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Killswitch's review

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Hey guys, I know its been a while since I've been on the site and I wanted to post my thoughts on this years event. To start things off I will say I was skeptical about this year due to the lack of original houses. Another issue had was that last year's event wasn't my favorite. So in order to keep the suspense i strayed away from this site and made this year a suprise.

Lets start with the houses: I only made it through 6 houses Sunday night so I'll do those. The last 2 will come after Thursday.

La Llorna: (5/10) I don't if its just be but this house doesn't make sense to whatsoever. The costumes lacked and to me didn't fit the story. Not many good scares in this one either, but it might be one of those houses that you have to hit it at the right time to get the scares. The finale room has potential though.But to me the scariest part was the projection on the facade. They should darken this house too. I will do this again but I was not impressed.

Afterlife: (9/10): Coming into the event this was my most anticipated house being that its the only one that isn't based on something else. I also had no idea it was 3-D so that was a pleasant surprise. I got some pretty good scares in this one as well. I've also love every 3-d house HHN has done. I feel like i missed the finale for this house too. This one has lots of potentia and look forward to going through many more times.

Resident Evil: (8/10) I was very skeptical of this house coming into the event. A video game and movie that relys alot on monsters and fictional things could spell disaster. But I was impressed by this one. Some cool effects and good scares. This house did feel a bit short though.

Evil Dead: (6.5/ 10) The only reason that this is listed so low is because we went in during a cast change. I feel like there is way more to this house than what I experienced. I feel like this has potential to be a top 3 house this year if I get the right run through. I had a few scares and am looking forward to more runthroughs. I also felt this one was shorter than the others.

A Cabin in the Woods: (9.5/10) Best house of the year so far. Great scares and great effects. I feel there were people popping up out of no where. I also like how they told you the story within the house, being someone who is unfamiliar with the film. But there were lots of cool rooms with loads of creative actors. Good work guys.

Havoc (8.5/10): I was also looking forward to this house being that the original was in my top 3 for 2010. I was impressed with this years take on the Dogs of War. I had some really good scares as well as good interaction with the scareactors which is a huge plus for me. Keep up the good work.

We didn't have time for Walking Dead or Werewolf but I will review those next time.

Scare Zones: The scarezones were average, being that I don't expect much from zombies. I only had one or two that targeted me so I'm hoping for more. I cannot wait for the year the scarezones go back to 2011 par.

Bill and Ted: This years Bill and Ted was great. The last 2 years have been much improved from the 2 years before that. I enjoyed the story and of course the lady dancers <3

All in all this year blows last years out of the water and I'm glad I threw myself out of the loop this year. Oh and if any scareactors are curious, my outfit theme this year is Boston Bruins shirts if anyone wants to say hi.

Will be back with updates,


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