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  1. Lets just wait and see how it all turns out.
  2. I am looking to the HOTC first then Terror Tram second.
  3. The Terror Trams Subtittle is "Chucky's Revenge" !
  4. Lol when i first saw it i wasnt really sure what to say either. =)
  5. hey guys i heard that the official slogan for this year is, "What fear fears most !"
  6. I was scanning through John Murdys twitter and i noticed that he has been heavily refrencing about how Chucky wants to get revenge on HHN guests. I'm really starting to think that we could quite possibly see a Childs Play Maze this year , In the lower lot; & a Wolfman Maze in the WildWildWest Stunt Show area. Im wishing so much that it turns out to be like that ! Thats would make this years event over the top. What do you guy's think about that theory ?
  7. I just finished reading the article and I gotta say that I wont be able to say if I love or hate the maze concept untill i walk through the maze. It supposed to be based on the REMAKE, and just from the movie preview alone im not too pleased. But you never know, it may be better portrayed as a maze than the REMAKED MOVIE. What do you guys think?
  8. OMG I DIDNT BELIEVE LEO BUT HELL YEA, FREDDY IS BACK ! AND IN A BIG WAY ! HERES AN ARTICLE: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/21360
  9. Second maze announcement this week !

  10. Great pics man, been wanting to go to Universal but I'd rather not until HHN. I want the feeling to be fresh.lol
  11. If your gonna go more than twice, then the anual pass is worth every penny.
  12. I was recently doing some reasearch and I noticed at the the side of the T2:3D que facing the main entrance, there is an opening that i guess you can call an entrance that meets with the que.Stay with me now(lol), and there is a very huge spot between the globe theater, and T2:3D that meets the specifications that murdy has given about the square footage and location of the 5th maze. As far as square footage goes is is the bigger than other mazes locations, and murdy had said that the location is very close to another maze which would be the Wild West Stunt SHow area. It makes the most possible sense.
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