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Let me begin this review with a simple note. I am a wimp. I will jump at any and everything. We first went to the event last year, so I was hoping this year was better, and let me tell you, did it deliver.


1. Cabin In The Woods

This house was amazing. I never saw the movie, but wikipedia is a beautiful thing. The facade was perfect, and the scares and sets were just spot on. I was sad not to see the unicorn, but the merman was perfectly grotesque. 10/10

2. An American Werewolf in London

This house was so great! I loved this sets and the costumes. The wolves are the most magnifecent things this year. The subway scene is one of the scariest ever. This house gets a 9/10


This house was nuts. The scareactors in here had more energy than in havoc! I loved the prosthetics and it was pretty darn scary. Those abominations got me quite a few Times. 9/10

4. Urban Legends: La Llorona

This is the most claustrophobic of them this year, also one of the scariest. The halls are tiny and filled with scares, and the mirror room got me so well! Also, go through this one during the day because it is PITCH BLACK. I hated the white tunnel. 8/10

5. Resident Evil: EFRC

I know this house got a lot of hate, but when I did it, I had a heck of a time! The zombies are definitely learning how to scare much better, and Nemisis looked great. The finale was a bit underwhelming, but the facade was great! 8/10

6: The Walking Dead; No safe Haven

This house was incredibly dark. It's wayyy better than last years, and the walkers looked better. I enjoyed the cell block and the Governer's room. 7.5/10

7. AfterLife; Deaths Vengeance

I loved this house. It's darker than Penn and Teller, but still not scary. I liked A LOT of the make ups and scenes. The knife popping out of the chest was a wonderful addition, and I actually got 3 scares in the headline room. 7.5/10

8. Havoc: Derailed

Oh Havoc, I am sorry to say this house was totally disappointing. The beginning was not scary nor scenic, but the second half was pretty good. I liked a lot of the scenes towards the end, and the scareactors definitely had the energy right. 5/10



My favorite scare zone was clear. It was super foggy and eerie, and the walkers on poles got so many scares. The spray paint effects looked like they should. 10/10

2. Woodlands

My second favorite. The trees give it a small and dark feel, and I really loved all the props and effects. 9/10

3. The Barn

I liked this one, because the walkers really hid themselves in the hay and other set pieces. The burning bodies looked nice too. 9/10

4. Fall of Atlanta

I saw 3 walkers. 4/10

5. Freeway

Did not see any walkers ???/10

6. Chainsaw

Missed out seeing them :(

Now, I will give back to you, the reader with some tips.

In Cabin in The Woods, look EVERYWHERE

In. La Llorona, notice the feeling of rats in the Catacombs rooms.

In AWiL, in the top left corner of the Double Decker, Alice Cooper's head rests in a seat.

In RE, notice the vending machine ;)

In After Life, don't run into the pole in the Demon room.

In EVIL DEAD, take a huge whiff in the cellar room.

In TWD, pick up the phone.

So.. I guess i finished my review. This year was Soooo much better than last year. I give this year 9/10

Thanks for reading :)

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