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HHNH Glossary

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Log Bunny - Murdy's favorite possession. An "easter egg" on the Terror Tram and it changes locations nightly.

Can someone explain further? Also, more about the ape that isn't a scare actor!

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Its literally what it's name says on the terror tram every night the HHN crew will put a log with bunny ears somewhere on the route as an inside joke for hardcore fans.


The Terror Ape is just a prank pulled on the scare actors.

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SIF = Stuff in Face or Shit in Face (the stuff they hang that you have to brush out of the way)

RIP = VIP tour for HHN

AAT = Actor activated trigger.  A switch that an scareactor uses to activate an effect 

GAT - Guest activated trigger.  A switch or pressure plate that a guest activates to start an effect

Black Hallway - A long transition hallway consisting of black painted plywood, often mentioned in recent Yelp reviews

Vortex Tunnel - A low-to-the-ground catwalk surrounded by a spinning tube through which guests walk, resulting in a sense of the path tilting in one direction

Drop Wall / Slam Window - Usually a framed picture or boarded window, behind which a scareactor hides.  Scare is activated by actor allowing picture to quickly fall, exposing the actor.

Pop Scare - Appearance of a scareactor from an otherwise empty location

Dot Room - A black room with walls and/or floors painted in a repeating pattern (dots, splats, etc).  Mannequins and scareactors wearing similarly camouflaged costume blend into the walls

Squeeze Tunnel - A hallway lined with air-filled bags (similar to a bounce house) along each side.  Results in a claustrophobic feeling as guests squeeze their way between the bags.  Purell is highly recommended before and after a squeeze tunnel.

TITE - This is the End

FVJ - Freddy vs Jason

Universal Express - New name for the FOTL (Front of the Line) pass, so as to be consistent between Hollywood and Orlando.

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