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Exorcist TV Show

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9 hours ago, StupidStupidDan said:

I agree. The first season was pretty good, but this season has been fantastic. 



So many things we havent seen anywhere else. 


My wife was like "nah thisll be over in like ten mins" .... made me think of that south park episode where kyle is basically dying and stan and the other guys are like "Hes faaaakinnn!!"


Plus, we got a full-head-spin!



Wanna do the two-frame old-school final fantasy victory dance with me?




Okay, I'll be here though.




(still, they couldve definitely used that creepy mask the creepy kid had a few more creepy times... i doubt well creepily see the creepy last of its creepiness)

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2 hours ago, StupidStupidDan said:

Plus...Alicia Witt!!!

YES. How the heck she never became a huge actress is a mystery to me. Just pull up her IMDB page. I've seen a lot of the stuff on there and no two characters are alike.


Really, she plays many different characters here too . . . They kind of all do. I'm all caught up on the show and even I'm not really entirely sure what's what. 


That was the perfect episode to air before a week break. I'm hungry for the next one :)

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