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Dr. Jimmy

Halloween Horror Nights 6 (Singapore)

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A new teaser image for the next house to have a full reveal on the website tomorrow at noon.


Of course as there is only one house left, we already know it is The Salem Witch House.




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22 minutes ago, timbo8 said:

the salem witch house game is hard

Agreed. It took me forever to find the last clue and then when I did I was like "holy shit, my typing skills (*hint hint*) have to be on point"

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Salem Witch House now full revealed on site and yes that game is hard! Hint: copy/paste your friend's email to save time!




You get to curse your friend!



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So today the Final Haunting is revealed officially on the web site!


Although there remains one show not yet "officially" revealed on the site which we already know is Jack the Clown's Recurring Nightmare Circus.


But first the scare zones The Suicide Forest:




And The March of the Dead:




The March of the Dead is also a show:




As for the online games, after each game a code was awarded, here they are for each Haunted House:


Old Changi Hospital



Bodies of Work



Hu Li's Inn



Hawker Centre Massacre



Salem Witch House



If you succeed in deciphering the secret message contained within, then when you play the final game The Final Haunting you simply enter that message... I won't tell you what it is decipher that for yourself!


Then if successful, you will have the opportunity to upload a photo of yourself. I selected a picture that was taken at the Media Party for HHN 24.


Lady Death will then transform you into one of her Day of the Dead minions!


See what has become of me:



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So after moving from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia 4 weeks ago and being rather disappointed that we can't do either of the HHN in the US.  We made the decision to head to Singapore to give their's a try.  Can't wait to see how it fares and will make sure to post a full review on here once we go at the end of October.

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So I'm a regular visitor to the site but have never really posted. However this weekend I had the chance to visit Universal Studios Singapore for the HHN and I figured this was as good as time as any to post a review of the event since it's rarely talked about on here.


My partner and I have been going to HHN in both Hollywood and Orlando for the last 5 years and we were very impressed with the offerings in Singapore. The biggest perk being that all of the houses are original content but more on that in a bit. 

The opening scaremony this year started with a DJ playing a set of typical Halloween dance mixes. Then right at 7:30 he's starts into Michael Jacksons "Thriller". About 20 secs into the song the music cuts out and there are some flames that shoot out of the stage. Lady Death(the icon of this years event) has had enough. More flames ensue as well as some distorted sound effects that single her taking over the sound system. A couple explosions and the DJ lights on fire and takes a dive off the stage. Next week here a chanting female voice of lady death as a skull rises from behind the stage. Once the skull rises there are the various sub icons faces projected on it chanting away as a hoard of scareactors crowd the stage. A few more explosions and the 5 sub icons and Jack appear on stage, some fireworks and we are off and running.


This whole opening scaremony hands down beats anything we've seen in the US parks and they could stand to take a lesson. 


In addition to Lady Death there are 5 sub icons this year - 1 for each maze as well as Jack making an appearance with his recurring nightmare circus. 


Bodies of Work - Damien Shipman
Hu Li's Inn - Hu Li
Salem Witch House - Agantha Defoe
Hawker Center Massacre - Mutated Teen Boy
Old Changi Hospital - Pontianak 


On to the houses, wasn't sure what to expect quality wise as I had only seen pictures but the fact that they were all original content had we hoping for the best, they did not disappoint. All of the house had great detail and some effects that would NEVER fly in the US. My individual reviews in order of preference are as follows.


Hu Li's Inn 5/5
The basic premise of this maze is a brothel /night club in the 1930's involving a mythic shapeshifting fox creature and her counterparts. The facade of the house is a beautiful 2 story tall wine bar but this is not were you enter. This facade is completely finishing out on 3 sides, you go down a side of the building this completely themed and then turn down a back alley to find the side entrance to a seeder club where your final destination lies. In this side alley we meet the bouncer for the club in his pin stripe suit who looks normal expect for the tail hanging out he back of his coat and a wolf claw hand one of this hands, a preview of things to come. We enter the club to find a beautiful woman on stage singing but a few seconds later the music shifts the lights flicker and she reveals her true form, a bloody wolf creature. We head through a side hallway to the back area of the club starting with a very confusing mirror maze. After the mirror maze we come to the waiting room of the private rooms of the club(think lap dance area). Beautiful paneled and appointed we meet some of the poor fools that took the ladies up on their offer of promised fun. Continuing through the private areas we meet the first ladies true form a snake like creature, next we meet the next lady a bone goddess. After this we escape through the back of the club and across a bridge over a creepy lily pond. Here's the first of the cool effects in this house, the bridge is hydraulic and moves up and down and side to side as you cross. Once you are across the bridge you crouch through a hole in the wall and step into the lady spider spirits lair. The floor in this area is concave and made to look like various spider webs. It is a squishy rubber material and kind hard to walk on but the effect of being caught in the web is great. After meeting the spider spirit we continue through the caves to find Hu Li's herself disemboweling a gentleman. One last startle scare and we are out.  

Ended up going through this maze 5 times in the 2 nights we were there. The detailing was superb and the house was beautifully done from start to finish. I also loved following the story that unfolded as we went through.


Bodies of Work - 5/5
Damien Shipman is an artist who's family was killed in a horrible fire in his gallery. Wrecked with guilt Damien loses his mind and this is the result.  The facade for this maze isn't huge but it's effective in its story telling. We enter through a whole in the stone wall surrounding the gallery, seemingly to snoop around the site. Some great burn smell and plenty of smoke sell the story. First we come across the exterior of the gallery and a memorial to his wife and two kids set up outside. We enter the gallery to see a video screen with Damien and his family in front of a carousel in seemingly more happy times(more on this later). As we enter the gallery spaces we come across this staff that have been pieced back together to guard the gallery. The gallery definitely feels like it could collapse at any moment. Loose rumbly all over the floor, low hanging beams that have caved in and creaking sounds sell the effect. We continue through backrooms and areas where is victims are kept, all getting bloodier and more gory as we go. We then come to the work room of the new gallery of horrors where his henchmen are preparing the materials(human body parts) for use in his art. Next we come to his first work of art, a recreation of his sons room and pieced together son. Next is his daughter rooms with what is the best makeup of the event. A human, teddy bear conglomerate that's so gory and grotesque that's it's just awesome. We come around the corner to find his new daughter strapped to bungee cords bouncing up and down as the ballerina she wanted to be. We continue to find a more open room with a shire to his wife dressed in there wedding dress. As we make our way under and around various frames and fabric we are greeted by his new wife all piece together and gross as hell. Finally we come to the single coolest thing I have ever seen in a maze. A full size working carousel that is spinning.  This is a representation of the carousel at the beginning of the maze. This would never fly in the US but it was F-Ing awesome!  This was also where I got the best scare of the night. You are immediately greeted by a clown carrying a wooden crate, big whoop I think. But the as he pulls his hands apart the box splits in two and a jack in the box flies at work face. Got me all four times I went through and I knew it was coming after the first time. To get pet him you enter on one side of the carousel and must walk around the moving carousel to the other side where we finally meet Damien. One last startle scare in a hallway after the carousel and we are out. Went through this one 5 times and would have been more if my partner wasn't getting tired.


Salem Witch House - 4/5 
You enter through the facade of a run down home from the Salem Witch era. Walking up the front steps, through the door and down the hallway. We come to the living room where 3 goth teen Witch enthusiasts as having a seance. They are seated on a rug that through the help of hydraulics is floating off the floor about 6 inches  and rocking back and forth.  Down a hallway, a few blasts of air and it seems like they accomplished being back the witches. Continue through the dining and the kitchen with a great scare through a fireplace of the charred coal demon we then come to the stairs to go upstairs. Again this would never happen in the US but we go up 10 steps and around a bend to the second floor of the house. Some great scares upstairs including a projection/peppers ghost above a bed. We venture out onto the upstairs patio to look down and see a pilgrim witch hanging from a tree. We head back inside into a child's nursery and a great scare from below the floor boards this a trap down. Next we come to the stairs down to the dungeon, another 10 steps down and we are in the dungeon. Everything between the stairs was on a legitimate second floor to the house and that's awesome if you ask me. In the dungeon the teen witches are captured as in the progress of being tortured. Next we proceed through the dungeons a blackened area to another realm. This room is bright bright white with birch trees and a strobing light. Not sure what the story is with this room other than a transition in time maybe but it's a beautiful effect anyway. We exit into the the outdoors and are transported back to he Witch trials with Agnatha Defoe being burned at the stake. Continuing forward they she's takes her revenage and kills the villagers that burnt her.  Traveling through some more outdoor sets, under a fallen tree, past a man being eaten by a wolf(Agantha must be able to control animals) and with one last scare from a wolf on the other side of you we are out of the maze. 


This story isn't quiet as clear with this house but it's definitely there and you can follow it. Went through it 4 times and saw new things each time so that's great. 


Old Changi Hospital - 4/5
This house is based on a real hospital in Singapore that was used as a torture facility by the Japanese secret police during World War II.  It's ranked as one of the most haunted places in the world.  The facade for this is so realistic you'd swear you were at the real Changi Hospital. You approach down a surrounding wall of the hospital and can see the hospital in the distance. You can see nothing of the house from the line so it feels like your exploring the real site. The hospital facade is 2 stories tall lit in creepy green colors and in creditably realistic looking. As you approach you come across a couple ghost that are actual ghost that have been seen at the real hospital. You enter under the upstairs balcony and into the hospital itself.  If truly feels like you entered the real hospital itself.  You continue through various corridors coming across different ghost and then enter the wards of the hospital with an appearance by some nurses that bear a striking resemblance to the Nightingales.  Some great scares through the wards. Again in this house we come to a set of stairs and upstairs we go again. At the top there's a great endless corridor effect. We continue through and come to the first representation of the Japanese torture that went on. We head down stairs and more and more of the true nature of what went on at the hospital reveals it self. We travel through a cold morgue(welcome in the hot humidity) and through the torture areas deep in the hospital. No real last scene for this house which is why it ends up here on my list.


Also not near as many scares here as the conga line kills most of them. If I had the chance to go through this house in a small group it would be terrifying as the atmosphere and detailing was definitely there but alas no.  


Hawker Center Massacre -3/5
Not much to say about this one. It was incredibly detailed and the main premise is radioactive fish in a Hawkre Center(kind of a permanent food court/shopping area) causes a mutant/zombie breakout. I kind neither of these scary at all so this wasn't my favorite. That said the detailing and design were spot on and there were some fun guest activated trigger and great smells throughout the house. I especially liked the flower shop smell in part of it after some of the more disgusting smells.



Not going to say much here as they were really glorified photo ops. The day of the dead area was grand and beautiful but no attempts to scare were being made. Locals seemed to love the opportunity to take photos with the actors so I guess it works with the culture here.  Not my cup of tea.


The Suicide Forest was based off the famed forest in Japan where people go to commit suicide. Great atmosphere here but no scares due to the actors constantly standing for photos. There was a cool abandoned railroad tunnel that you could explore as kind of a mini maze but no real scares there. 


I was looking forward to the scare zones here as they looking awesome in previous years but was pretty disappointed.

This is the first year that they've had 5 mazes so it seems like that's where the budget went. Maybe it'll be better next year. 


Jack's Nightmare Circus -

Part Jack, part Bill and Ted's, part circus acts.   All around a well done show and had the knife throwing act from America's Got Talent so that was pretty cool.


Final thoughts-
Overall all I was very impressed and will definitely be back next year. We are living in Australia for a couple years and I'm happy to have found a worthy filler for Orlando while we are away. 

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