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Corrupted Steven Haunt (I was bored OK?)

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(I couldn't have done it without my friend Blake with this, so, thank her for the writing)


Crystal Temple

You find yourself outside on the beach. To your left, you see the massive temple that the crystal gems inhabit. It’s the form of Obsidian, with a greenhouse on top of the beach house. As you walk around, you can hear faint, distant whispering, seeming to come from Steven’s mind. They say various things that include self deprecation. “Why be such a burden?”, “You don’t do anything anymore”, “Why do you exist?”, etc and so on. You then enter inside.



You then enter into a large room. It’s mostly clean, but has a soda can or a bag of chaps here and there left over by Amethyst. The faint whispering seems to have grown apparent and more louder here, almost becoming unbearably deafening the more it goes on. You wonder when it’s ever going to stop, until you see a pair of blood drops near the exit of the room, leading to the bathroom. The door being slightly cracked open. You can hear Steven inside, panting and groaning in pain. You enter inside to investigate.



You then enter into a medium size room. Inside, you see Steven pacing around. There are several pink pimples on his face, his hair is unkempt and oily, a rash is seen on his fingers, his eyes are bloodshot, and he just looks like absolute garbage. He walks to the mirror, and pokes away at a piece of dead skin on his forehead. It crinkles at the touch, before peeling off, revealing a small horn growing, that is currently the shape of a zit/pimple filled with pus threatening to burst (prosthetic on actors forehead). He then lurches forward, as he starts regurgitating the teeth he doesn’t need anymore (teeth are already inside sink, as some blood will be on the mouth). He then turns around and notices you, snarling angrily. The inside of his mouth is revealed while he snarls, showing painfully slow growing canines from his gums. You can see some of the bone through his sickly gums, blood tainting a bit of it. Plus, the canines growing in place of the old ones. You dash towards the next room in a hurry.



You then enter into a large room. It seems more dirty and untidied then it was from the show, with the blankets and pillows scattered messily on the floor. Steven is seen in the center of the room on the floor, in spasms of agony and gritting his teeth. Several bulges can be seen poking through his skin, as blood comes trickling from his lips, dropping onto the once clean rug below him. He then looks up and notices you again, he tries to make a bubble in front of you (projection), but it flickers and distorts, its projection dying like a firefly’s light going out, as he then cowers, and backs up into the bed accidentally bumping himself against the wood. You enter into the next room.



You then enter into a large room. Surrounding you is longing neglected plant life, with the smell of wilting flowers in the air. The fresh scent of organic death. You can hear the sound of the warp pad going off and a blinding light reflecting on your body, as you turn around to look where the sound was elicited from. In the center of the room is the warp pad, with Steven on it. He is seen pounding on it, as he yells out from his deepening voice cracking, “Come on! Please work! I’m still human, please!”. As he wastes his effort pounding on the unresponsive device, you notice several more deformities on him. Steven is balding, some remnants of his messy, curly hair on the floor that transported with him to the greenhouse. The mild rash on his body has spread to his upper torso and jaw. His skin all red, damaged, and flaky by the scratching Steven did previously, spikes can be seen tearing through the flesh of his arms and back, blood painting a bit of the emerging spikes. Nails that look like they were forcefully torn out. The dead veins underneath the empty shells of the human nails can be seen on the pad, as claws can be seen growing on his hands. Another arm can be seen growing from the side of his torso. As he writhes in pain on the floor, he sends out blood curdling screams, sending spit particles flying into the air. As you’re distracted, a large eight foot deformed cactus monster emerges from behind some plants, its head split open, revealing a long maw with jagged spiked teeth and a cactus flower in the middle on the inside of the mouth (animatronic). You run in fear to the next room.




You then re-enter into the foyer. You see some toenails lying on the floor, with claw marks etched deeply into the wooden floor nearby. As you walk by a door, Steven bursts through it. He is seen clutching his temples, as his horns have grown much longer. His eyes are bleeding, most of his head is bald, the rash completely covering his body like a spreading mold, his ears barely seen by the growing hide, sharp tusks ripping through the edges of his lips, recently fresh skin impaled onto them coating them a crimson red blood colour. A new arm can be seen bursting through his chest, and his tailbone stretching and elongating into a fully grown reptilian tail, scales coating the bone like protective armour. As Steven groans in pain, Pearl comes out from beside you. She shouts out, “Steven please, we can try and help you!”. Steven then pivots his attention towards Pearl’s voice and angrily shouts out in a deep set of octaves, “I don’t need help ...please...GO AWAY!” as he yells it out, the whole room shakes. He panics, then mutters under his breath, “I’m sorry...”, then runs out to the door. You then enter outside.




You find yourself now outside, and screams fill the air. In the center is what looks to be the “remaining” state of Steven, and he’s almost finished in his gruesome transformation. Most of his clothes have torn to shreds from his new structure forming, his eyeballs seem to have fallen off somewhere along the transformation, leaving his eye sockets as completely endless, black voids with small pink dots for his irises, his tongue split open with some of the taste buds coming off and the blood sticking to the halves of the tongue as it splits, his nose is less pronounced and shrunken into his face, his tail has grown more with spikes on it and the end of it split open. The spikes being created and shaped from the remnants of the tailbone, and his face is elongating with his jaw being painfully dislocated from his head as it molds into a muzzle with the sound of the bones creaking and twisting, revealing a now full muzzle (full body suit). As he twists and turns on all fours, he starts to swipe at you with his long claws protruding from his calloused fingers, and pounds the floor with his now beefy fists, causing the ground to shake. You run to the next room.


Beta Kindergarten

You then enter into a massive, desolate and sandy area. All around you, you see open holes that are around 10 feet long, and in the shape of humanoid beings, most likely gems. Next to several holes are claw marks, and these are massive, being nearly 6 feet long. The large, empty injectors lie on the walls and nested themselves on top of the slates, with some being broken from an unknown force. As you are distracted by this, a large, monstrous head emerges from behind a corner ...it’s Steven…? The creature’s head is… unusually huge, being around 15 feet tall. Spikes pierce its thick, scaly hide on his face, as large fangs that looks like tusk cover its lower and upper jaw. It tries to bite down at you, fangs dangerously hovering above your smaller frame as they slowly come down, but Garnet emerges beside you. She steps in front of the beast, and holds it back with all of her strength put into her gauntlets. The tall gem yells at you to run, so you do, as you enter into the next room.



Abandoned Lab

You then enter into a large, abandoned room. All around you, you see broken pillars and some of the chipped remnants scattered across the floor, some even being beside the broken cylindrical figures.Your nose can smell the god awful decaying odor in the area… how long has this lab been abandoned for? You then turn your attention near a corner since it caught your eye ...and you see a dead “vessel”... or a “husk” of a terribly grotesque coerced fusion of gems. Its side has been ripped open with big… teeth marks? Or what looked like big canines or scarily sharp teeth snacking on it, as some obscure... alien organs from what it looks like hang, drip, and pool from the lifeless amalgamation. But then you see a light shining from it... oddly enough. As you pay no more mind to the corpse, you hear a loud, deep and guttural roar, sounding almost a bit like a human teenager’s ear splitting screams and slowly degenerating into what it is now. Above, the Corrupted Steven’s head crashes from the ceiling, its jaw wide open, ready to swallow you whole and crunch your feebly thin flesh into a crunchy substance in between his teeth. Suddenly, a slender, prim and proper looking gem comes to your right. It's Pearl. She throws a magical spear at it, the monster flinching back in pain. She shouts out to it, “We know you’re still in there Steven, fight through this!” You run to the next room.



Prime Kindergarten

You then enter into a massive room. It looks like the Kindergarten from before, but it’s much more abandoned and ghost town like. Tons of injectors lie and dug in against the walls, with most of them being smashed, ripped out, and cracked. In the center of the room, is the giant 30 foot tall Corrupted “Steven”, and now you see the monster’s full body. Spikes cover most of his body, as his tail whips around, hitting the floor with a loud CRASH! sound. Right in front of it ...are the shattered pieces and shards of the once known crystal gems. The pieces are so small, you can only faintly recognize them by their colors. A small, crudely made nest that had been made and compiled together from crumbled rocks and debris gathered from the Prime Kindergarten. Steven notices you approach them closer, and he roars threateningly into the sky. That was a warning for you to get out, now. You run for your life away from him before he could strike, escaping this nightmare.

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