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Who? FrickityDo's Opening weekend review..

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Has a good ring to it doesn't it?

I'm only going to base what I saw on Saturday , because Friday was soo .. wet!

Silent Hill- Highest expectations ever... considering I lived and breathed silent hill in my awkward teenage years. The costumes are fantastic! However the amount of scare opportunities and set pieces are not... At the start I was excited, we have monster cop interaction. Oh neat they are going to have set pieces!! What happens from then... is quite the opposite. Yes there are nice scenes but there is so much missed potential!!

Bullet Point time!

  • Pyramid head needs to be dragging a sword(did i just miss the cast that had one)
  • IF you are going to direct my sight upstairs to Alyssa, come at me with a scare! One nurse in this scene hurts me on the inside..
  • Seeing something smashed with the hammers would have been phenomenal, having him in plain sight. only to lurch towards you a little bit just doesn't work.

3/5 - For content

Gothic-Lowest Expectations ever, I Didn't know what to expect with this house, and I think that is what makes it good for me. Now yes I do say... gargoyles don't really scare me/ arent scary. However the techniques and sets really make this house. Its like I climbed into a castle!!! The "outside scene" is one of the coolest in any house to date. I wowed out loud the first time I saw it. However! IF this house was a journey through architecture it would be a 5/5.. being that its a haunted house, and there really just isn't any "scary" content.

it gets a 4/5.

Dead End- Neat Backstory! I love the concept of tales and fibs gone awry. I love spectres and ghosts and things that go bump in the night... death photography is something that creeps me the heck out IRL so seeing it represented here was neato. There are some neat gags in the house. and the sets are neat! Even if they are copied over from Legendary Truth. I like it so much it hurts.


Walking Dead- I'm a season 1 only viewer... get on it netflix!!! So i can say i'm not "versed" in the world of the walkers. However the scenes that were represented were so movie perfect that how could I not like it. The Dead inside door.. the bombarded moving fence. The rooftop. Everything is put well together, but as someone else mentioned there were just a lot of dead eye stare-down acting in here. Why would the walkers not be clamouring to get at my tasty flesh. No you are just going to stand there and watch as the Sushi Line goes around and around you and not take a bite? You have such self control!!! I want to feel tasty, I want to feel like you want me inside you! Is that too much to ask? Come get some!


P&T- It's safe to say that as a long time attendee it takes a hell of a lot to scare me. Its gotta be loud or unexpected , or you have to have my attention via some gag and throw me off completely.

Not sure how 3D I would consider the house.. but hey snazzy glasses are hard to come by these days. I love the concept of las vegas.. which is creepy when not overrun by toxic waste. I love Penn and teller, I love the humor, I love the interactivity. I love the fact that I got scared.(stupid clown). Perfect blend of humor and horror... as penn and teller have always been.. still not sure if "don't pull the rope" means don't pull it.. or pull it cause you aren't allowed.


HoH- Given the circumstances, I would like to give this house a handicap. I loved dead exposure. I love classic monsters.. I Do not like copypasted content that is so noticeable that I feel like I'm in the old house. I love that they tried something new with the ducking! I hope it sticks around! The "not dark enough" makes me cry in this house, If this house was pitch black it would be phenomenal... even give me a room or two of blackness. but instead.. the flashes of lightning gimmick just doesn't work to its full potential.


Alice Cooper-

Suprisingly enough, one of the few Murder/Gore houses this year. I've grown to love the gross out factor of the houses, this was one of the few that actually gave me that.... somewhat. It's neat its creepy, with some more energy it would be a great house.. my reviews get less in depth the longer I type..


Warriors- Love the energy of the bunch, they really really work for their scares.

Beasts- I've only seen them roaming from area to area, not really working

Prisoners- SO neat, love the all female aspect, some of them are creepy as hell.

Vampires- A few of the cast have really good energy and take advantage of their new freedom! Some like to dance around and look pretty.

Traditionals- Love the group, creepy as heck.. reminds me of the schoolhouse crew, they must have rehired a lot of them.

Bill and Ted - My favorite show in quite a few years! No spoilers.. Go see it.

20Penny - Its neat that they used a local group. But all the acts are a combination of every act that has been at HHN in the years past. Maybe I'm just getting immune to smaller illusions. Worth 1 watch if you have extra time but don't trade a house or B&T for it.

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I love the fact that I got scared.(stupid clown).

still not sure if "don't pull the rope" means don't pull it.. or pull it cause you aren't allowed.

Glad im not the only one who got the crap scared out of them by that damn clown lol

and yes, you're supposed to pull the rope which activates an amusing effect

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My biggest problem with Silent Hill is the lack of different types of scares. If everyone is coming at me from the left or right, I'm not going to be surprised when someone comes out at me from the left or the right. It seems like a house designed for the easy scares, which is incredibly disappointing.

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