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need help from an AP holder for opening night (tonight!)

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hey guys, I need some help with tonight if possible. I've been really busy this summer trying to get a job lined up and start getting paid. I haven't even had time to look at or discuss anything about HHN this year beyond seeing/hearing commercials and going to the official site to look at ticket prices.

anyway, I didn't get my annual pass & HHN ticket until this morning on my way in to work and when I tried to reserve for the AP early access event tonight it wasn't available. I'm supposed to meet up with a friend of mine who I go to HHN with every year for the past 15 years and he's bringing his brother to the AP event so I have no way to get in early.

can any of you AP holders who are going tonight and have a +1 that's not going to be used hook a brotha up?

UPDATE: disregard, I gotta put out a fire that just came up

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