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HHNH Glossary

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A lot of short hand goes around on this site. Things are abbreviated, given terms, become an acronym, etc.. Ever feel like you have no idea what we're talking about? Want to join in on the conversation and not feel left out? Maybe you've been here for awhile and need to freshen up, or maybe you missed something. Well here's the ultimate guide to HHN nerd-speak!

AGVA - American Guild of Variety Artists. All scareactors employed at HHN are apart of this union/guild.

AP - Annual Passholder.

ACGTH - Alice Cooper Goes to Hell.

AMC - "American Movie Classics" an American cable channel which owns and airs "The Walking Dead" who have worked with HHN twice.

AMOK - A Maze that was pulled in 2012 which was originally to be placed in the JP venue, but was replaced by "TCM: Saw Is The Law". Is Rumored to have been "An American Werewolf In London".

Art Director - Someone who designs the mazes and elements of scarezones & Terror Trams, overseeing their construction. Secondhand man to the Creative Director. (See Chris Williams)

Attack Word - A recognized word used by guests to yell out for scareactors who know this word to attack them.

AVP - Alien vs. Predator

AWIL-An American Werewolf In London.

(Behind) the Mummy Venue - The extended queue area behind the Revenge of the Mummy ride.

Backlot - The lot used for studio filming and business; where the Studio Tour takes guests through.

Baker Street - The street in the theme park themed to London, used as a scarezone yearly.

Bansheeman - A former, bitter HHN scareactor who made wild accusations and came up with conspiracies about the employment process & USH. He may still be among us... (also known as Gasmaskman)

Big 3 - Jason, Freddy & Leatherface (see NLC 3).

Bill & Ted Incident 2013 - In 2013 the B&T show was pulled due to a distasteful joke that offended the gay community. The Writers of that year have been fired.

Blum/Blumhouse - Jason Blum, producer and owner of Blumhouse which saw such movies as Insidious and The Purge.

B&T - Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure.

Bushmen - A group of scareactors who reside in the hills of the Terror Tram, camoflauged in with the bushes.

Castle Theater - The theater across from the Simpsons; used for Bill and Ted every year.

Chainsaw Brigade - All scareactors equipped with a chainsaw are apart of the chainsaw brigade, sometimes joining forces and combining scareactors from other zones and the Terror Tram.

Chainsaw Chase Out - A nightly occurrence that happens 30 minutes prior to the park closing. The chainsaw brigade align the exit of the park and wield their chainsaws on unsuspecting guests who try to pass by them.

Chris Williams - Art Director for HHNH.

Chucky's Insult Emporium - One of HHN's original shows where Chucky from the Child's Play franchise would insult guest. Was pull due to complaints and leak to youtube. Ever since Chucky will still make appearances at the event or on John Murdy's Twitter and reference his old show and his grudge for the show being pulled even though he has gotten away with bringing it back "Without Murdy's Permission" [a bit Murdy puts on]

Codename - Murdy gives away hints to haunted attractions before they're officially announced by lending a specific codename to a property.

Courtyard - Between French Street and Baker Street, a small courtyard used for dining and the former venue for Chucky's Insult Emporium. Also known as Parisian Courtyard and the Court of Miracles.

Creative Director - The director who oversees the mazes, scarezones and Terror Tram from inception to striking the set. (see Murdy)

The Director - A original character created by HHNO's creative team in 2003 who was used at HHNH in 2006 for HHNH's return. Murdy has stated although he has escaped Universal's Security he is still loose on the back lot and every now and then he will receive new snuff films from an unknown locations on the back lot. (In reality Murdy does not wish to use Orlando's characters)

DTH - Shorthand for poster DTH316.

F13 - Friday the 13th.

Facade - The entrance structure of a maze/house.

FB - Facebook.

Feather Ninja - An effect used where a SA dressed in all black will blend in a pitch black room and touch guest with a large feather to give the illusion of being touched by an otherworldly presence.

FDTD - From Dusk Till Dawn. A maze based off the 2014 TV show by Robert Rodriguez, based off the film of the same name.

FFP - Frequent Fear Pass (see Multi-Night Pass).

FO(T)L - Front of the Line Pass

Freak - Original shorthand for poster & mod Freakazoid, who has since changed his name to simply just Freak.

French Street - The street in the theme park themed to London, used as a scarezone yearly. Sometimes referred to as Moulin Rouge Street.

Ghost Town Mile The stretch of walk from Universal Plaza to the bottom of the Starway where there are no scarezones. Ironically named after Knotts' Ghost Town, which is a very famous scarezone often highly populated.

Grandpa Alice - A inside joke based on Alice Cooper accidentally leaking ACGTH maze in 2012. The joke being how his old age is the reason he leaked the maze on accident.

GP - General Population.

Grind - Shorthand for poster & mod Grindhousehero13.

Hello Kitty: Claws of Death - A fake maze Murdy created a rumor for to get people off his back in 2010. It has taken a life of its own and has its own legion of fans.

HHN - Halloween Horror Nights.

HHNH - Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.

HHNO - Halloween Horror Nights Orlando.

HNN - Horror Night Nightmares.

HoH - House of Horrors.

HOTC - House of 1000 Corpses.

House - The term used for a haunted attraction out east. (see Maze)

HP - Harry Potter. (see WWOHP)

Icon - A character heavily used for the story/theme of the event.

IP - Intellectual Property.

Jack The Clown - An Original character created in 2000 by HHNO's creative team appeared in 2007. Murdy has said that he escaped universal security and hoped a train back to Orlando. (In reality Murdy does not wish to borrow Orlando's characters due to HHNH standing on it's own two feet now.)

Jaws: Bloody Waters - A joke maze created by the forum; the name is derivative of an actual attraction at HHNO one year.

JP Venue - The extended queue area located next to the regular queue for the Jurassic Park ride.

Joke Maze - A maze made up for fun and to purposely trick GP or newbies into thinking it's real; or just for shits and giggles. Other joke mazes = Jaws: Bloody Waters, Hello Kitty: Claws of Death, Lady Gaga: Monster, Leprechaun, Zoolander: Revenge of Mushu.

KSF - Knotts' Scary Farm.

KushZombie- Shorthand for a former poster on the site who was banned after a verbal altercation with the other posters for disagreeing with him on Hatchet being more popular than Trick 'r Treat. An entire night's worth of posts had to be deleted to rid of his presence. (sometimes referred to as the HNN Incident of 2011) He returned in 2013. He is still at large.

Lady Gaga - A joke theme put on the survey by Murdy which was taken seriously by some fans, which led to the fake maze announcement of "Lady Gaga: Monster."

Lionsgate - A popular film company/distrubutor that has made or distrubuted a film used at HHN every year since 2009.

LL - La Llorona.

Log Bunny - Murdy's favorite possession. An "easter egg" on the Terror Tram and it changes locations nightly.

Lower Lot - The back-section of the park located down a hill, segregated by a set of escalators. Where JP, Transformers and the Mummy rides are located.

Maze - The term used for a haunted attraction out west. (see House)

MBV - My Bloody Valentine.

MiceChat - A popular Disney forum; in tandem with the update site, MiceAge.

MM - Dispicable Me: Minion Mayhem.

Monsters - Employees who scare at Knotts Scary Farm and like haunts. (see Scareactors)

Multi-Night Pass - A pass used to gain entry to HHN on multiple nights.

Mods - Moderators of the Hollywood side of the HNN forums (see Freak & Grind)

Murdy - John Murdy, creative director for HHNH. (see Creative Director)

Nicasio - Murdy's codename for a property in 2011 that fell through; rumored to be Freddy vs. Jason. When a property backs out from HHN, it's sometimes used as a verb, such as "Nicasio'd."

NLC 3 - Characters acquired in a deal with New Line Cinema: Jason, Freddy & Leatherface

NOES - A Nightmare on Elm Street.

NY Street - New York Street, often used as a scarezone.

Overlay - An existing attraction recieving new elements to it for Halloween Horror Nights.

Prop - An item used by a scareactor.

Queue - The line for an attraction.

RHPS - Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Saw Twins - Die hard HHN siblings who (used to) make video updates on the event.

Scareactors - Employees who scare at Halloween Horror Nights. (see Monsters)

Scarezone - A themed area specified within the park for scaring.

Shaker Can - A can used by scareactors filled with metallic objects shaken to make a startling noise.

Sheet Maze - In '08 for the Nightmare Tour Terror Tram, there was a sheet maze to resemble a key sequence in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre next to the Psycho house. It returned in '09 for the Halloween segment on the Live or Die Terror Tram but was made to look more like a wooden fence. It remained vacant during '10 due to budget cuts. In '11, it returned but in front of the Bates Motel for the first weekend of the Scream 4 Your Life Terror Tram and was made mostly of gate; it was quickly torn down for unknown reasons. Basically, any mini-maze used for the Terror Tram is referred to as a "sheet maze."

Shrek Venue - The extended queue area behind the Shrek 4D building.

SP - Sinister Pointe. An independent haunt in Orange County known for it's interactivity.

SS - Soundstage.

Star Way/Scare Way Escalator - The Large set of escalators that connect the Upper and Lower Lot. During HHN it tends to get a mind of it's own. If You do not obey his commands he will "chew your ass up."

Static Figures - A mannequin or dummy used as filler to represent a character or group of characters.

Stites - Frank Stites. Ghost of the Terror Tram. Died in a plane crash on property in the hills on the opening day of Universal Studios Hollywood. He sometimes can still be seen...

The Strangers - Pin-Up Girl, Doll Face, & Man In The Mask; Characters from the movie "The Strangers" have become recurring characters at HHNH. Second only to Chucky they have appeared more than most characters at HHNH showing up in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, & 2013. According to Murdy they hang around Universal waiting for HHN.

SW- Slaughter World; an adult version of the Water World stunt show put on during HHN. Despite being a fan favorite it was discontinued due to noise complaints.

T2 Venue - The extended queue area for the Terminator 2 3D attraction.

TCM - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Terror Ape -A Mysterious Sasquatch who appears on the Terror Tram to prank the Scare Actors. Identity Unknown.

TPR - Theme Park Review

TT - Terror Tram

TTT - The Short hand for user TwoTonTick was banned after a failed attempt of trolling and an immature outburst. claimed to of had a grudge against Murdy.

Trev - Shorthand for poster & veteran scareactor Trevler.

TrT - Trick 'r Treat.

UMR - Universal Monster Remix

Upper Lot - The main, upper area of the theme park.

TWD - The Walking Dead

USH - Universal Studios Hollywood

USO - Universal Studios Orlando

Water Gag- A technique used in mazes that uses water spray to give the illusion of being hit with bodily fluids (i.e. Blood, Vomit, ect.)

Westcoaster - A weekly photo update site mainly for So Cal theme parks.

Western Street - A former scarezone that was discontinued when one side of the street's facades were torn down.

WotW - War of the Worlds, in reference to the set on the section of the Studio Tour, used yearly for the Terror Tram.

WTMN - Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare

WWOHP - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

WWW (West) Venue - The arena formally used to house the Wild, Wild, Wild West Stunt Show.

Feel free to add more to the list!

Edited by DTH316

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USH-Universal Studios Hollywood

By the way nice glossary DTH this is perfect for the newbies!

Oops I almost forgot

Facade-The entrance of a maze (house)

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you forgot about The Terror Ape-Every year one scareactor is disguised as Bigfoot and blends in with the bushmen usualy hiding between the Psycho house and War of the worlds set

WOTW- War Of The Worlds set


Mice Chat-


TPR-Theme Park Review

SP-Sinister Point

Jaws: Bloody Waters

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Added all those plus a few more and even the short hands for a few posters on this site! :)

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Good stuff, DTH. Since starting my participation on HNN, I think the only acronym I was unfamiliar with was IP. It seems Orlando often refers to the term and I figured that it referred to a licensed property of some sort (as opposed to OP which probably stands for Original Property?).

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WTH? I swore I saw someone with a gorilla mask both 2011 and 2010!

You might have, but it wasn't a scareactor.

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WTH? I swore I saw someone with a gorilla mask both 2011 and 2010!

It was King Kong LOL :P

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Its actually a pretty big mystery who Terror Ape is. Its sort of an inside joke played on the Tram actors, which got out via Twitter.

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You should put the "Z" joke on there. Ex: Klownz, Freakz, Toyz, Pigz etc.

You forgot Jawz Lol

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Its actually a pretty big mystery who Terror Ape is. Its sort of an inside joke played on the Tram actors, which got out via Twitter.

so there is a terror ape but no one knows who it is?

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Yes. Not a scareactor though and its not an all the time thing. Its something creative does to mess with the Tram actors from time to time.

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I shall change it up than. Terror Ape will be a mythical creature sometimes seen by the cast of the TT, and then there will be Bigfoot, which is an actual scareactor dressed as a large primate. Sound good?

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Whichever one Grind saw!

Funny enough, the first time I got a scare from the bushman in 08, I thought it was Bigfoot.


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