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9/28 Review

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Been going since 2008. Here's my review from attending on 9/28 this year.

Resident Evil: this is what I wish they would do with the Walking Dead. I liked seeing scenes with Leon and Jill Valentine as recognize able characters. Jill opened fire as I passed her and I got tagged repeatedly by the air-minigun as a result. The pause screen was also awesome. 8/10

Walking Dead: as a fan of HHN and Walking Dead I wish they would do what they did with RE and fill the house with recognizable characters from the comics/show. My group agreed this was the worst house this year and aside from Zombie Merle was very generic and underdeveloped. 3/10

Afterlife: I'm not going to rate this one as I have vision issues that prevent me from seeing 3D(I don't have binocular vision). I did go through it and it seemed fine though. NR.

La Llorona: this house was an exemplar of fantastic set design with attention to detail. We went through this house last just before closing and the scares in the first half seemed a bit phoned in however it picked up by the end. I loved the audio explanation of the house concept going in. A very solid house. 8/10

Cabin In The Woods: I liked everything about this house but I'm going to give it high marks just for the inclusion of Jack and the Caretaker as creatures/scares in the house. 9/10

Havoc: I wasn't big on this house mainly because the guys in cages came off as more weird than scary and it was distracting. Not to be too crass but many of those guys came off as hitting on me more so than scaring me. 5/10

American Werewolf in London: aside from the issue of a wolf hitting me which was discussed in another thread this was a great house. The changing scenes followed by some awesome puppets made this house great. 8/10

Evil Dead: This was a good standard house that did not distinguish itself in any memorable way to me. It was a good house but I left it thinking "okay? Next" 6/10

Bill & Ted: please pay some better writers for this. This show has been great but some years it seems like its written by a comedy amateur.

Other Thoughts: I do not like the lack of event theming and scare zones. A couple of cheapish looking house sets too makes it seem like they did this year's event on the cheap. There were a couple of good street scenes like a zombie tackling an actor then crawling after him after being kicked off, but I'm used to scare zones that have had areas of the streets transformed. I do hope we get years with themes and icons sprinkled in in the future and do not continue down the path of making Orlando and Hollywood more and more similar. Also move the blood pack nurses OUT of the areas with concentrations of street zombies. It ruins the atmosphere.

I still had fun and will be back next year. But I must admit I had a lot of the wishing for the "good ole days" attitude after attending this year's event.

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