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  1. Thanks for the special attention and the great interaction in H.R. Bloodengutz during every run of the house! You deserve kudos for getting into your role so well and I hope to run into you again next year. Keep up the great work!

  2. I apologise if this has been mentioned but you also get a 3D effect when looking through the In Between glasses at the back of the houses t-shirt.
  3. She has her own Facebook page as Lady Elisabeth Luck.
  4. The gargoyles use to adorn the actual entrance arch to Orlando Universal Studios. I always wondered why they were removed and where they had gone. I would give ANYTHING to have these for the entrance to my driveway. I have kept pictures (taken of them when they were still there) with the hopes of tattooing them on my arms. Just happy to see them being put to good use.
  5. How about an HHN KILT!!!!!! If you see a scareactor rushing to get to work in a kilt it's probably me.
  6. Can someone post this, please? The games are just annoying.
  7. One of the reasons that there are a lot of baby strollers is that , believe it or not, many people leave their baby strollers behind and Lost & Found gets clogged up with them. If no one claims them then they are offered at auction to the employees. If no one buys them Universal is stuck with them. Ergo.......cost efficient props!
  8. All of this talk about scareing gave me pause. When a Scareactor does "get" you let them know that is what you came for. "You really got me" or "That was good" is truly appreciated. We do try to our best to get even the most jaded. Some guests get annoyed when you scare them. Why did they come to this event? I return you to your regularly scheuled forum.
  9. 5th Year of HHN

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