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The Best and Worst of Subtitles

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Perhaps the most unimportant thing about HHN but dammit, let's talk about it (mainly because I'm bored).

I'm a fan of subtitles... or, good ones at least.

Some really add quite the allure or intimidation to a maze. Some are just clever.

But sometimes, they're just downright stupid or un-creative.

Whatever the case may be, subtitles became prominent at HHNH in 2007 (there were also a few in 2000).

However, just recently, subtitles have started to disappear from HHNH. Why? But why?! *cries*

Anyway, in my opinion, here are the top 5 and bottom 5 subtitles of the last 6 years.

Top 5:

5. Back in Business (would've been better for the second year's installment but it's still good)

4. Hunting Season (the ultimate "aw shit, they're gonna get us now" subtitle)

3. Be Mine 4 Ever (clever... in that it takes place in a mine... and Be Mine deals with Valentine... forget it, you understand)

2. Camp Blood (I'm bias as this wins nerd points immediately from me, but very simple and very effective)

1. Never Sleep Again (Freddy's badassery speaks volumes with this subtitle)

Honorable Mention:

- Villa de Almas Perdidas (A great subtitle, showing how La Llorona's curse effects the entire town and not just her)

Bottom 5:

5. In 3D Zombievision (Zombievision... nuff said lol)

4. Game On (Considering it was it's final year at HHN... more like Game Over ;))

3. Freddy's Nightmare (how is it Freddy's nightmare if we're the ones being terrorized?)

2. The Saw is the Law (Oh... kay?)

1. Kill, Jason, Kill (Probably the biggest joke of a subtitle but it actually kinda fits with the maze, but it doesn't excuse its horrible lack of creativity)

Dishonorable Mentions:

- The Life & Crimes of Michael Myers (it's a bit TOO long of a maze name; that extra word in there is almost overdoing it "The Crimes of" would've sufficed)

- Meet the Strangers (I get what they were going for with this one... I just don't like it haha)

Terror Tram Top 2:

Horror Comes Home

Live or Die

Terror Tram Bottom 2:

The Nightmare Tour

Invaded by the Walking Dead

What are yours?

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I probably don't have to point this out, but Life and Crimes is a play on Life and Times. Wouldn't quite work without the Life part.

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1. La Cazadora de Ninos

2. Back in Buisness

3. Never Sleep Again

4. Camp Blood

5. Home Sweet Hell


5. In 3D Zombievision

4. Game On

3. The Saw is The Law

2. Goes to Hell 3D

1. Kill Jason Kill

(5 is worst 1 is kind of ok)

Top 2 TT:

1. Scream 4 Your Life

2. Nightmare Tour

Bottom 2:

2. Chucky's Revenge

1. Horror Comes Home

Top Fav:

TT: Directors Cut

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For some reason, I don't dislike The Saw is the Law subtitle, even though I know it sounds dumb. Lol I guess I'm just weird :blink:

But my favorites are: Hunting Season, Villa de Almas Perdidas, Home Sweet Hell, and Back in Business.

Crazy how pointless these subtitles are, yet they do add- or in some cases detract some excitement for a maze when it's first announced.

Kill, Jason, Kill was the one that pissed me off the most since J.V is my favorite icon and that just sounded horrible. The maze still was awesome though!

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While I agree with a lot of these, Murdy tends to give the mazes cheesy subtitles on purpose. Granted I don't always enjoy them, but what are you gonna do. That being said I always hated "Kill Jason Kill" and now "The Saw is the Law" takes the damn cake lol. But cheesy subtitles doesn't mean a cheesy house. Because that year F13 returned kicked ass.

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Clowns 3D: Music by Slash takes the cake this year, not only as a subtitle, but generic maze name too.

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A few new titles to throw in the batch for "worst of" this year.

Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness (having the word "maze" in there just ruins it for me)
Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home (like the other Halloween title, just feels too heavy handed)
The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far (cue the confusion if this will be wombies... or zomwolves)

I do like Insidious: Return to the Further though. Simple enough and suggests its a sequel maze, which I like.

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