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  1. Believe it or not, Resident Evil actually has such a short wait because it has the best capacity. More people walk through Resident Evil each night than any other house.
  2. This is actually something that a lot of the people walking through Resident Evil have been doing since Employee Preview. If you talk to any of the scareactors in the house the majority of them will tell you they dislike this a lot. It makes a lot of them feel very uncomfortable. They get that their are a lot of fans of the game who are excited abut being able to live out their dream of walking through Racoon city but at the same time, in a dark setting where a lot of guest are already drunk or aggressive towards the scareactors having a random person come through acting like they have a gun and are trying to shoot them does not really make for a fun time. I would not recommend it. It's a good way to get the scareactors to ignore or avoid you.
  3. Does anyone have a link? I can't seem to find HU.
  4. It's interesting the connections and similarities one can make between the houses this year.
  5. So just to put some food for thought out there: House will have two chainsaws at least. And the concept art of the blade table is for another house.
  6. Has anyone got a call from their ASM yet?
  7. Someone is on to something..... there very likely is no icon house.
  8. It should be noted the "sneak" pictures on facebook are stagged. The FB is run by an individual in Media relations.
  9. There may be A LOT of white for all of our soundstage houses. It's looking like a very white halloween this year.
  10. So to bring everything back around to speculation consider this: For the most part everyone is on the right track for houses. For our mutual friend clues, in the past they have been very straight forward and obvious when the full event is revealed. Relook at some of those especially one regarding a house whose theme is still in question. Also, consider this, last year we have a brand new icon with no icon house. This year you can expect a face of the event to be represented elsewhere and in the park but where? And I will leave you with this... A lot of people have been putting a lot of stock into the "New Era of Fear" and missing the fact that it was all just hype for last year. There really is no new era, but new ideas and a new team. We can see and expect new things but don't look for radically new changes. We are still experiancing an event that is being produced with the same venues and budget that hasn't changed for years. With that said, if our creative team was looking to expand and improve and inovate in new ways I bet they want to be able to do it in a way that guests will notice. So where could they change and improve that most guest will be able to see and experiance several times each night?
  11. Just came to a light bulb moment. Our graveyard on the website is covered in snow. Snow means it's cold out. It also means that our Thing house most likely is sharing a sound-stage with our cemetery.
  12. Im hearing that our Extraction Company might take place on an unexpected location that would pretty much kill the no water concept. Boiler room and lots of steel still would fit though.
  13. If I had to guess for any reason why Sn'S would return before any other house would be because steam punk is expensive. The made all those costumes and they want their return on investment lol. Also, between Frankenstein with its steam punk props and scary tales four/orphanage/NoES boilers they have a lot of ready house props.
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