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HHN 25 Scareactor Appreciation Thread

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I really, really hope some of the scareactors read here - or that these messages get passed on to them.  We had several special moments this year, but the last weekend was epic!  I want to thank so many that I can hardly contain myself.  Here goes:

1.  To the two chainsaw clowns (one male, one female) who took the time to join us for our WEDDING in the pumpkin patch by Evil's Roots on Friday 10/30 (after midnight, so technically Halloween), THANK YOU!  You made an awesome night even better

2.  To the amazing chainsaw master I like to call "Hippie Chainsaw Guy" - who I found out later is a true legend at HHN - you made our entire three trips a complete blast by your dedication to make sure you got me every single night..  Me, who is rather blah about the chainsaws and considers it background noise and not something scary - you managed to sneak up behind in JUST the right way and scare the shit out of me. You are a TRUE master.  Totally cracked me up that you were counting, too.  We ended on 7, didn't we, my friend?  Thanks for the hug and the pic on the last night.

3.  To the Pumpkinhead in Evil's Roots who amused the living hell out of us early on with his stalking techniques because of our Nightmares shirts, and the same guy who let us take pics with him, and who took a pic with my 75 yr old mother when she came to HHN for our wedding.  Also, thanks for the hug the last night and for being so damn awesome.

3.  To the cast of Body Collectors who would give us little bows or waves when we gave them the "golf clap" for their kills (not just our fave spine-ripper guy either - but all of them!).  It was a pleasure to watch  you all work - so graceful and so GOOD.  We hope you enjoy the skull bracelets we made and handed to you on the last night.  You deserve them and MORE!  The three of us  simply adored you!

4.  To the actor in All Night Die-In who played the man in the mask from "The Strangers" on Halloween night - OH MY GOD!  Thank you for the personal peformance!  We (the three of us) were sitting on the bench right in the middle of the scarezone so we could watch all the characters work.  THIS guy stops about 20 feet from us, stands completely still and stares at us.  As if that wasn't creepy enough, we were looking back at him, and he kept staring and wouldn't move.  It started to become unnerving, so I looked away, and my wife looked away, and our other friend was messing with her camera.  When I glanced back at him, he was about five feet closer, again, standing perfectly still and staring at us.  I said, "OH MY GOD! It's like one of those creepy videos you see online.. look away and he gets closer!"  I swear, I didn't even see this guy move.  Now, we're sort of chuckling uncomfortably, and I said, "Maybe we should go.." My wife says, "Are you insane?!  I gotta see what he does!"  So, we made a point of looking away for no more than 3 seconds, and we look back, and he's even closer!  He is staring, and is perfectly still.. and then, he starts to breathe heavy, and it's causing the mask to move in and out, and he's staring and breathing, and then his body starts to shake and convulse, and I was like HOLY SHIT!  And then he just came at us with his axe in a rush!  IT WAS AWESOME!!   I was completely gobsmacked that we would get such a personal performance like that.  LOVED IT! My wife put a skull bracelet on the end of his axe for that one!  HAHAH!

5.  To the Jack the Clown in the mirror who held our hands on the last night and took a bracelet from us - and who also gave kisses!  You made the entire event for my friend, especially, who has loved Jack the Clown since day one.  She is a mid-40's, grown woman who squealed like a teenage girl for pretty much the rest of the night.  You're awesome, man.  

6.  To HHN Bear who has become an icon himself - you are a rock star!  Glad you liked the BearJordan magnet.. and that's legit from Chicago, my friend!

7.  To Chainsaw Clown - our very own K. K. - thanks for taking pics with us and saying hi.  Had a blast with you!  When I get all my pics together, I will post it!

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I know that I am a little late, but I just got my account here. So with it being known that I am a huge coward and last year I only did two houses(but I got addicted and when 4 nights for 25) let's continue here.

Run: Everytime I went into the Blitzkrieg Brother's room, I raised my first and cheered them on like "Yeah! Blitzkrieg!" and every time(both shifts) they would cheer back.

Insidius:This is not realy scare actor, but the walls when you enter the further.

Pychoscareapy: There was a guy holding a foot, I asked him where he got it, he just pointed down an alley.

Pychoscareapy part 2: There was a (different) guy holding a foot, I asked him where he got the foot and he just shouted at me "It's my Elsa doll!"

Pychoscareapy part 3: Little boy in the skeleton mask was never scary, but allways hilarious, he would hide behind us at several points, and tried to offer me candy in extange for my turkey leg, when I declined, he looked sad and walked away. I felt a little bad after that.

Die In: Dr. Frankenstien would shake my hand, then casualy scowl and wipe his on his shirt. At one point he negotiated with my dad on what parts of me he could have, we left quickly once he smiled and said " Ah yes, very good, let me go get my tools."

Icons: By far the best of the trip, one of the deadly sins from '11 in a purple dress with a chainsaw, I believe it was Gluttany. She noticed I was walking wide around the chainsaws to avoid them, so she called me a chicken a couple times, she then offered me her hand and led me around in the right order getting be front row positions to every icon mini-show, while picking up her chainsaw and telling me, "come on chicken" in between each. It was amazingly personal and one of the best parts of the trip.



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All of the scareactors this year were great, but the most notable encounters occurred in the ICONS zone. On the night of October 16 (forgive me, it's been a while and I cannot remember the times for the life of me), I had two great encounters. The first was with the Usher. I walked up next to him and asked "Mr. Browning, do you mind if I take a picture?" He responded by saying something along the lines of "My pleasure, son." Just the way he said it gave me chills and was excellent.


The second encounter that night was with Cindy. I walked up to her, said "hi Cindy," and she simply giggled and stood there. Once I turned around to walk away, she came up behind me and whispered in my ear. I almost soiled myself.:lol: On the night of the 17th, one of the Caretakers recognized me and said something along the lines of "back again for more, boy?" That made my night.


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