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5th Annual Photo Contest: "The Iniquitus"

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The 5th Annual HHN Photo Contest: "The Iniquitus"

11/05 - 11/11 Photo Contest Entries for "The Iniquitus"

Contest limited to the "Iniquitus" characters. Photos can be of any aspect of these characters, including but not limited to sets, props and scareactors. Photos including members of other Legions are acceptable, so long as "The Iniquitus" are the primary subject matter of the photo.

Official Contest Rules

  • All entries must be posted by Sunday 11/11/2012 at 11:59pm PACIFIC TIME, submissions after this time will not be included.
  • There is ONE (1) submission per member, per contest. Once you post your picture, you can not replace it. You can not re-use the same photo entry in multiple contests.
  • Pictures can not be altered in any way, except to adjust size, crop, correct exposure (contrast/levels) or add your own personal watermark. This is the Photography contest and the Photoshop contest is located in a different thread.
  • Please resize pictures to be no larger than a maximum height or width of 800px. (ie. 800x600, 800x533). Photos exceeding these constraints will be asked to resize. If they are not resized by the end of the contest, they will not be included in the voting poll.
  • Please do not include the photo as an attachment to your post. Upload it to a photo hosting website such as Flickr or Photobucket, and then link the photo (this is so I can make the voting poll). Using the %7Boption%7D tags are the preferred method of posting your photo. If you use your own site, you are responsible to ensure the photo is viewable at all times (and not subject to bandwidth limitations).
  • Pictures can be taken at any time during the 2012 run of the event for the category.
  • Pictures must be taken by the member submitting the entry, and not by a family member or by a cast member taking it for you (except in the "Best Pose with Scareactor" category).
  • Voting will begin within a day of the contest's end. After a winner has been decided, a new poll will be made encompassing all the winning photos to determine "Best Halloween Horror Nights 22 Photo".
  • No breaking of park rules or common etiquette to take your pictures. (No accessing restricted areas, no Bill & Ted photos, no flash photography where listed, etc.)

Have Fun & Good Luck!

(Special thanks to Suike for creating this contest)

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