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HHN Hollywood 2012 Wishful Thinking

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Just watched a documentry about the dark ages and it give me some brain storms on how I would love to see houses on Viking/Morse mythology and their murderous ways. Just look at 6:40 in this video (This was the documentry I just watched BTW) just to give you an idea of what they coud put in there.


I totally agree w/ you Freak!

That would be cool to see an ancient torture chamber with victims as a theme for a maze. Kind of a modern day Chamber of Horrors! I used to watch a show on the Discovery Channel...Machines of Malice. It was pretty good, and gruesome.


NOW, in my humble opinion again, altho I've never been to HHN, I think it would be so awesome to see an American Horror Story influenced maze. That show definitely has the creep factor!


Just think...You walk into a dark dingy basement, AHS theme music blasting, shelves and shelves of of bottled and jarred oddities lining the walkway. You can peer thru the spaces between the specimen jars to see recreations of the scariest scenes in the rooms from AHS on the other side of the jars...Tate walking around with his shotgun, Violets fly infested body in the crawl space, Infantata eating flesh in a corner of the basement among others, smoldering children, etc, etc!

Then while your walking thru so engrossed in the happenings in the rooms, that you don't notice the rubberman is right behind you, Hayden, the twins, or better yet...infantata!





Maybe add a bit of Season 2 for good measure!



I'm telling you...If done right, it could be AMAZING!!

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