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A newbie's HHN 22 review.

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Well, This was my first year going to the event, and I probably won't be too harsh since I have not experienced the previous years.

So, I will give reviews of each house and Dark legion in the order I went through or saw them.

Firstly, we did House Of Horrors. I thought this was a cool concept, and I heard about 2008's Dead Exposure. I was TERRIFIED in this house, and I LOVED the lightning idea, but, it did not come together enough for me. I thought that just a mask with a black cape was sloppy, and the sets were B+ quality. So this house gets a 6.5/10 from me.

Next I went through Alice Cooper. This house was my least favorite when I was AT the event, but I read the full story of Steven, and what each room represented, and that boosted this up to my second favorite house. The costumes and masks were cool, and the sets had great quality. This house gets a 9/10 from me.

Next, we did Pen and Teller. Now, I thought the 3D was pretty effective, and I got a few scares. This house got fourth favorite from me, but the icing on the cake was MEETING Pen and Teller as they were there when I went. This house gets an 8/10.

The next house we did was Gothic, and it had breathtaking sets, and cool visual and mental effects. This house had A+ costumes, but it fell short on scare factors. The scares were kind of predictable, and I did not get necessarily any BIG scares throughout. So.. It gets an 8.5/10.

Next we did Dead End. WOW! Best house of the night. Hands down. Scares were innovative and unique, Costumes were realistic and grotesque, and the set was movie quality. The music fit this house's back story and I felt as I was in a film, and got many scares. Gets a whopping 10/10.

Next we did P&T again, this is when we met them. Siegfried and Roy teamed up on me. 9/10 for meeting P&T.

The following house was The Walking Dead. The facade was pretty cool, and I felt like I was in the show. The barn was amazing, and the sets were once again, film quality. The only thing this house lacked was transition. It was like entering a hospital door into a department store. 8/10.

Lastly we did Silent Hill. This house was pretty good. But it had the same issue with TWD, no transition. The entrance was AMAZING. This, Gothic, and Dead End had the best sets of the night. Costumes were okay, but some scare-actors didn't even try to scare us. 8/10

The Dark Legions. I was bummed to hear about no scare zones, but was excited for these as well.

1. The Traditionals.

These had fun costumes, and looked creepy, but had great interaction with guests.

2. The Iniquitis.

Wow. Great costumes, and I love how these went along with each legion for the online game.

3. Vampires.

Great masks and costumes, and they were VERY scary.

4. Prisoners.

Ok costumes, but the reason these are up high is because they ganged up on me by P&T. :chainsaw:

4. Beasts.

Good costumes, but they just wandered around the park's streets.

5. Warriors.

Not scary AT ALL, and would just annoy me by following me. I actually avoided their little "show".

6. Walkers

Looked nothing like they should and I could see their mask's lines.

I did not care for the shows, sadly.

The overall event was a great time and it gets a 9/10 from me. :)

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