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Alirght, i went to the event opening night backin september of 08. i went with my father and we did the AP Preview party. we did scary tales 3 and hallow twice each in the time before 6:30 then went on to DE. after that we saw b&t, Then went on to ROF. continuing the line, we did doomsday, then BC2, IT and Creatures and finished by 10:30.

My opinion on the event overall: this year was probably my least favorite year that ive done(05-10), but that doesn't mean it wasn't good. the only sz i paid attention to(since i didn't care too much about them at the time)was Fractured Tales, and it was incredibly well done. B&T was funny AF as always, the houses were mostly up to par for HHN, some under, and a few over the top excellent. Bloody Mary was an alright icon, didnt completely feel for her. all in all, an awesome time as always.


1. The Hallow:our first stop of the night was the Hallow. both times i did it was in the daylight, but you couldnt notice that too mcuh. A very excellent house IMO. great scenes some pretty superb scares, and the facade was great. memory's a little hazy on specifics, but i do know it was a very satisfying start to the night. 10/10

2. Scary Tales: Once Upon A Nightmare:very close second to HOTY, i thought this house was done beautifully. i didn't see the original 2, but this one was incredible. excellent scenes(rapunzel decapitation, cinderella scene), hard scares, and just a fum ol' time. both times i went were in the daylight yet again, but still an excellent house. 10/10

3. Dead Exposure: this has been said repeatedly, but i shall say it again: DAMN. one of my all time favorite houses, and defenitely HOTY. one of the most scariest houses ive ever experienced. great scenes, excellent use of stobes and blacklight, exceptional facade, and the scares were completely consistent. excellent job from every cast member.100/10

4. Reflections of Fear: one word: CRAP. one of the worst houses ive ever experienced. dissapointing facade, no scares, and underwhelming facade. for an icon house, they did a poor job. 2/10

5. DOOMSDAY: very well done house. i found it very scary, and a great "run" type house. it had some great scenes and fast scares. an enjoyable house. 10/10

6. Body Collectors: Collections From the Past: i regretfully didnt experience the original BC, so i had no idea what to expect. it was all just show scenes without scares. a meh house, just fun to walk through and look at all the scenes. 710

7. Interstellar Terror: this was the only year i found all 3 ss's to be underwhelming. BC was a bunch of show scenes, Creatures was meh, and this house i wasnt fond of . no scares,very average scnes, not a high note for A&D. 5/10

Creatures!: there were a few scares here and there, but not many. scenes were alright, nothing to brag about. A&D could've done better. 7/10

House Rankings:

1. Dead Exposure

2. Scary Tales 3

3. Hollow

4. Doomsday

5. Creatures

6. Body Collectors 2

7. IT

8: Reflections of Crap

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