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  1. I was talking with a person last year from the park team that designs these things, and wad told they have more places to take the event to 10 and beyond so we will just have to see. someone posted a pic of a new structure being built where the chance house was last year. it's still early.
  2. yep I think you are right about the dates but if you look at the VIP lounge on last years web site the dates from last year are still up and there were only 24 nights last year. I think you are counting employee preview. but I do think you are right on the dates for this year. now all I have to do is figure out how we are getting down there this year. I think we will try to come down 10 /23 - 31 if I can figure out how to pay for it. i believe our freinds from the NE will be down there during some of those dates if not all.
  3. I don't mind houses like Die In, the i-con house 19 ripped from the silver sceen was a fun house some movies will not be enough to make a house, but have a scene out of several houes if done well are enjoyable to me. the best years have been when there is one theme like 15 were the house and streets work on each other. the first year body collectors was the best version of the body collector franchise. having a couple of movie houses is enjoyable too, and evaen better if it fits the theme like Doomsday, and one of my favorite houses Dead Silence. Jim
  4. They do a voodoo like in Jurasic park and it sucked, not only as a house, it was hard to be s scare actor in that jungle like enviroment, bugs, and it was hot. I hope the do more Universal movie houses. I loved dead silence, doomsday, Pyhco, and I would like to see a ZAP street. I don't what them to buy other movies but use Universal films to keep the cost down. a van helsing house would be fun. and the Museum house they talked about in the VIP lounge extreame houses, with an elevator and differant levels with differant exibits would be a cool house. and now that Bush has done an extreame house, does anyone think HHN will do one?
  5. you also have to thank harry potter for the increased attendance this year, people that came for HP that didn't even know HHN was there and they went to it as well. but I siad that last spring.
  6. I don't I would like to have our syringes back I liked those better than the blood bags.
  7. I have done the tour every year they have been offered and yes the usual houses they take you through is the ones in the sound stages, and the Wednesday tours with the Q&A is very informative.
  8. Judy and I will be there at 4 or a few mins before. it will be nice to put a face with a screen name.
  9. I just what to point something out to you clockwise people. if you are going to the AP holder party on the first 2 weekends you will only have access to the 2 tents and the parade building during the party and preferred seating for the first Bill & Ted show, so if you plan to attend you will most likely go counter clockwise during the first 2 weekends, but hay you go which ever way you what it's a free country. it just seems more efficient to go CounterClockwise if you go to the AP party.
  10. We are still meeting up at Bob Marley’s in city walk on opening night? What time will we meet? I what to be where opening scareamonies will be held, so if it is going to be in the park I what to be in the park before close, and if it is like last year with the vampires in from of the gate, I what to get a good spot to stand or sit to watch. This is our first opening scareamonies. we have went every other week of HHN, and what better year than XX to see opening scareamonies. 20 days till we land in our favorite vacation spot. Jim The Vampire Lover and not those ones that sparkle in the sun, the only thing a vampire should do in the sunlight is burst into flames.
  11. yes I was told the same thing on my tour that year, that the photo in the foyer of Sreamhouse was his child Cindy. the photo was a prop and it was used in dead silence the next year, so does it really matter if it was Cindy or not? and as someone has already said there are many possibilities why her hair was blond in that one picture of her. oh here's a good one , her hair was blond till she died and it mysteriously turn black at the funeral home, and once she rose from the dead it stayed black.
  12. Hay People this is a Speculation tread correct? And we are all speculating here. So can we stop bashing other people’s Ideas, we all have a right to our opinions, if you don’t agree or don’t like someone’s post ignore it, or say what you think, please just do it with respect for others right to their opinion. But no has the right to discount someone else’s opinion even if you don’t agree with it. You know I served in the military many years ago, so the people of the fine country would have that right, it’s called freedom.
  13. last year they didn't open HRRR during HHN even though it was on our AP holder flier we received in the mail about HHN 19. I was reading the express pass information for during the day and they are still not allowing express passes on HRRR. that being said, I wonder if they will have the ride open during HHN XX. what you guys think?
  14. the tour last year was $40 incudeing tax the tours were 15 people last year. there is last years info. hope this helps Get an inside look at this years Halloween Horror Nights® as a Universal Orlando® R.I.P. Guide takes you behind the screams, showing you the inner workings of several of this years main attractions. Along the way, we will share the ghoulish secrets and haunted history of Halloween Horror Nights® and how it has become one of the most anticipated Halloween events in the world. Unmasking the Horror Tour ($40.00 per person, tax included): Two hours in length. (departs at 10am and 1:30pm daily from Sept. 25th through Oct. 31st on Halloween Horror Nights® event dates only) Overview of this years Halloween Horror Nights® Overview of the history of Halloween Horror Nights® Lights on behind the scenes tour of select haunted houses with opportunities to take pictures/video throughout Free 2009 Halloween Horror Nights® commemorative lanyard (limited to one per tour ticket) Tours are subject to availability and advanced reservations are required. Tour price does not include park or event admission, admission is not required to take part in the Unmasking the Horror Tour, guests without daytime park admission will be escorted to the park exit at the conclusion of the tour. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult while on tour. All Unmasking the Horror© tours are held during the day.
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