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Aaron's Review Oct 21, 24 and 25

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My 6th year going to Halloween Horror Nights. I usually take my vacation the week before Halloween so I can go three nights with the Frequent Fear Pass. To sum up: definitely a step down from last year in most respects though it shouldn't matter to Universal since they had more guests this year. Even though the long lines could be blamed on being down a house and Jaws, the fact they sold out of the souvenir glasses last weekend shows this year was a major success.

First the Bad:

Construction: Transformers was a fully functioning construction site at night and the bright light from the building distracting from the atmosphere.

Street Experience: The detail and performances were great but I generally do not like the idea of roaming hordes since it makes it hard for fans to see all of the Legions. Even with the promise of having scare actors everywhere, a lot of the park seemed dead.

Lagoon Show: The Alfred Hitchcock show was great but they did not have any showtimes and after going three nights I only saw one in it's entirety.

Ok the good:

Shows: A major improvement over the last couple years. 20 Penny Circus was a welcome improvement over Brian Brushwood and Rocky Horror.

Bill & Ted was very fun this year after going through two cringe worthy years. Still not as good as the Hanging at Knott's (which you can actually view on Youtube) but featured a lot more pyro and impersonators than last year.

The Iniquitus: I feel like they were pretty great defacto icons for this year. i loved that they came out in front of the gates before the park opened and they were easy to find during the night.

House Reviews (Best to Worst):

House of Horrors: Was really surprised by this house. The lighting gave me a ton of scares and the sets were really cool given it was mostly black cloth and paint.

Alice Cooper: Also surprised by this house. The music and set design gave the house energy that seemed lacking this year.

The Walking Dead: Pretty good recreation of the show. Thought there should have been some some non-undead actors like Daryl fighting walkers with his crossbow.

Gothic: Pretty torn about this house. The design and effects in the house were great but it didn't really go anywhere past gargoyles coming to scare you.

Silent Hill: I hated the movie and probably will never play any of the games. But the creatures looked pretty cool even though I had no idea what was going on.

Dead End: I just didn't get this house. The scares weren't as creative as Legendary Truth and wasn't as creepy and beautiful as Winter's Night. Was also confused about the theme or back story.

Penn & Teller: Had a really funny preshow that spoiled a lot of the gags once inside the house. The 3D was pretty bad/non-existent, unlike The In-Between and Circus of Superstition at HowloScream that used it for some good illusions. Probably missed a lot of the scares and gags because the glasses were so blurry it felt like I was drunk!

Still a great event though I would still rate it along HHN 20

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Penn & Teller:The 3D was pretty bad/non-existent, unlike The In-Between and Circus of Superstition at HowloScream that used it for some good illusions.

i agree with this. IB had some really neat and disorienting rooms with the 3D and effects (sting room/laser room/vortex tunnel), and Circus had some VERY cool rooms that used the 3D perfectly. they even made the salt falling in the "salt superstition" room look 3D. P&T's 3D didn't match those 2 houses in that sense. They're house went the more elaborate set route than strictly 3D, although great sets and 3D can definitely coexist. Circus is a good example of this.

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I think House of Horrors should have been labeled as 3D. the black lights in there worked just the same as they did in The In Between and made the house much better, and the glasses worked much much better in House of Horrors than penn and Teller even thought House of horrors was not even a 3D house, just because like I said House of horrors was close to the In between so if they wanted they could have marketed HOH as 3D

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