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HHN 2019 Discussion Thread (Hollywood Edition)

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Fan Preview night starts in about 4 hours, leading into the first full weekend of HHN Hollywood!


Red Carpet opening!

10 Houses!

Jurassic World in the Dark?

Same show again?

Black walls?

Strobe Box Scares?


Dish it, people!



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FYI, Costco is selling 2PM Day/Night combo tickets for HHN.


Prices are from $82.99 to $114.99 before tax, depending on night,


These allow you to enter the park after 2PM on an HHN night and stay in the park.

This gives you about 2 hours to do daytime rides.


While that sounds great, a few things you need to know:

  • The park closes at 5PM for general guests, but they stop allowing people into some rides as early as 4:30.
  • Potter can still be seeing 45-60 minute lines depending on the day (Potter is closed during HHN)
  • Most park restaurants close around 4:30 for the day
  • making your way around the park will be difficult near 4:30.  They have a pipeline down the center of the walkways to get daytime people out.  It can be difficult to maneuver in the other direction.  You will be showing your wristband constantly to employees who don't realize you have a special pass.

So realistically, you may be able to do one or two rides.


At around 5PM they will start letting HHN guests into the park.

Unless you make a beeline for the lower lot to do early houses, you may see long house lines.



Short story is that a 2PM entry for HHN does not get you enough time to do daytime attractions.  Buy this ticket only if you REALLY need to to Potter.

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