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Luckly enough the horror doesn't end post horror nights.

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What? wait, what does that mean. Vague title why are you so vague? Though it isn't the Halloween season right now doesn't mean fear ends at USJ. Starting friday january 15th Universal Studios Japan is transformed into "Cool Universal". Which comes complete with a new layover for the already crazy "Space Fantasy" roller coaster, somehow involving a J-pop star. Watch the commercial for it, it defies all logic. 

If you can tell me what is going on here in a short detailed sentence, I'll meet you some place in Osaka and personally buy you some takoyaki. Also there's going to be an Attack on Titan 3D show, Evangelion 3D show, and some creatures from Monster hunter. Other than Attack on Titan these are things I know little about. BUT the icing on this cake of excitement, is the retrofit of the seasonal "Biohazard: the real" aka RESIDENT EVIL "the real", I really got to talk to someone about this "the real" stuff. Apparently this is the second year that they are doing this but, they are changing the attraction into a escape the room experience named "Biohazard: the escape". Oh joy of joys. I was lucky enough to be a cop zombie in the resident evil haunted house being shot all night every night by Leon Kennedy. And a fan of the first four games. So I'm excited for more raccoon city, type writing saves, and hope that I too can become the "master of unlocking" and not a "jill sandwich". 

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