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  1. Yes and no. I've been doing HHN for the past 5 years and only asked 1 weekend off and I did not get cast...A bit of a shock to me and several other long-time vets who did not cast as well. I know someone who asked for 6 events off and still was cast. I know for the most part its body type they are looking for. And it seemed to me the big and tall guys are not being cast much this year. As I said it was a shock, however I had made the decision at the end of last years run to retire on top (HoTY and Performer of the year for Gothic) but I wanted to "ween off" the event. For all the future scareactors (and the current and former ones will probably agree) this is an addiction. Once you get in you can't wait for the next year and the next year. I didn't want to end it "cold turkey" but I guess I don't have a choice.
  2. I think I might be with you on the retirement thing. 5 years of this and it was AWESOME!! I am considering making one more run next year only if I'm in a street for thats the only thing I have yet to experience. But if I go out this year I went out with a BANG! House of the Year AND Scareactor of the Year for Gothic! But I want to shout out to all of my fellow scareactors and especially to you guys on here who come see us and make it worth doing! Thank you to all the Gothic fans and fans of the Brotherhood of the Bell!
  3. Well another year down. I want to express my thanks for all those who repeatedly graced us with their presence in Gothic. We got HOTY!! Thanks to you our loyal fans! You made this a great year for us...and me. Thank you again!
  4. Will be posting this in the Gothic tread as well...(or something similar) Thank you to all who attended HHN this year and thank you to all the repeat visitors and fans of Gothic! We did it! HOTY!!
  5. Well you know mine well enough! You better come see me and Sinister!
  6. Tonight, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all 2am closes
  7. Just a warning...from what I hear tonight is UCF night...its gonna be busy with drunk college students.
  8. I don't think thats right. Last night I was there as a guest, and when my wife and I left at 8:15 (I had to be at a movie shoot for an independent short) there were a TON of people in the park...a TON still coming in...and a TON of cars at the gates coming in. From what I heard is that HHN sold out last night. They were turning people away if they didn't already have tickets. Out of the 5 years doing this I cannot recall that happening. I may be wrong but I don't remember that. I mean we extended park hours on Thursday til 2am because of how busy it was. Gothic was at a near 2 hr wait ON A THURSDAY! So when they say its over 100 minutes, I'm gonna believe it.
  9. I was the one on the left and I remember that happening clearly. I love doing what I do and hate seeing someone get hurt because of somebody else's stupidity. I'm glad he seemed to be okay. Safety is our #1 concern. Both for our guests and ourselves. Thank you for the kind words
  10. Yea it was. Because of the event extension we were given the choice to stay or not. I know some people have their other jobs and couldn't stay. But I asked our "boss lady" if I could stay the full last hour, she only let me stay 45 minutes (15 minutes past our last set time) but I went into the Finale and was just having a complete blast in there. Didn't allow me to stay to the end so I missed the cop
  11. Might you be referring to a certain "Quasimodo" in the finally?
  12. I often take the rope away from people. I try not to swing it at people too much for fear they may get pissy and I get in trouble. However I can't say the rope has not swung at people from time to time, usually from it hitting off my big body. Now if you were the last through it was not me and Laz. It would have been our tag-outs, Chris being mine.
  13. If its Laz in there then its not Chris with him...it would be this guy (uses two thumbs to point at himself)
  14. There were incidents everywhere last night. From what I was hearing is that there were people being thrown out within the 1st 45 minutes of park open. Several incidents at the sound stages...including one with me. I'm usually pretty tolerant of the stupidity that happens but after 5 years of doing this...last night was the 1st time I was involved with someone getting trespassed. Last night was ridiculously crazy but we made it through still performing at our best and with our heads held high
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