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Clue #1 (believed to be a house)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Summary of speculation for Clue #1:

Nightingales in a Revolutionary War setting, an Urban Legends house based in the headless horseman, Sleepy Hollow (TV show), Celtic Mythology house, and Halloween (the movie) were all suggested.

The movie Halloween was connected through various bowling, musical, and Celtic references. John Carpenter grew up in Bowling Green, KY and many places in or near there are referenced in the movie. Samhain (Celtic holiday that Halloween traditions come from) is mentioned in Halloween. The Halloween theme is done in 5/4 time and was credited to the Bowling Green Philharmonic.

The consensus is that this clue points to a house based on the IP Halloween.

Clue #2 (believed to be a house)


The Purge and Alien were suggested for this clue.

Alien is the consensus.

The image was created from a detail of "Three Studies for Figures at the Base of the Crucifixion" by Francis Bacon. This artwork was used as inspiration for the chestburster from Alien.

The Nostromo was named after a character from Joseph Conrad's "A Tale of a Seaboard".

A phrase derived from Cicero's "fortune favors the bold" is used in the Alien franchise.

Clue #3 (believed to be a house)


The one everyone dreaded!

The words are from the song Schism by Tool.

The chemicals point to decomposition.

Rotting corpses = The Walking Dead

Clue #4 (believed to be a clue that Jack is Back)


The items listed are all used for paint/cosmetics. Green and white paint to be specific.

The speculation is currently a return of Jack the Clown.

Clue 5 (believed to be a street)


To Market, To Market is a nursery rhyme. This appears to be a variation of it. A line from it is used in The Purge

6/7 is the date The Purge was released. The Purge lasts 12 hrs for 7 to 7.

Speculation is currently The Purge.

Clue 6 (believed to be a street)


The two brothers in the pic are Castor and Pollux
Diamterically opposed to each other (one being a God and the other human) but physically opposite of the constellation sagittarius. Also fought in the Trojan war


Sagittarius in the background. An archer. Lokians are fictitious but are archers fighting in the Trojan war. Cast and Pollux Troy were diametrically opposed to Sean Archer in Face/Off.


The Creature from the Black lagoon was co created by bud Westmore. His relative McKenzie Westmore is the host of Face Off the SYFY TV show.
"It's all fun and games till someone dies"
Syfy also confirms that the critically-acclaimed series will return in July 2014 for a high-stakes 7th season themed “Life and Death.” Each week the contestants will face creative challenges designed to inspire them to explore life, death, rebirth and mortality."

References to Competition and a stage also. This clue seems to imply Face Off will somehow be involved in HHN Orlando this year. Once the QR codes were recreated they were more references to FaceOFF and HHN.


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Clue 7 (believed to be a house)


With Details teased out


Determined to be the overlay (or close approximation)


The clue references the Fox Sisters who started the spiritual movement by rapping on things and claiming it was a spirit Mr. Splitfoot. Mr. Splitfoot is reference to the devil. The general consensus it that it refers to a house that some how deals with bind/summon spells in some sort of ritual... That probably doesn't work.

Clue 8 (believed to be a street)


The quote is a modified quote from "Memoirs of a Geisha"

The game here is a classic game played in Japan called GO. Although it original came from China is National game of Japan. The pieces and board are incorrectly placed and have the wrong number of spaces.

Broken down:


The positive side is the left side and the negative side is the right side. Both sides have a break (marked by the first red stripe) the left side ends quicker (marked by the second red spot. The first space represents the decimal in a coordinate:

34.1465027 -118.15190610002

When plugged into google earth it goes to Hugus Alley in Old Pasadena, California. Hugus Alley is where scenes from The Sting were shot and also what Sting Alley at Universal is model after.

The general consensus is that we will have a Geisha scare zone in Sting Alley where the Geisha are demons.

Clue 9 (believed to be a street)


The Ring is a ring worn by Louis Cypher (a character in played by Robert DeNiro in Angel Heart).

The quote is is From Oedipus Rex but is also said by Cypher.

Johnny Favorite Is played by Mickey Rourke in Angel Heart.

The movie deals with mysticism and voodoo in New York and New Orleans.

The French title of the book is: ANGEL HEART: LE SABBAT DANS CENTRAL PARK (the sabbath in Central Park)

The flowers in the background are Romany style and are often seen carved in Gypsy caravan wagons.

The general consensus is that we will be getting a Voodoo/Gypsy scare zone in Central Park.

Clue 10 (believed to be a house)


Thanks to Harlequin of Horror for putting it together.


Looks like a steampunk Clown sz or house. No location for a street was found in the clue so it is assumed a house.

Clue 11 (believed to be a street)


BAckground image seems to be:


Clue 12 (believed to be a house)


Seems to have an overlay of:


Appears to have some kind of ankh overlay as well.

Clue 13


Clue 14


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Who am I? (non-Clue)


The text aluudes to the movie/novel "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury.

The line " I see nothing and I see all" imples the dust witch whose eyes and mouth were sewn shut but could still see and do other many powerful things.

"We are of the fall" Impies The autumn people who ran the dark carnival headed by Mr. Dark aka the tattooed man.

Jeramy was able to invert and adjust the levels to reveal a picture of the Dust Witch.


Who am I? Pt2


Fellow ship with Odd = Oddfellow as in the Carnival that Jack was a part of and eventually took over in 2007.

Stripped of beauty/eyes and mouth hushed/Never seeing but always knowing seems to hearken back to the first clue about the dust witch.

Indentured to the dark man could be a reference to selling once soul or it could be a reference to Jack,OddFellow, or Mr. Dark in Something Wicked This Way Comes.

The below image was found and it appears the clue references Dr. Oddfellow.


Who am I? Pt 3


Who am I? pt 4



Thanks to 12 monkeys for tweaking the pic


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They're not. They're being given directly to mystiquephreeq.

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They're not. They're being given directly to mystiquephreeq.


Edited by Brandon
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Maybe we should differentiate scarezones and houses.

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Regarding Clue #2:

"Pain flowing like a river" could be a reference to the river Acheron, the "river of pain" in Greek mythology, which was also one of the names given to the planet LV-426 in Alien and Aliens - further evidence you guys guessed it right. Didn't see this posted anywhere, but apologies if it's old news.

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