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Greetings! A Request of Memorabilia

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Is this the best place to keep the memorabilia discussions going? If not, please re-direct me and I'll be happy to follow the path. In any case, I'd like to introduce myself as The Collector. I have attended HHN Hollywood for a good amount of years now and previously attended Orlando's 24th and 25th events.


I have been a fan of HHN like many of you for an incredibly long time and well, over time, have started to cultivate an interest in the event's merchandise. I only have a couple of things, mind you:


 - 2006 Hollywood Cap

 - 2007 Hollywood Pin

 - 2000 & 2007 Orlando Shooter glass

 - 2009 Hollywood Shooter glass


I'm particularly fond of any Hollywood merchandise from 1986-2010 and have a growing interest in Orlando's (any era, though especially Icon era) as well. 


I'm most definitely interested in:

- HHN Orlando Maps from any years, preferably older (Same case as for the Hollywood maps)

 - HHN Hollywood Maps from 1992 - 2010 (I am willing to discuss any potential trade or price for these)

 - Shotglass/Shooters of any kind

 - Pins or buttons

 - Advertisements/media gifts/etc


My biggest regret was never holding on to the maps. I'll say once more if anyone has some that they're willing to trade or sell, I would be delighted to speak with you! 


Any help would be appreciated! I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you before the event begins!

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