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Ridesandstuff's doesnt have a cool review name review

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Got to HHN yesterday around 5. Me and my group of friends were going to eat but everywhere at citywalk was full so we decided to wait til we got into the park, which cost us going into TWD...I didn't mind to much though.

We went in for early entry and made our way over to terror tram

Terror Tram: Invaded by The Walking Dead 7/10
Terror Tram was pretty cool this year. I didn't mind the re used theme too much (although, according to my friend who isn't as obsessed with the even as I am, made TT less scary). Got the best scares in the psycho set and the wilderness trail as usual. The various set pieces and props were very cool and almost made TT feel like a different experience this year.

we then made our way to the lower lot to take the backlot experience tram

Scarecrowz 2/10
This zone was shit...pure friggin fecal matter.

The Walking Dead: Dead on Arrival 9/10
This scarezone was pretty much the best zone I've ever been in. SO MUCH ENERGY! Each and every scareactor were doing a great job. Didn't care to much for the storage bins at the beginning, but the proved to be a pretty good scare tactic when the walkers would slam them before attacking you.

skipped TWD due to the wait so we made our way to Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath 13: 3D 6/10
While the sets were pretty cool, it was just way too bright and colorful to be scary. This was also my first 3D maze so its not like ive gotten accustomed to the 3D aspect. Speaking of the 3D I didn't find it all that effective, a couple rooms were pretty trippy like the paranoid room and the green dot demons but other than that it just kind of fell flat. I did really like the façade though, the flashing statures and black figure were very cool. With that said, the negative really outweighed the positive, and it kind of became the joke of the night after experiencing the other MUCH scarier houses at this years event (besides UMR)

Thoughts on the scare crew? fright gang? scream team? whatever: I like the concept, but they really need to be a little more horror oriented. Its a little weird to be in line for a maze with a rather large guy telling you to scream so he can twerk to applause...which lasted a good 20 minutes.

we then made our way back to the lower lot...scarecrowz was still shit

Insidious: Into the Further 9/10
Holy bawls guys, This was the best maze of the whole night for me. Incredibly creepy atmosphere expecially the further room and the red demons lair. You can make those darth maul jokes all you want, but it was really cool up close. The actors had each and every character down as far as personality goes. Props to the boo hole further ghost, who caused my friend to crawl through pretty much the rest of the maze.

went to ED...Scarecrowz was even shittier than ever with only two scareactors out

Evil Dead: Book of the Dead 8/10
Honestly didn't get why so many people hated this maze. I thought it was pretty cool. There where a couple dummys that I didn't like. The cellar dummy was incredibly fake looking as well as the abomination dummies in the façade and in the tree rape scene (I really hate how angular the dummy's spaces are btw). I didn't mind tree rape Mia, but I would have preferred a live actor. Overall pretty solid maze

went to the JP shop and got a Jack vinyl, then headed up the escalator. Did I mention scarecrowz was a giant piece of shit?

El Cucuy: The Boogyman 7.8/10
I don't know what it was, but I just didn't like this maze as much as I thought I would. Not saying it was bad at all...just not what I expected. I really think its the location which makes for a really short and confined maze. The completely dark hallway kind of pissed me off but the scare in there was pretty unique. The poster hallway just felt kind of empty...think I would've liked for there to be more posters. The Bedroom and El Cucuy's lair were really cool. I really like legends and myths at HHN so hopefully if one comes next year...it'll be improved.

Cirque de Klownz: 7/10
Decent zone. Its was nice to see a different take on a Clown scarezone (which are pretty prominent in other haunts). Besides the guy with super long arms and the dancing bear, the other scareactors looked rather generic IMO.

Curse of Chucky: 8/10
Really liked the various references like the alter and Charles Lee Ray, Missed insult emporium sadly. The Voodoo Doll costume was really creepy. The Lighting in this zone was also cool

Universal Monsters Remix: 3/10
Maze was fun...but that's about it. Didn't get scared at all in this maze, but that was expected. Frankenstien's Lab was rather weird looking. It kind of reminded me of what a 60 year old man would think kids would like, or when Disney tries their attempts at being HIP AND COOL! You have the hunchback over here, the invisible man (which looked even goofier in person. I really didn't think that contest was fair), the wolfman popped in on occasion. I thought Frank's Lab last year was clever...this year was just very jumbled. The Face Off creations were cool though.

The Purge: Survive the Night 8.5/10
I really liked this zone. The Polite Stranger was hilarious, actors were really aggressive, and the lighting was very cool really loved how the top of the Universal Plaza tower looked. I missed the Go Go dancers though...oh well.

Scarecrowz was shit...just thought I'd mention that

Overall, I enjoyed my night, and cant wait to see what they do next year.

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You didn't post this in the reviews thread, just so ya know haha

And man........ we have a tips and planning section for a reason! Why on earth did you do early entry for Terror Tram of all things?! Everyone knows... BACKLOT FIRST, BACKLOT FIRST, BACKLOT FIRST! I even heard they started to open up Insidious for early entry and that would've been a good idea too.

Did you see Bill and Ted?

At least you had fun. Too bad you missed TWD. It was the second best maze.

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^that was all my friends idea lol. The wanted to eat at Docs but it wasn't open so we went to TT. I pestered them to much already but hurrying to the backlot haha. I didn't get to see B&T due to the wait times, but from what you guys said, I didn't miss much.

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Lol you went to the tram you deserve to smack your freind for making you waist your time on that lol :P

And no you didn't miss much on bill and Ted besides some hot girls ;P

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