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Most Anticipated House for HHN Hollywood 2016

What house are you looking forward to the most?  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one?

    • The Walking Dead Attraction
    • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers
    • Halloween: Hell Comes to Hattonfield
    • The Exorcist
    • Krampus
    • American Horror Story
    • Freddy Vs. Jason

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So what's yours? 


TWD: Already saw it.


TCM: I feel like this will probably end up being the weakest house.


Halloween: I think this will be really good. Murdy stepped up the set level with Insidious so let's see how he pulls this off.


The Exorcist: My most anticipated as this is Murdy's ultimate dream IP to tackle. Hopefully he executes it well.


Krampus: I'm sure this will have some great creature effects.


AHS: Been a long time coming so I look forward to seeing how this is done.


FVJ: Orlando's was great so I'm sure this will be really fun. 

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Definitely AHS, even though the quality of the show has declined the maze will be good because the show is just jammed full of creepy characters that will translate extremely well to a haunted attraction. Plus Freak Show is my favorite season and I'm happy it gets to shine in the maze. Hopefully there will be multiple facades within the maze because I heard this was supposedly the same size as last year's Walking Dead maze.

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Just now, foodstampsFTW said:

I'm not sure what my most anticipated hose is


I prefer fire hoses over your standard garden-variety type.  Able to handle more pressure.  Just don't have enough experience with panty hose to make an informed opinion.:lol:

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water hoses i agree the best hose 


as for the best house im running with ahs ive got a feeling they can do so much using all 3 seasons theve decided to use and im guessing they will go all out with the new series upcoming

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Ok here's my actual list, in order from most excited to least


1. The Exorcist: this is only number 1 because it's Murdys dream property and I really want to see him succeed at this. I think there's no way he'll let this fail.


2. Krampus: I may be rooting for exorcist more, but I'm most excited for Krampus. I absolutely love the movie and think it would be a perfect hhn house. I think this will be glorious and probably be the most fun/enjoyable house of the year.


3. American Horror Story: I've been waiting so long for this to actually come and now it's finally here. The one downside though and I just realized while making this post, this is based off of Murder House, Freakshow, and Hotel. I only saw half of freakshow before I quit, and I didn't even bother with hotel. I guess this gives me a reason to finish those seasons. I'm just really glad we finally get to explore these world Ryan Murphynhas created


4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: While I did go in 2012, I missed this house. I know they won't be the same, but since I've never been in a TCM house, I'll like it more because I'm getting introduced to the environments. It's only not higher because I'm looking forward to other things more, but I do think this could be the scariest house of the event.


5. Freddy vs Jason: Orlandos version was pretty damn great and I'm curious to see how Hollywood does it, I'm very interested to see how the rotating ending will be. This only isn't higher because I saw the one in Orlnado last year.


6. Halloween 2: While I loved the Halloween house last year, I'm not that excited to see the sequel, maybe if they waited another year I would be more excited, but since it's back to back, my hype level isn't that high. I'm sure it will be great though, it's in my favorite queue area.







7. TWDA: Do I even have to say why this is at the bottom, the only thing intriguing about this is double the cast, maybe that will make this decent. For those who don't know, I think the daytime version is complete garbage and a waste of space

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So much to look forward to this year!   Here is my listing for each maze:

  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers -  A maze that is a sequel to the original maze (and not the film sequel) makes this the most intriguing  property out there.  Hoping for some semblance of a cohesive story.  Had a blast with TCM:SIL.
  2. American Horror Story: So many different characters and environments to look forward too...even though not the scariest of characters, I would love to see "Liz Taylor" and "Sally. McKenna" pop up somewhere in the maze.
  3. Halloween 2:  I may have seen this film as many times as the original; looking forward to see how the hospital scenes are re-created.  
  4. Krampus:  And who doesn't love an Anti-Santa Claus and his murderous minions during Christmas time!
  5. The Exorcist:  Yes, I get this is John Murdy's ultimate catch....and I get creeped out by this type of horror more than any other type of sub-genre.  Just a bit so-so with anticipation, though.  Still looking forward to every property.
  6. The Walking Dead Attraction:  Unable to get over to California much so I at least want to be able to experience the permanent attraction at least once.
  7. Freddy Vs Jason:  Did not get the same level of excitement last year from Aliens vs Predator as I did during its first run, so not as excited for this version of the "Battle of the Bohemoths".  Hopefully, this will be fun!  The stand alone mazes were very good.
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1. The Exorcist - I'll admit... I'm scared. Not of the maze, but for how big this could fail. However, that's what has it as my most anticipated. We've been waiting for this maze for about a decade. It has some mighty expectations to fill that I can't even lower in my head. However, if this is somehow pulled off, this may be the next MASTERPIECE maze.


2. Krampus - This would be my most anticipated if the film was better. I'm worried they'll try to shoehorn comedic stuff in here and make it a comedy house. If they take it seriously, this could be genuinely scary and the only "comedy" could be from the irony and such. The environments alone should make it worth it though.


3. AHS - Another maze we've been waiting a long time for. My concern is they're highlighting the hell out of Twisty the clown. And why did they pick the seasons they picked? Asylum would've been a better choice over season 1, maze-wise. But I can't wait to hear that theme music while strolling up to the maze. Gonna be epic.


4.  FvJ - I'm very excited, and hopefully it doesn't have a "been there" feel to it. These guys are what brought me to HHN in 2007, so it's nice to see it come full circle about 10 years later.


5. TCM: BB - I love Leatherface but this is the fourth maze dedicated solely to him. FvJ is at least split down the middle in their 4th incarnation. Is this some kind of record at this point? However, this is basically our only ORIGINAL maze, essentially, so I'm really excited about that.


6. TWDA - I still haven't made my way to Universal to check this out, so I oddly can't wait to see this. I still think there's a Uni trip in my future though because I need to check out Harry Potter still and I dang sure won't have time for that during HHN.


7. H2 - I just don't care about this much. I think it'll have it's moments, but since last year's Halloween maze wasn't on par with it's first, and this one seems to be more in the spirit of the last one, especially based on a mediocre movie, this one could easily be meh. However, we finally get to see Michael Myers in a new location, so that's fun.


The only thing I can say hallelujah to is NO 3D MAZES this year. This year can potentially be bad ass from top to bottom with no major weak spots.

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My most anticipated (Obviously is American Horror Story. A little bummed they're not doing Asylum, my personal favorite season. But there's always next year! Just excited to see my favorite (aside from Scream) property repped at HHN!


2. The Exorcist. I rather like the movie but personally never found it particularly scary. But I'm super excited to see how such an iconic fllm gets pulled off in a live action setting.


3. Krampus. I was itching for this maze since I first saw the movie and I really hope it doesn't disappoint. But the movie seems tailor made to be turned into a maze


4. Halloween 2. Love that even though it's a returning theme it's a completely new concept and I bet the hospital setting for the sequel will make for some awesome scares


5. Freddy Vs. Jason. Not much to say on this one other than I'm looking for it. Just not as much as the others


6. Texas Chainsaw. Similar situaton, I'm looking forward to it, but just have never been a particularly huge TCM fan. But here's hoping this can reach the greatness of BIB


7. TWD. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Honestly I might even skip this one at the event if time is running short. It's (essentially) the same as the daytime attraction. And I'm just not a TWD fan. If it came down to it I'd probably repeat AHS before doing TWD.

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1) Texas Chainsaw Massacre- As for most anticipated i would have to say this. I love the concept they came up with.

2) The Exorcist- Mixed feelings about this Yes I'm really excited that we are finally getting this maze and the movie is amazing but is it going to play out well as a maze because most of the scenes take place in a bedroom. 

3) FvJ- Happy we are getting this and like TCM they are creating their own story for this one. Probably gonna be a mash up of NOES and F13 scenes with both Freddy and Jason. I really don't see this house being an overall favorite with most people but we shall see.

4) Krampus- They should have done this last year but I'm glad they are doing it this year. This could be a fun one!

5) Halloween- Im glad this won't be a repeat and it is based on the sequel. Good thing its not the Rob Zombie sequel. Im looking forward to this one .

6) The Walking Dead- Yes we seen this maze for the past 4 years and yes this technically doesn't count as an HHN maze but I'm actually looking forward to this because the production value has to be amazing if its a permanent attraction. 

7) American Horror Story- Don't know much about AHS I JUST started watching this show and I'm on season 1 which is one of the seasons that will be portrayed in the maze. The show is ok but its kinda hard to follow. I can't say that I'm anticipating this ill have to watch more of the show.

8) Terror Tram- who anticipates the terror tram?

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5 hours ago, Doctor Jeffula said:

8) Terror Tram- who anticipates the terror tram?

Me :( lol

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1. The Exorcist

It's my most anticipated maze because this one has made me the most curious about. I can't wait to see how John and Chris pull this off. This could end up being the weakest house of the year, but I'm still excited to experience the iconic scenes from the movie.


2. Freddy vs Jason 

You get Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, two of the most iconic horror movie characters in pop culture, and put them in one maze. How can you not be excited about that?!


3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers

Leatherface is another slasher that's so famous, people who aren't even fans of horror still recognize him today. And the fact that this maze is based on the original franchise but not on an actual film is what intrigues me the most. I just hope it doesn't have a lot of campiness of the TCM 2 movie. The amount of intensity in this house is something I'm very looking forward to.


4. Krampus

To be honest, I think the dark Christmas scare zone is overrated IMO. Other than that, this looks like it's going to be a really fun maze. What I liked most about the film was how different it was from most modern horror films. I'm excited to see how different this house will be from all the other mazes at the event. 


5. American Horror Story

Out of all the seasons in ahs, I would say murderhouse is the less 'maze-worthy' season of the show in my opinion. But I'm still curious to see how it's pulled off. It's no doubt freak show will be the strongest aspect of the maze. I can't wait to see twisty the clown right in front of my face! I haven't seen the hotel season so it might not have a big impact on me. Overall I can't wait to see how weird and sadistic this house will be.


6. The Walking Dead Attraction

I never been to the actual attraction before. So my first time experiencing the attraction will be during horror nights. And there will be more walkers than usual too! But...it's still the walking dead. Nothing new.


7. Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield 

I'm still anticipating this house very much. But I'm just more excited to go through the other mazes. I guess it's because I've already been in a Halloween house last year and I never attended any of the HHN years that featured Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface. Besides that it's sounds really interesting that John Murdy is basing this off Halloween II. I'm also really anticipating the original ending. 


This was really hard listing my most anticipated 'hoses' lol. This is the lineup that everyone has been dreaming about. And now the nightmares are finally coming true!!

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15 minutes ago, Henry14 said:

5. American Horror Story

Out of all the seasons in ahs, I would say murderhouse is the less 'maze-worthy' season of the show in my opinion. But I'm still curious to see how it's pulled off. It's no doubt freak show will be the strongest aspect of the maze. I can't wait to see twisty the clown right in front of my face! I haven't seen the hotel season so it might not have a big impact on me. Overall I can't wait to see how weird and sadistic this house will be.

I only watched this season.....It doesn't convince me that it should be made into a maze. The show is not bad though i gotta check out the other seasons.

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1. American Horror Story - I am a very much a huge fan of the show. There is a lot of potential for this maze to be fantastic. Murder House is a fantastic season that is my second favorite season and has a lot to work with. Freak Show I think is a good season probably the most Bizzare season which I think will work well. And Hotel is fine I like it sort of, but it has a lot of issues and I'm not really fond of Hotel. But I am very excited to how the maze plays out.


2. Freddy Vs Jason - It's very much a treat to finally get both Jason and Freddy back after 5 or 6 years! I am a huge fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street Series and honestly can't wait to see it with my eyes. I kind of like the Friday the 13th Series it's alright. But I am excited to see what the ending will be like (I know what it is). 


3. The Exorcist - Now yes I know that this Murdy's dream property and that he finally got it. But even if it is at number 3 I am still excited for it. The Exorcist has always been a fantastic horror film and I think will make a fantastic maze. There are so many iconic scenes that could make it into the maze that I am excited to see how they pull off. And I also excited to see the Banned Trailer aspect they were talking about for the maze.


4. Krampus - I really do love this film and I wish it could be higher but it will stay here. This in my opinion will be the most visually stunning maze of this year's event. Murdy talked a lot about wanting to get the Set Design right in this maze at Scarela and I think it will be beautiful. Plus seeing Krampus in his full form and seeing all his minions in real life is going to great! Plus I am very curious to see how they pull the Gingerbread Man off!


5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Blood Brothers - While I am kind of skeptical about this maze being not as good as the others I am still excited. Don't get me wrong I love The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original) and the icon Leatherface but there are things I am excited about and things I am skeptical about. I am very excited about the smell of the maze I think they can really capture that smell from the films and the 2012 maze and I am really curious about it. The ending sounds very interesting about finding out who the maze in the intro of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is. And overall I think it will be a very scary maze. But I am skeptical over the music, the goofiness, and that it could have "The Conjuring" possibly instead of this. But I am looking forward to it. I think that it will really be a hit or miss.


6. Halloween Hell Comes To Haddonfield - Now I really do like "Halloween 2" and last year's maze. But... I do think it will be a good maze but I don't think it will be all that surprising with the scenes in the mazes and the scares they kind revealed a bit too much in my opinion. Don't get me wrong it could be a really surprising maze but right now it kind of doesn't. I really do like the facade and I am curious about the ending. But still we saw Halloween last year and now we are seeing it again. I'm not complaining I am excited but not as much as the others.


7. The Walking Dead - Curious and sort of excited about the new scare actors. 


I really do love the lineup! But there are some I am not as excited for as others. It's a truly fantastic unique lineup that will be talked about for a long time. Anyway talk to me if you agree or disagree with my choices. 

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Definitely the best lineup ever and am so excited for pretty much everything 


1. The Exorcist, John's dream property, one of my favorite movies and one of the only horror movies that can scare me each time. It'll be interesting to see how it's done but I have very high hopes. 


2. Krampus, As soon as I saw this movie I knew there was no way it wouldn't be a maze. I'm very excited that John is finally working with Mike Dougherty and am very excited to see the characters as well as the environments. This will be a very strong house. 


3. Freddy Vs. Jason, I love the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, not so much Friday the 13th, but I am very excited to see the two slashers together. I like that it's an original take on it and I am very excited for the multiple endings aspect. 


4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers, I like the original concept and am excited to see how the Waterworld queue is utilized for a maze. When I went to HHN my first time in 2012 The Saw is The Law scared me so bad I went running before the dinner table scene. I hope I'm able to experience that level of fright again except not quit the maze. 


5. Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield, I love the Halloween series, last years maze was my favorite maze ever, but the lineup this year is just so good it has to go a little lower. Still very excited for it. Can't wait to see Robert Murdy's news clip and the original ending. 


6. American Horror Story, This is so high up on other peoples but for me personally I'm not too excited for it. The show has never been able to hold my attention. But from what I've seen from the teaser trailer for the maze there seems to be plenty of characters (twisty already freaks me out) and plenty of environments. The facade worries me though. 


7. The Walking Dead Attraction, I've yet to experience this in person but it doesn't look horrible. There are a lot of effects that you couldn't put into a normal HHN maze so that's a cool aspect of it. I'm definitely excited to have it amped up for HHN though. I'm just glad it's not occupying a maze slot really anymore. Now it's just part of the park. 


I definitely am excited for this year as a whole even without VIP but that ship sailed long ago. The terror tram sounds like it'll be just the same thing but it could be surprising. I am very excited for The Purge scarezones especially the Gauntlet. I personally wanted a Purge maze so John being able to do basically that outdoors is going to be a different experience to HHN. 

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Whoa less than 3 weeks til HHN begins! Time files doesn't it? Well anyways here's my list. 


7. The Walking Dead Attraction 

I've seen it as of my last trip 22 times and I really dig it as you can probably tell. The sets and effects are great and the costumes are really good looking. The attraction itself is pretty short but it will be interesting to see more scare actors crammed in there which will really give off a walker infestation feel. Hopefully they add some scare actors in the queue, it would really benefit from that. 


6. Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield 

It's not that I'm not looking forward to this maze because I am but I am looking forward to others more so than this one. I saw Halloween in '09 and last year and while I don't mind seeing Michael Myers at the event and appreciate that the maze will be completely new like I said I'm looking forward to other mazes more. 


5. American Horror Story 

I was a really big fan of the show when it began but lost interest after Coven but recently finished watching Freak Show and Hotel. I dig Season 1 and 4 Hotel is meh alright but I am looking forward to see it transformedinto a maze. While I am very much so anticipating this maze I am afraid it could fail awfully by blending the seasons together and having messy transitions without a facade for each section of the maze.


4. Krampus 

I still have not seen the film but Murdy sold me completely on this maze at ScareLA. The sets are going to be incredible and the characters they are recreating feel and look very unique and twisted. He did claim he would incorporate some of the ironic humor of the film into the maze which again I have not seen so I don't know exactly how humorous this maze will be but hopefully not tongue-in-cheek comedic as that has failed greatly these last two years.


3. Freddy vs. Jason 

Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, 1 maze, who the hell isn't excited. I personally never got to see classic Freddy or classic Jason at the event as I only have had the pleasure to witness their remake incarnations in '10 so this is really exciting for me. The maze sounds great and from the looks of the facade it already looks fantastic. Definitely one of my top 3 most anticipated for this year.


2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers 

For those of you who don't know, the original 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my favorite film of all time and to be quite honest I was let down by the '12 maze. At first I was a bit skeptic of the original route idea but after Midsummer Scream I have full faith in Murdy and feel this could be the sleeper hit of the event this year.


1. The Exorcist 

It's The Exorcist what more can I say, it's finally happening. To be completely honest though I do fear this maze could be a blank wall and animatronic fest that could fall flat and my expectations are way to high for this so I should try to lower them but I do trust Murdy knows what he's doing since he's waited for so long to finally get his hands on the property.


Well there you have it. That's my list. Definitely my most anticipated year of the event since I first attended. September 16 needs to get here quicker.

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As with Orlando's event, while I unfortunately won't be attending either, I'm still looking forward to all the pics and videos to come from them. My anticipation rankings are as such.


1. Krampus - I love the film, and as with many others I knew this was prime material to be made into a maze. Definitely looking forward to it! (In comparison to my ranking for Orlando, it's actually in the lower half at 6th. A big reason why is the concerns I have with the venue it's in where it could be really cramped on space.)


2. American Horror Story - While the series is really hit or miss for me, I feel it's going to translate much better as a maze as it'll be focused on the creepy/crazy monsters and not the problems I have with the series. It's like Transformers, I don't really care for the films but I like the ride. (For Orlando it's at number 3, mainly due to there's two originals I'm more hyped for.)


3. Freddy vs Jason - Orlando did a nice job with it last year, so I'm intruiged to see how Hollywood handles it. They already have me with that facade so they're off to a good start!


4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers *My Dark Horse Pick* - I'm kinda' half and half on this. On one side it's a new direction which is usually a nice thing. On the other hand, we've still yet to see if they can do a TCM that'll match Back In Business and 12's version certainly didn't do that. Either way, this is my Dark Horse pick since it could end up surprising us. (With Orlando's take on the original TCM, that one's down at number 7 due to a admittely solid lineup for Orlando, that and I'm not sure if it's venue can use gas chainsaws. An' for me, electric chainsaws/sound prompts for a TCM maze is a massive dealbreaker.)


5. Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield - Last years Halloween was pretty nice, it was no Life and Crimes of Michael Myers, but it was still good. Hopefully this one will be solid as well. (Orlando's version is up at number 4 since it's their second take on the IP so it's pretty fresh.)


6. The Exorcist - One of the most iconic Horror films of all time, and it's finally being made into a maze! So why is it at the bottom? First off, we all know this a huge gamble due to the challenges. It's either going to be great, or it's gonna' suck. I don't think there's going to be a middle ground. Second, Hollywood has burned me twice with IP's I thought they would knock out of the park. First was Evil Dead and it's lifeless manniquins a go-go (Orlando clearly did there's better with neater effects and having scaractors in many spots where HW used a manniquin instead.) Then came AWIL with inferior puppets and far too many black walls. (It was no contest compared to Orlando's, HW's literally pissed me off.). Because of those two factors, I feel it's best keeping expectations way low. So if it does turn out great, excellent! If not, then at least it won't sting as much. (Orlando's rank is the same, number 8 which is second to last.)


7. TWDA - Already seen the vids, don't care for it. Only positive is at least it's no longer hogging up a venue for one of the seasonal mazes.

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