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Mr.HHN's Halloween Horror Nights 2013 Review: Resurrected-Return to Insanity in 3D

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Well I returned to Universals Halloween Horror Nights last night due to the amazing offer Fandango had and it dint disappoint!

This time it was just me and my other friend who is as equally insane as I am. We arrived at 5:00 and lined up for Early Access.

At 6:30 They let us in and we headed to the backlot.

The Walking Dead: Dead on Arrival

This zone was still top notch. From the scares to the design. Man those walkers were literary on FIRE last night! One thing that I noticed this time around was Dale 's RV!


Improvement: 3 improvement points

We head towards No Safe Haven which said 10 min but it was a walk in. This time I was the last person in the line which dint make me get much of the scare factor but I did get to see a lot of little details I didn't see the first time I went through.

Grade: 8.5/10

Improvement Points: 2 improvement points

Black Sabbath: 13 3D

Another walk in. Last time I hated this maze and I think this go around I hated it more. I got no scares what so ever and some of the scare actors weren't even there! The room were the guy is getting his head drilled was empty and so was the paranoid room! The sound fx for the paranoid room came out because I heard the chainsaw but no actor!

Grade: 3/10

Improvement Points: -2 points

We headed back to the lower lot and it was around 6:55 when we got back.

We did Insidious another walk in and got another Spectral Sightings card.

Insidious: Into the Further

This maze was really good last time and it still is. No real improvement here as there is no fog in the Further but Darth Maul he comes up close and personal.

Grade: 9/10

No improvement points

Scarecrowz y'all know that story.

Evil Dead: Book of the Dead

Another walk in! IMO this maze really improved out of all the mazes. The scares were more aggressive, there were more fx which are new or I didn't catch them last time. As far as for the anamatronic oh well. Oh and if you remember lol abomination dude I yelled out SHAROOON! And you came charging at me :D


Improvement Points: 5 points

It was 7:20 so we did Transformers then Evil Dead again then went up to the 8:00pm Bill and Ted Show.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure

A little better but still the same Bs. Sat in the front for the first time ever. I liked it better up in the front but the only reason we saw this was to get the free FOL pass.


Improvement Points: 1 point

After we bought food at Pinks and ate while having some nice higher class fellas with chainsaws and wrenches come up to us occasionally. After we waited 10 minutes for El Cucuy.

El Cucuy: The Bogeyman

This maze is still my 3rd favorite dint fail to deliver though there were some annoying drunk girls behind me who pushed a scare actor and kept hugging me and throwing me to every freaken scare actor. Kursed was that you in the Jail cells? I yelled out SHAROON! And you like charged forward sticking your hands out.


Improvement Points: 1 point

After we dogged the hour wait for the Terror Tram with our FOL pass.

Terror Tram: Invaded by The Walking Dead

This was an improvement! Scare actors were more fierce, chainsaw dudes finally ganged up on people! The actors really stuck true to their roles! Amazing!

Grade: 7/10

Improvement Points: 4 Points

After we did El Cucuy two times in a row then did Monsters Remix 3 times in a row.

Universal Monsters Remix: Resurrection

Eh crap crap crap but fun. Actually got one good scare in here!


No improvement points

Then went to Chucky who was insulting people again then hang out with Purge chainsaw dudes. Go to Simpson's ride remix two more times then when we were about to leave they asked me if I would take a survey....

I said yes and they took us in the VIP building. That asked me about how many years I've been going which was my favorite maze to rate the mazes, to rate B&T don't worry guys they heard me on this one. If I had ever visited Knotts and I was gonna visit it. They asked me about safety then they said what properties would you like to see in the future. I said Resident Evil, Marilyn Manson and American Horror Story.

Very good night. Overall I would say the event improved half a step forward.

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Very good review, glad to hear they added more sets to DOA even though they didn't need it. I hope I get a good run through of Evil Dead on Thurs

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What was the scare in UMR?

The room after the bridge were it was dark nosferatu popped out in front of me and another one got me hard from behind. It was great teamwork!

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Yeah I came for you as soon as I heard Sharon then you said you were Mr.HHN from the forums. Couldn't leave you without trying to get you somehow. I think I like did a screech or something like that behind you. Thanks for coming out again! Glad you like the improvements and the aggressiveness from our cast :)

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Yup if I remember correctly it was a screech. The whole cast was amazing It is my favorite maze this year!

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