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Also I wonder if the ones in charge at Universal might see this year as proof that original houses are not good to bring in the crowds, therefore making sure we will only get IPs...

I doubt it. They have to actually read the reviews in order to understand that certain houses are less popular, which means that they'll be able to see specific flaws that people found in the original houses. For me, the flaws would be:

Havoc: Felt far too short and the scenery was repetitive, with little to distinguish the rooms and hallways from the similarly themed ones (one train car with cages looks a lot like another train car with cages, even if you move them around inside). Caging the Dogs kept them from getting the most out of their spots, as it physically blocked them off from the guests. Not all of the actors achieved the same balls-out insane intensity of the 2010 cast.

Afterlife: Costumes were too bright against the background, making it difficult for the actors to hide in some rooms as you could see their movements very easily even out of the corner of your eye. Final room looked cool, but the lack of scares meant that the house ended on a dull note (never ignore your finale scare). Some of the room layouts, like the mirror room, were unintuitive and required the Ops to help people out, which broke immersion.

The people in charge don't just look at a bar graph and go "Oh, the originals are unpopular. No, I don't care that almost every single preceding year has had extremely popular original houses! Buy every IP!"

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