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HHN 19 Speculation

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Some people have been cast for Shrek Alley, but as of last week, that scarezone did not have a name.

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Thanks for the lead in info there Kimmie!

Also, Freak Street would be like, Cirque Du Freak characters then, right? That scarezone, if it is a scarezone that is, will be more on the fun side and neat to look at. Like the Scary Tales scarezone and Skoolhouse.

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Some people have been cast for Shrek Alley, but as of last week, that scarezone did not have a name.


Shrek Alley will have nazi zombies

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Hmm...I was reading the forums when i thought of something. That list that came up a LONG time ago..

I cant really remember the whole list, so anyone who does, if you can post it, it would be great.

So What i was thinking....





Hair or Hairy= Wolfman

Magazine=Fangoria Presents:

I may be off on this one and it may be 100% crap, but I was thinking and I saw the relations...Maybe the list wasn't fake at all?

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It will have that Matt but that is NOT what the scarezone is themed after. Its more of a "War of the Dead" type of thing


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This was the list of code names, and how they fit as of now.

Doll - Chucky

Squarehead - Frankenstein

Hairy - Wolfman

Magazine - Fangoria Presents: Leave it to Cleaver?

Screen - Silver Screams

New - Tent House?

Blade - SAW

Fangs - Dracula

Usher - Icon/Mascot

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It will have that Matt but that is NOT what the scarezone is themed after. Its more of a "

War of the Dead

" type of thing


I NEVER said it was themed after that. I only said it would have that.

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OK So i've just posted this over on another website and figured it belonged here too ....

OK, So i've been watching the forums for a long time but figured I could probably provide an interesting bit of speculation rather than going round in circles over the whole Usher debate, I thought I'd think about it a different way.

Somewhere it's been mentioned that this will be the part of a three part wave covering the next three years and I'm starting to seriously doubt if we will see "The Usher" for this years event.

I've been taking in everyone's opinions which are on the whole all very plausible ... so why can't everyone be right (kind of at least ... you'll see where i'm going with this in a second ...)

So we're not going to see The Usher this year ... how about the Theatre has come alive and is using the staff as pawn's in it's evil plan ... anyway cut to ... Police / Paranormal Teams shutting the Theatre down and exorcising whatever evil spirits are controlling the theatre ... that would lead to a lot of the Usher's suffering from severe mental issues afterwards ... what we'd be seeing this year is kind of a Prequel of the Usher ... what turned him into the way his is. Next years event maybe could follow on the story ... his journey through mental institutions and his banishment from society working up to him disapearing and returning as "The Usher" that we keep talking about. So in effect we won't see the Usher as such this year but we'll see his past.

Am I just thinking way too much here or could this be a plausible explanation ???

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Since we now know the house names and scare-zone names no need for 2 speculations therefore from here on out, this thread will feature Speculation on both House and SZ discussion

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Has anyone seen the HHN cups at Burger King yet? Plus, did anyone notice that you can buy a Frequent Fear Pass at Publix! I never seen that ticket sold there before, because if I did I would pick it up due to my collection of the tickets that they sell there every year.

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Our local Publix has all the HHN stuff out now. So visit yours today. :)

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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on. JUST came back from Cherokee, NC. Got back home to an awesome full website update. And may I add, this year is going to freakin' rock. Mutilated zombies and creatures from the black lagoon? How about Frankenstein, aye? Dracula? The website's beautiful.

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Well earlier tonight I posted some of my thoughts on houses and scarezones on CSW so I will do so here too;


Hey all,

Yeah, I like to make some early picks and see how it all comes to fruition. For

me my personal pre- event house favs are;

Wolfman- What is promising to be a vast soundstage house with outdoor forest

areas is definitly toward to top for me. I think the fact that I have not seen a

werewolf house is one of my main reasons and that now I hear that Uni is working

with Rick Baker on the make-up only gets me more excited. This will be a teaser

for the movie and I am hearing nothing but good early word. Should be a great

house this year.

Leave it to Cleaver- First and formost the fun factor, this

one has me salivating. The 50's feel, the cannibalism and cheesy funny feel.

Should be gruesome, gory and a tad creepy too. Those masks have that quality.

Hopefully the acting will be over the top ala PS and we will have a varying

exerience each and every time through.

Dracula- I am hoping that this will ring Bram Stoker/ Coppala Dracula as I feel

that aside from Nosferatu is the creepiest and sacriest of all the Dracula

movies. I really liked the gothic tones of Castle Vampyr in 2004 and hope that

this one is similar but takes it to new levels of darkness and features

aggressive scareacting and some cool make up. Keep it gothic, keep it scary and

dark in tone. That is all I ask.

Houses that I am feeling might be on the bottom of the list;

The Spawning- I hope to get a dark sewer setting and I don't know how they will

pull it off. The B movie feel might ruin it too. It was funny in Creatures last

year and fitting, but I just get a "throw in" house feel here. The creatures

here sound kinda goofy too and I hope the costumes wont be too bad.I obviously

want it to kick ass but I doubt it.

SAW- What I have seen thus far looks promising, but I think that we may have

another sub par house in the Jaws Queue. I like what it may offer. An industrial

setting with a voice over that Tobin Bell has been called in to voice just for

HHN, all the familiar traps and scenes of carnage from the SAW films and tons of

gore and blood. Sounds good, but I feel that many will be let down as it could

be scene after scene of torture ala Run; Hostile Territory and not have any

level of suspense to make it work. I was so let down with the Reflections of

Fear house last year and I hope we don't get another crappy Jaws Queque house. I

really don't like that area in the park either as it is tough with B&T and the

lines are out of control. Overall I just get a bad feeling about this one.

Some other feeling about the houses;

Frankenstein- I don't know what to think of this one. I have never thought that

the subject matter is scary. It is tragic and the story is great, but not scary

at all. I respect that Franky is an important

classic monster and given the theme this year I feel it should have it's place

along side Dracula and Wolfman. I think that it should be a spectical house and

hopefully the art direction does a killer job to make me want to visit this on

again and again. I am hearing Roddy hyping the Bride in this one so that should

be interesting.

Silver Screams- I hope that there are more movies represented here then what I

have heard. The Phantom of the Opera (another Uni classic) is not thrilling me,

but I think it could be cool, Shaun of the Dead is definitly one of my favs so I

expect it to be fun and I always love zombies, My Bloody Valentine is crap in my

opinion and it is sad to see them use it here. There are so many other films

that they could have chosen and I just hope that it as least comes off

aggressive and threatening. Hopefully we see some surprises. I heard that there

is a Drag Me To Hell homage in this one so there is hope. The facade of this one

looks awesome and the fact that the house of the year 08 Scary Tales 3 was in

this location have me mildly excited.

Chucky- I have warmed up to this one a bit, but overall the whole Child's Play

world does nothing for me. Chucky is not scary or funny or anything to me. In

fact I think that he gives horror films a bad name. The general public think of

horror films as a genre to not take seriously and here you go with a

wisecracking doll running around killing people while spouting one liners. Dumb.

However, for this event if done right, it could be a fun house. I expect alot of

crazy evil toy ideas here and that sounds cool! Roddy had something to say about

a barrel of monkeys the other day of Fango and it got me thinking. We could be

in for sleeper house here if it is done right.

Well there are my usual long ass pre-event thoughts for the houses this year.





Most anticipated;

Hollywood Die In- I really hope the magic that transpired last year in this area

will once again be brought to life here. I like the area and the thought of

horror films literally coming out of a drive in screen and stalking you is grand

for any horror film fan. I hope to see some surprises as I am hearing Psycho,

The Strangers, Drag Me to Hell, amongst others but overall I think this could be

really fun. Any word on if they are using the area where the pumpkin were last

year? Just a cool idea in general for this zone and the fact that real cars will

be brought out with speakers and a torn screen promise this one will have


War of the Living Dead- I love the premise of undead Nazi solders coming at you

in a tight area like Shrek ally. Hopefully the make up and props will live up to

my imagination and the acting will be aggressive and threatening. I hope all the

best for this zone. Any wolves cast in this zone?

Least anticipated;

Cirque Du Freak- Sorry to all of the Wolfers that have been cast here. I mean no

disrespect, but I really don't like the Kidzone area for a SZ. You have 2 queue

lines there and it turns out to be a big cluster f*** there. Not to mention the

theming. I just feel that it does little to HHN to have a SZ based on a teen

book/ movie. I hope I am wrong as I am hoping to see plenty of cool freaks and

creatures of the night, but I really think this will fall flat. Hopefully,

Jesse, Brooke and Kevin can save it and at least make it an area I want to stay

in. I don't expect much though.

Lights Camera Haction!- I think that this is a fun idea and people love the

staple of chainsaws at HHN, but I just think that this one will be a bit silly.

I love the people in this area and know that it will be entertaining to watch

them chase and scare the crap out of the guests but overall it will not do alot

for me personnally. I guess this is a bit of a mixed bag for me. We shall see.

Good filming ops here I am sure.

Thoughts on other Scarezones;

Containment- From what I see this one is a mix of The Mist and Toxic City with a

heavy military feel and green lighting, heavy fog and eerie music no doubt. I

hope for some music from Planet Terror as it is quite over the top and cheesy.

Very fitting here. I really wonder how the acting will be portrayed here. I hope

for a fun with some freaky people coming after you and stuff, melting or just

enraged by the toxic cloud. Sounds kinds cool!

City of Cannibals- I have no idea what to think with this one. I have seen some

pics of buses and overturned cars in New York and this fits, but the pic that is

on the HHN site with the creature like thing makes me think this one is going to

be alot different than I expect. I love this area for scarezones and hope this

one rocks!

All right! There ya go. Should be interesting to see how it all turns out.


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I agree with you when it comes to containment, however I don't have high hopes for Dracula.

I'm hoping for an I Am Legend feeling in City of Cannibals, as long as it's scary.

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Hey all,

I just read on Screamscape that the description for War of the Living Dead has changed and does not involve the Germans any longer. Anyone know more? I am seriously put off by this news. I realize for historical accuracy sake that it does not make since to have the Germans in the Pacific theater, but I would rather see them change the seeting. I had imagined some cool costumes with Nazi swasikas and German helmets. Soldiers carrying MP40s and maybe even some goosestepping going on. This one just went don't a peg to me. HHN getting a bit PC?



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Since there isn't anything more to speculate, as HHN 19 is here this thread is now closed and is here for the archives.

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