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HHNH 2019 Suggestions, Issues, and Improvments

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Guess i can go first then.


House Of 1000 Corpses

  • Remove those Captain Spaulding masks, it justs looks weird.
  • Add the scalping scene in the living room.
  • Have some more rooms in the Firefly house.



  • Remove the Red masks and get look alikes
  • Replace the black hall room after the living room scene with the Umbrae car kill scene (the one where she kills the neighbor)


Holidayz In Hell

  • Have some more ¨guests¨ in the ballroom scene
  • Include the Fairy Cave scene in the St. Patricks Day scene
  • Have the gold kill scene in the Leprechaun's Lair (It´ll be similar to the Halloween 2 bath kill scene)
  • Make the Peep Chicken be like the Xenomorph puppet as it comes out of the egg
  • Have the Tree scare in Christmas


Killer Klowns

  • Replace the black halls after the Officer Mooney scene with the jail cells, where cotton candy prisoner bodies lie.
  • Add some detail in the ending.


Stranger Things

  • Their will be a facade with the arcade, occasionally glitching into the upside down.
  • The first room will be the arcade lobby, where it´ll again glitch.
  • Replace the first will´s house hallway with the bathroom scene.
  • Remove that god awful mind flayer puppet. Instead, have a room filled with fog, and then have a Possessed Will scare with the tainted veins.
  • Replace the black halls before the pumpkin patch with either Dustin's bedroom, or the junkyard
  • Shorten the tunnels
  • Replace the first half of the ST3 section with the Eleven closing the gate scene, or Will´s exorcism.
  • Replace the cabin scene with the Hospital scene in Season 3.



  • Have the first room be the kids bedroom, where the Creep will scare through the window.
  • Remove that overly long comic book hall, and instead have those halls as the transitions for stories.
  • Have a Walking Dead Bicycle Girl gag for the first Fathers Day scene instead of a dummy
  • Have a body gag in the They're Creeping Up On You scene instead of a dummy
  • Have a scare in the black halls after They're Creeping Up On You, with either a giant cockroach puppet, or Pratt turning into a cockroach hybrid


Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man

  • Have a small forest section after the tent scene, with multiple Wolf Man and hunter scares.



  • Replace the first black hall after the slimer scene, and instead have a small hotel hallway where a slimed Venkman will pop out
  • Replace the third black hall with the Central Park Logo scene
  • Replace the Central Park logo scene with a small kitchen room with a Terror Dog scare.
  • Trim the Terror Dog hall, so after that we can have a Temple Of Gozer scene.

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