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  1. My review of this year's event is up on my website. Check it out!
  2. You know, the clown could just be a decoy, and even if it's not I may be way off the mark, but I was thinking... Michael Aiello had said on twitter that they managed to secure an IP that he had always wanted to do and was extremely excited for. Now, that could be any number of things, but in the past he's said that every year he pushes for a Killer Klowns From Outer Space house. Again, I may be way off, but it's a possibility... and it's worth pointing out that quite a few of the clowns in that movie had outfits with stars on them.
  3. I happen to have the entire design docs for Demon Cantina. This includes floorplans, elevations, measurements, facade... pretty much everything. It's all in a single .pdf file, and I popped it up for you guys to download here. Enjoy!
  4. My photo gallery is here, and my videos are here. Here's a few samples:
  5. Put my review up on my web site. Check it out!
  6. Rest of my gallery here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v50/Mitsukai/HHN/HHN%2022/ Also, here's my videos from this year:
  7. I could have sworn I saw two Pyramid Heads in the house.
  8. This house was alright, I got a few scares in there. I liked the Mummy room a lot. I wish they did more with Gill-Man, though.
  9. I liked the house, but calling it "Welcome to My Nightmare" was a bit misleading. If anything, it was a collection of most of his hits... a lot of the songs and rooms in the house were from different albums.
  10. One issue I had was a lack of monster variety. It would have been nice to see more monsters represented. Does anyone know what the ones at the beginning were? I don't recognize them from any of the games, so I'm assuming they're from the new movie.
  11. I did like the streets better than I thought I would, though I would have preferred scarezones. I did like how the scareactors were now allowed to come up onto the sidewalks and up against store windows. I even saw some sit down on benches next to guests.
  12. 1. Gothic 2. Silent Hill 3. Alice Cooper 4. House of Horrors 5. Dead End 6. The Walking Dead 7. Penn & Teller
  13. Basically, the streets were pretty much empty. There was really only one scarezone, though the Chainsaw Drill Team hung out in front of Earthquake. The rest of the park had roaming scareactors, but not many, so the streets were pretty much empty. They ended up adding more actors to the streets as the event went on.
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