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Ominous Descent

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Central Florida's NEWEST Haunted Attraction!


Original Backstory

Wade Harris’s son was kidnapped and tortured before he was brutally murdered inside the slaughterhouse owned and operated by Wade Harris and his family. His son’s death led Harris down a path of depression and alcoholism. Harris drank himself to near death before Ominous Grim tracked down and infected the broken man, leaving behind a disfigured face and Ominous Grim’s methods of torture. This awakened a dark part of Wade Harris’s soul which can only feed on the suffering of his tortured victims. 


With his family and henchmen, Harris creates gruesome torture devices confined in the abandoned, decrepit building he once worked in to feed his sadistic soul. Avoid Ominous Grim infecting your soul as you make your way through the onslaught of terrifying contraptions and try to survive Wade Harris’s Slaughterhouse of Torture.


Updated Backstory


Sir Henry's Haunted Trail will host Ominous Descent, featuring Wade Harris, his Family, and his Henchmen. When Ominous Grim causes destruction to Wade's Butcher Shop and Slaughterhouse, Wade takes shelter deep into the woods where, although the location is different, his torturous ways remain the same. 


Once you're infected by Ominous Grim he has control over your soul. Will Ominous Grim take you down the wrong path and leave you victim to Wade's torturous ways?



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