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Jetsfreak'sHH 2012 REVIEW

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So this year was a very bumpy ride! First off we were 30 minutes late on road, then a nail was in our tire which we had to stop for about an hour/ an hour and a half to get a plug, then we were in the middle of the storm driving up from south florida and then my glasses broke... BUT Sandy decided to be really nice friday night, my uncle fixed my glasses, and halloween horror nights KICKED ASS! (I am rating all the houses on a atmosphere/scare/overall scale) Here are my house reviews in order of how i did them

The Walking Dead: Dead Inside (In the light)-We ran to this house first because i knew how long the line would get. We went in regular and it had no wait, just walked right on in. This house was very good in scenery with minimal scares. Now we saw where everyone was when it was light out, but i still got scared by the guy who grabs at you from above! The ending was kind of ruined with them trying to grab you in between holes because you saw where they were.

Now later on we went into this house again using express- WOW. A lot better in the dark! I was still i little disappointed in the whole house, but i did get a lot more scares. The guy on the top scared me AGAIN, and the ending was a lot better! I still felt they missed out on things, like maybe have an actor help each group go through and get taken by a zombie, or have some zombies inside the RV.

Atmosphere: 7/10

Scares: 4/10

Overall: 6/10

Gothic- We also did this house twice (because dead end had a 30 minute wait while this house had only 10 minute wait) Now it didnt matter if in light or dark but we did it in the beginning and near the end. Just WOW. I LOVE THIS HOUSE! I'm happy i did it twice! I missed more things the second than the first! Loved them in the air and thought they had great masks on. I loved the scenery, and the last room is AMAZING! Missed the person inside the house on the first time, but he scared the crap out my family the second time! Such an amazing distraction when the guy is flying through space! Meanwhile, i came in thinking i was going to hate this house, and came out loving it!

Atmosphere: 10/10


Overall: 9.5/10

House Of Horrors- Now i went into this house scared as hell that i had to crouch, but it wasn't as bad as i expected! Now i LOVED the black and white theme they had on this, but i felt it gave less time to scare with all the strobe lights. It also made it hard to see through the house, I had no scares in the Black Lagoon room, and barely any scares the whole time. But this did have probably the scare of the year, or at least a close second. The ending had me running as fast as i can out! I honestly smashed my face into my moms head because i needed to get out! I wish they had a longer house for this and more rooms, i felt it was very short.

Atmosphere: 8/10

Scare: 7/10

Overall: 8/10

Alice cooper: Welcome To My Nightmare- I came in this house, being so confident i was going to love it... What happened!? We got stuck at a cast change so that could be a part of it, but still it felt so empty. So short also. I did like the spider web room but i could barely get through that room after walking into everything. I just felt this house needed a lot more than it got.

Atmosphere: 5/10

Scares: 3/10

Overall: 5/10

Penn And Tellers: New'kd Las Vegas- I LOVE Penn. I LOVE this house! It was so funny and trippy that it made my night! I got a great scare by a person behind the slot machines, and the clown at the end was leaning over me that i had crouch with my head basically on the floor! The overall best room of the event goes in this house... The lights room! OMG That room was AWESOME! I didn't get scared as much as i wanted too but this was a great house. Also it comes with a free hhn 3d glasses, i mean what could have gone better?

Atmosphere: 10/10

Scares: 8/10

Overall: 9/10

Dead End: I came to this event knowing this will be the scariest house, and i was totally... CORRECT! This house scared the crap out of me! This was the best house of the year. Just everything about it screamed out creepy. The ghosts holograms were so cool and the photo room is amazing! The last room though... scared me SO BAD! We were kind of stuck in the last room and we watched the bed and when she screamed OMG I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO CRY! Haha, no but seriously that was the best scare of the event.

Atmosphere: 11/10


Overall 10/10

Welcome To Silent Hill- I think silent hill is so scary. Just all the monsters freak me out. But after reading everybody's reviews of this house, i began to doubt my judgement... Don't get me wrong, i still came to the event thinking that this still can be the scariest house, but my dreams became nightmares as i went through this house. I did get one or two scares, but as in Alice cooper i felt there was such a lack of actors. I mean One pyramid head i saw, ONE! And he almost hit my brother in the face, in which was very cool but why didnt he have a sword? I still did like the feel of this house though. Frankly, i dont know why though. I thought this house had the potential to be so much better!

Atmosphere: 7/10

Scares: 2/10

Overall: 6/10

Street Experience: When i first heard about this i was happy and kind of sad. I knew it would be hard to find every group and a lot less props but overall i LOVED this street experience! I thought it was so much better than what everyone was saying! I saw: Traditionals, Walkers, Prisoners, Vampires, The Iniquitus, Beasts, and Warriors. The only ones i did not see were the zombies (fast ones). The scariest were the traditionals, but the beasts were at a close second. Warriors didn't go to us and prisoners i basically missed since we had to run to bill and ted. I miss the scare zones, but i loved the fact that they were everywhere.


This year for the first time, i got to watch both shows.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure- Out of the last 3 years, ive been to 2 of them. This year was my third and WOW it blew the other two out of proportion! It was very commical, and the best part was either honey boo boo or magic mike. Overall it was very funny and well worth the 30/40 minutes! I give it a 9/10

20 Penny Circus- We did this because it started at the exact time we walked by. It wasnt as fun as i wanted it to be... It had some funny moments, like one or two, but magic just isn't something i very interested in. PLEASE BRING BACK ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! I give it a 5/10

Overall: This year, in my opinion was a success. It my have had its flaws, but it was scarier than last year (well in most houses and street experience) I felt it had a lack of actors in some houses and NO CHAINSAWS. Come on hhn! We want more chainsaws!

House order form least favorite to favorite:

Alice cooper- 7

Silent hill- 6

The Walking dead- 5

House of horrors- 4

Penn and teller- 3

(Now heres where its very tricky...but i have to choose one!)


Dead End- 1

I can't wait for next year!

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