for different reasons. But as it stands right now, this is what I am looking at ...

1. Poltergeist
2. Scary Tales : Deadly Ever After
3. Carnival Graveyard
4. Slaughter Sinema
5. Trick R Treat
6. Dead Exposure
7. Seeds Of Extinction 
8. Stranger Things
9. Halloween 4
10. Horrors Of Blumhouse

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After initial responses and some video footage my anticipation list has changed. However I won't be down till the last week I am now dying of anticipation as the reviews are so high.


Now most to least anticipated list


1- Scary Tales

2- Poltergeist

3- Seeds of Extinction

4- Slaughter Sinema

5- Stranger Things

6- Halloween 4

7- Horrors of Blumhouse (only cause I like HDD and it seems like that part was done justice, however The First Purge looks like absolute garbage and it should've just been a full HDD house)

8- Trick r Treat (not bad looks but I think I expected to much from this and it fell short, kinda my problem with Krampus)

9- Dead Exposure

10- Carnival Graveyard

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