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Ghostbusters Passwords

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Each night of HHN Hollywood, you can receive a special gift if you mention the secret password to Louis Tully (the character played by Rick Moranis in the movie) who hangs out in front of the GB house.   So look for this guy:


Supplies are limited each night!  If they are out when you stop by, try later, as the next actor may have a fresh supply.

John Murdy (@HorrorNights) tweets the password around 5PM.


If you get a gift, take a pic and share it with us.  They give out a wide variety of stuff.  And sometimes a rare highly collectable item.


Thu Sep 12: "Gozer the Gozerian"

Fri Sep 13: "Torg"

Sat Sep 14: "Giant Slor"

Sun Sep 15: "The Destructor"

Thu Sep 19: "Shuv"

Fri Sep 20: "Zuul"

Sat Sep 21: "Peter"

Sun Sep 22: "Keymaster"

Thu Sep 26:  "Proton Pack"

Fri Sep 27: "Ectoplasm"

Sat Sep 28: "Ray"

Sun Sep 29: "Vinz Clortho"

Thu Oct 3:  "Janine"

Fri Oct 4:  "Winston"

Sat Oct 5:  "Gatekeeper"

Sun Oct 6: "Nice Doggie" - Dan Aykroid and Ivan Reitman did a walkthru of GB this night of the event

Thu Oct 10:  "Egon"

Fri Oct 11:  "Sedgewick Hotel"

Sat Oct 12:  "Central Park West"

Sun Oct 13:  "Grey Lady"

Thu Oct 17: "Scoleri Brothers"

Fri Oct 18: "Slimer"

Sat Oct 19: "Twinkie"

Sun Oct 20:  "Containment Chamber"

Thu Oct 24: "Ecto-1"

Fri Oct 25: "EPA"

Sat Oct 26:  "Tobin's Spirit Guide"

Sun Oct 27: "Partical Reversal"

Wed Oct 30: "Harold"

Thu Oct 31: "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man"

Fri Nov 1:  "Cross the Streams" (no mention what you get if saying this in the men's room)

Sat Nov 2: "Terror Dog"

Sun Nov 3: "Full Torso Apparition"

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