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My Review of HHN 22 for 10/17/12. I was able to do all the houses that night in 1 hr and 40 min. Gotta love the Stay and Scream... :)


This was the first house I did and I thought they captured the detail from Silent Hill perfectly. Every inch of this house to me was amazing. The best part of this house of course was the nurses. And yes I did get a couple of nice scares from them. Another cool part was seeing Alessa at the top of the stairwell. It added a certain creepiness to the house in my opinion. All in all I loved this and it was the one I went through the most. 10/10


Now on to Gothic. I can definitely see why this got house of the year. It was just incredible. The facade to this house was amazing. Everytime I stepped foot in to that soundstage I saw some things that I didn't see before. From beginning to end the scares didn't stop. I also really liked the masks they used in this house. They were alot better than the ones used in Your Luck has Run Out scarezone at HHN 21. Towards the end where the Gargoyle springs towards you from the dark tunnel I actually got so freaked out I lost my sunglasses. It was just plain awesome. 10/10


Next Dead End. The facade to this house kinda reminded me a little of LT. The Wyandot Estate from HHN XX. I really liked the overall feel of this house and the effects used in it were pretty damn cool. The use of the vortex in this house was genius. Got 1 or 2 nice startles from this house which are always a good thing. 9/10


Now comes The Walking Dead. Dead Inside. In my opinion not a bad house at all. First time I went through it was still light outside so it really didn't feel all that immersive to me. Eventhough the scareactors were amazing it just didn't click for me. Lucky enough I was able to do this house again at night and to me that made all the difference. Only thing I can say is that the scareactors are the ones who made this house. The scenic pieces just didn't pop out as much. But I still liked it none the less. 8/10


Next house for me was House of Horrors. Each time I went through this house it got better and better. I like how they changed a little part of the house with adding the crawl space. In 15 years of me going to HHN i've never seen that done. It's funny I knew it was going to be in that house before I even went through it and yet I still managed to forget it was in there. I would like to see something like that done again in another house at HHN 23. Now on to the final scare of this house. One word for it. EPIC. 9/10


Alice Cooper Welcome to my Nightmare I ventured to next. This house in my opinion was just ok. The facade to it was cool and all but that was the extent of it for me. Only thing that made me go through it more than once was the part of the house with the pole dancer. With that being said. 7/10


Penn & Teller New(kd) Las Vegas was the last house I did that night. In my opinion the best 3D house i've been through at HHN. That light room was absolute craziness. Loved every square inch of this house. And thanks to a certain Elvis for the name shout out. It totally made my night. 10/10


Although in some cases change is good but to me I miss having the regular scarezones at HHN. Not saying that the streets were bad or anything I actually kinda liked it. I just like having the original scarezones a little better in my opinion. And of course the Vampires were the best. Bow down to your Strengoit Legion Leader. :D


I rather enjoyed this years show. In my opinion it was better than the ones in the past 2 years. The girl who played Katniss from the Hunger Games was funny as hell. I Volunteer. Ha! It's nice that they paid a little tribute to Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys at the end. And for the love of god please stop using Nicki Minaj. Other than that the show was pretty good. Lots of laughs. 9/10

The cinematic spectacular show for HHN 22 was indeed amazing. Saw the Universal's Classic Monsters and the Alfred Hitchcock tribute. It was a nice addition to HHN. In my opinion it definitely filled the void for the missing 8th house.

This is my review of HHN 22 for the night of 10/17/12. My actual first night of HHN 22 was 10/4/12 but since the weather was so bad i'm not even going to count that night. Well until next year. May the scares be with you...

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