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Top ten scares of 2013

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List your top ten scares of 2013

5. After Life:

This scare was genius. The scare was the headlines room, and it worked so well for so many reasons. First, one Bobby jumps out, then you turn, and another jumps out. Amazing technique.

4. American werewolf in London:

My favorite scare from this house is the first wolf. Although you know it's coming, it still gets you. Love those wolves.

3. Evil Dead:

The scare that got me was the first abomination. You walk into the forest, and honestly I wasn't expecting it, but the abomination ran out and I screamed and ran.

2. The Cabin in the woods:

My number 2 scare is one that a LOT of people missed. You walk into the cellar, and right before you leave the main room, judah? Buckner lunges out. Great scare.

1. La Llorona:

My 1 scare of this year is the mirror room. I love mirror gags, so as soon as I entered this room, I knew what was going on. Next thing you know she was in my face. I miss this room already.

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Yes I agree the La Llorona underwater and mirror scare was always really intense and effective for me, no matter how many times I went through that house I still would be freaked out in that part. Still am glad we didn't get Hollywood puppets as that really didn't make any sense to me at least in the realm of the legend, some giant La Llorona.

American Werewolf had some amazing actors. I was sad to say the wolves themselves never really terrified me but more just amazed me as a wonderfully crafted puppet. I just loved seeing them and never really had a sense of fear when I saw them. However the actors through the house were great and I loved the Nazi wolves and the guys in the theater, ah they were all great. Except this house had one of the most annoying scares of the year for me, the police officer. His whistle was just to dang loud, every time I would go by I would cover my ears as I thought I was going deaf by this guy. But besides this the house was a beautiful blend of amazement and scary.

Cabin, Evil Dead, and Resident Evil.... *sigh* what a fun year, it is fun to look back and think about it. Even if the streets and Afterlife (to me) was a bust all the other houses were just so dang strong and wonderful it was really great.

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