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One Night Switch (Hollywood Edition)

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While I am an Florida HHN attender, I decided to put an idea I put over there here as it works for both locations. The idea being "What if there was one night where scare actors switched locations?" To show off this idea, I decided to use this year's HHN in Hollywood. Take a look at the Florida version if you need a visual aid. Enjoy! Constructive criticism is appreciated. First in parentheses is location, second is scare actors.

The Mazes

The Walking Dead: 13 (The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven and Black Sabbath:13)

The world of The Walking Dead has been invaded! Terrible mutants have appeared after a nuclear explosion a state away. Now they've made there way to both the prison and Woodbury and the zombies have become literal dead meat. Make your way through the living version of Hell as even Lucifer himself shall come to the earth. In all of this, one theme is common. The number 13 has been scrawled just about everywhere. For in a world filled with hellish beings... there is only evil.

Evil Dead: Cucuy's Claws (Evil Dead: Book of the Dead and El Cucuy: the Boogeyman)

A creature of evil has come to the cabin from Evil Dead. It is the Boogeyman itself! However, a group of foolish teenagers has also come to the cabin. After they go to sleep, El Cucuy come out of his hiding space... and the horror begins. Escape from this demon or die trying, those are your only options. Just be careful of who you trust... it can disguise itself as anything and anyone.

Insidious: Into the Past (Insidious: Into the Further and Universal Monsters Remix: Resurrection)

The horror filled Further holds many terrors. But this time, the terrors come from a long time ago. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman and even The Strangers have come out into the real world. You must make a journey through the monsters to save yourself. But remember... the classics are the worst of them all.

Black Sabbath: The Nuclear Dead 3D (Black Sabbath: 13 and The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven)

Zombies. Some the most grisly monsters of all time. They eat the flesh of just about everything. And now they've come to the world of Black Sabbath: 13! From cathedrals to madhouses to battlefields, they are everywhere. Keep a close eye out: they are abnormally silent and take full advantage of that.

El Libro de los Muertos: The Book of the Dead (El Cucuy: The Boogeyman and Evil Dead: Book of the Dead)

For years, a legendary book has been spread around the planet. It's passages cause blood and gore wherever it goes! Face the horrors that the book holds, like the evil Deadites. Be afraid of everything around you. Remember those funny movies from the 80's? This is the opposite. But recall, it's just a legend... but is it really?

Universal Monsters Remix: Featuring Insidious (Universal Monsters Remix: Resurrection and Insidious: Into the Further)

Enter into the House of Horrors as it is taken over by the cold-blooded spirits of Insidious! Go through dark corridors and classic scenes from horror's past being mixed with evil from horror's present. There is little room for escaping. Don't worry, they don't want you dead, they just want to possess you and take your body. Have fun.


The Purge: Survive the Klownz (The Purge and Klownz)

On the night of the annual Purge, the Klownz are preforming a show. However, they intend to put that legal murder rule to excellent use. Can you make it?

Curse of Chucky: Invaded by Madmen (Curse of Chucky and The Purge)

Chucky's personal scare zone has been taken over by the hunters from The Purge! After being driven out of their own zone, they have scores to settle with the people that walk through. Get ready for a deadly game of Chainsaw Tag...

Scarecrowz: Chucky Season (Scarecrowz and Curse of Chucky)

The scare zone take overs continue when Chucky and his gang take over the land of the Scarecrowz! Tremble as the living doll himself chases you down. You have now become a target. Get through quickly...

The Walking Dead: Scarecrowz Harvest (The Walking Dead and Scarecrowz)

The Scarecrowz have fled to the Universal Backlot. They are almost in every single place and plan to make you part of the harvest! Stay close to your friends...

French Street Walkers (Klownz and The Walking Dead)

Welcome to Paris! Where walkers eat everybody they see and no one lives! Wait, that doesn't seem right....

Terror Tram

The Big Mix: If you thought you could survive the evils of the night in their own mazes, wait until they come together! Navigate through the path of evil as everything from walkers to Deadites jumps at you from the shadows. This is the most dangerous part of the night. You will never be the same no matter what happens.

And that's that. If you want me to do a past year, just request it in a comment and I'll attempt to do it. Or heck, you could do your own.

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That was freakin awesome. Good work. Very interesting thread and very intriguing to imagine it happening for real.

I wanna do one now! Maybe when I get home later around midnight.

Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

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Chucky: Into the Further: After trying astral projection to capture Andy's soul, Charles Lee Ray finds himself trapped in The Further. Enjoying his new otherworldly form, The Lakeshore Strangler is back in business. Are you ready to be friends till the end?

An Insidious Curse: On Halloween night in a little London pub few drunks decided to hold a seance. Little did they know that this would welcome an entire world of horrifying spirits onto the streets.

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