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Haunted House and Scare Zone ideas

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9 hours ago, themazethinker said:

You guys think i should do a original haunt based off this creepypasta?


Sure, why not?

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Back in the late 1940s when horror comics were at their peak there was a comic book industry called "Terror Comics" that also did horror comics of their while telling an original horror story, the comics also have their very own horror host called The Terrorkeeper and was kind of like the Cryptkeeper in some ways like his puns for example however when the Comic Code Authority came around in the 1950s it went bankrupt until it was revised as a small press when Underground Comics came around in the 1960s and then evolved into a horror anthology tv-show in the 1980s in which adapted some of their old stories while coming up with new episode ideas for their tv-show and had their host on-screen for the very first time but however it only lasted for one season and was cancelled after their final episode, it was now forgotten by many people after the show was cancelled with a few fans left that still remember the show to this day


You are a person who knows very little about the show itself but remembered the Terrorkeeper, Terror Tales' very own horror host and wanted to check out a haunted house for the very first time that is when you discover a run-down house in the middle of a forest and vaguely re-call of seeing that house somewhere before, you decide to enter anyway and looked around in the run-down house before noticing a bookcase that contains a secret passage being slightly opened and decided to enter the secret passage in which leads to a basement that is abandoned and seems like no-one is here until you notice a man with a ragged monk-like hood and quickly noticed that the man with ragged monk-like hood is the Terrorkeeper, the horror host then noticed and scolded you for entering his home until you tell him that he knows the horror host, the Terrorkeeper was surprised that you know him until he asked you the question if you ever read one of the comic books by Terror Comics or seen some of the episodes of the tv-show in which you reply no, while being disappointed that you only know him but not the comic books or the episodes from the tv-show he decides to bring out a huge book that is full of Terror Comics' comic books and the scripts of the episodes of the tv-show itself, you then opened the book only to get sucked inside the book and into the stories that are from the comic books and the tv-show episodes itself, can you escape the stories or will you become a victim of the stories itself?


Facade: The Terrorkeeper's house


The Basement: Guests will venture into the basement where its looks almost similar to the Cryptkeeper's lair but almost run-down and see the Terrorkeeper sitting down in a chair, the Terrorkeeper can also interact with guests


Vortex: Guests then go through a vortex as they feel like they're being sucked into the book and into the stories


Night of the Living Skeletons: Guests go through a graveyard that is overrun with undead skeletons along with a grave-robber that is trying to get a undead skeleton off of him, they then go through a catacomb where undead skeletons lurk in every corner and at the near end, a giant skeleton with a crown on its head swings a sword at guests


Headless Blackbeard: Guests will then be in the Queen Anne's Revenge where it is full of ghostly pirates that attack guests while some of them harass guests, they can also see a headless Blackbeard on the steering wheel of the ship while taunting guests


King Tut's Wrath: Guests are now at a museum where they see a mummified King Tut floating above along with two mind controlled guards that attack guests, they then go into a mummy exhibit where some of the mummies in the exhibit are alive and are also lurking about


Devilish President: Guests go into the Oval Office where it seems empty and looks like no-one is here until the Oval Office reveals to be a hellish version and the portraits reveal that he sold his soul to the Devil to become president and is now being condemned into hell, the Devil wearing a president-like suit hides in this room


The Burnt Coach: Guests go into a locker room that is on fire and see Coach Gruber burnt alive while screaming for help, at the near end is Coach Gruber, who is now a ghost, blows a whistle at guests


Freaky Hybrids: Guests enter a lab where they would see a mad scientist preforming some experiments on a helpless citizen by splicing some DNA with some mythical animal or normal animal DNA while sometimes lunging out, they then enter a cell room where they would see hybrids between people and either mythical animals or normal animals, some of them might be hostile to guests while other plead for help


Christmas Slaughter: Guests go into a messy and bloody living room where an insane maniac dressed up like Santa Claus hacks somebody into pieces with an axe before swiping the axe at guests


The Holiday Killer: This scene would be similar to the curtain scene in Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield but only this time the curtains are holiday themed and instead of Michael Myers it's John Holiday a.k.a The Holiday Killer in different holiday outfits


B-Movie Madness: Guests go into what looks like a B-Movie festival gone wrong at a movie drive-in, hiding in the drive-in are B-Movie monsters along with some of the cars honking at guests


Demon Apocalypse: Guests are now in destroyed city street where they would see holes that are entrances to Hell itself, in the destroyed city street are demons in which attack guests and at the near end, a winged demon swoops down at guests


Abandoned Terror Comics Building/Finale: Guests then go into an abandoned Terror Comics building where they would see the Terrorkeeper sitting in a table, harassing guests for not remembering him along with the Terror Comics industry and the tv-show that he has been in, he also reveals that he was actually in the scenes that featured him, scaracters from before pop out to scare guests and at the near-end the Terrorkeeper gives the guests one last scare

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