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  1. We did a review of each house on opening night. Here is the first one we've uploaded about the Catacombs House - http://www.destinationthemepark.com/2010/09/catacombs-house-review-halloween-horror-nights-xx/ We'll be uploading the other's throughout the day. What did you guys think about this house?? P.S It was great meeting mz last night!
  2. On the conference call today, they referred to Fear as an icon. Plus it's been stated in the video about the event and news articles like others have linked to that he is an icon. So I'm thinking that pretty much solidifies the fact that he's.. an icon. They really teased us with him today on the conference though. But we're assured that more information will surface about him in weeks to come. Can't wait! He sounds like a real mean dude lol.
  3. Hey guys, I decompiled the new site and made a short video of all the videos that pop up on the new site update. They're pretty hard to see on the site so this should be easier to view. It gives us a tiny sneak peek to what's inside of the houses.
  4. I dunno if anyone posted this, but the image description from the new teaser image reads: Halloween Horror Nights XX – HHN XX, Fear creature for advertising shoot. Shot on Black full body and close-ups with Lantern. Soundstage #20 We got the image via an e-mail from Universal and when I saved it that was the image description.
  5. Thinking about the thought that someone could have thrown images into the lantern what if the images that are thrown into the lantern come to life. Like the characters thrown in come out alive. This is a funny analogy but sort of like the Indian in the cupboard style lol. Maybe the person from the audio transmission whitnessed someone putting the images in the lantern and was then attacked by the person or characters coming out?
  6. Awesome! Can't wait for them to be released. Prob a week or two before we receive those. I wonder how many more there are.
  7. Oh ok. Wasn't sure cause I did ask around and was told some didn't receive one. Thanks for the clarification. I also agree we have much more pieces to come. Anxiously awaiting the next update. :-)
  8. I don't think they would give us all the pieces at once also, but I just thought it would be interesting to see if they matched up in some way. Maybe there is more to it than just waiting for 1 clue to come out of the series of images? What if we're meant to find more than one clue? For example: putting all the pieces given together to get some meaning, then arranging them in a larger puzzle when more pieces are given to receive another clue. Just throwing that out there. I also spoke to some people that posted their arrangements on the LT facebook page and they didn't receive a response from Ignatia about their arrangements, but I received a positive message on the arrangement. NOT saying it means anything, but they do state on the page they will be watching the speculation and evaluating it so this could mean the arrangement is on the right track for more clues to come. I haven't looked into this image arrangement that much, but thought it was interesting how some of the pieces fit the way they do when partially overlapped.
  9. Yea I do believe there is more to come to complete the puzzle, so I'm not looking to far into it right now just anxiously waiting for the next update ;-)
  10. I think the puzzle pieces can be arranged in numerous ways but when I arranged the puzzle pieces a little differently a face (towards the right) can almost be seen. Not sure if it's another face in the clouds deal but I thought I'd share it since when I posted it on the LT facebook I got a positive response from Ignatia. Anyone else post their arrangement and get contacted?
  11. Yea, I noticed that it has to deal with Greek Mythology also so maybe we're on to something...? And I also got the same feeling that something is being unleashed (rather than sucked in) from the lantern when the guy sees it.
  12. I like the pandora's box idea! Here's what the wiki says about pandora's box: After Prometheus stole fire from heaven, Zeus sought reprisal by handing Pandora to Epimetheus, the brother of Prometheus. At the same time, Pandora was given a jar that she was ordered not to open under any circumstances. Despite this warning, overcome by curiosity Pandora opened the jar. Upon doing so, the evils contained within escaped into the world. Since the faces can be seen within the lantern the idea isn't entirely implausible. What if the past icons have been trapped inside the lantern which could be a pandora style box. And someone is going to open it - possibly the person from the LT audio transcriptions?
  13. I guess we should be seeing those photos released on the LT site Monday since they said review will be completed over the weekend.
  14. If u have an iPhone 3GS/4 u can always add tethering to your account and bring a laptop with u and use the phones Internet connection ;-)
  15. Sorry didn't see ur updates before! Cool video update!
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