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  1. Just testing you........ Lol. Swore I read that whole vampire paragraph Ly
  2. I let you motorboat me and don't get mentioned
  3. I enjoy you two coming to Mel's, it's fans like you guys that keep us going on those crazy nights. Even though I do think the only way Jen can stand me staring at her is by laughing hysterically hahaha
  4. It's not the scaring us part. It's really we only have a 25 foot area around the coffin to scare, so at first we'd go to scare in our area and there would be 4 other scare actors interacting with the only crowd we can scare. It's not just beasts. But honestly the beasts are probably my favorite Hollywood partners. I think his name is Mitch but he has a cat like face with a light tab robe and a shaker can.. Is pretty fucking awesome. Definitely enjoy scaring with him
  5. From one scare actor to another, whoever the beast was Wednesday night by Mel's working with me ( rat escort ) on terrorizing people, it was true fun. When one of us would distract the other one would scare, and vice versa. And every time I gave him props or laughed he would put his hand up to the sky saying yesss yesss haha. Great job. I'm glad were at Mel's now, gives us time to work with different legions
  6. I know this is repetitious to everything people have said, but holy awesome archway batman
  7. So random off the wall question. I know I'm with the rat lady at the front of the park in front of this zone. ( and since I figured this would be the best place to ask this ) I don't think I'm going to be one of her escorts, but do you think they are going to make us vampires cause were close to that? Or if not what characters will we be
  8. So what characters do you think the people with the rat lady will be?
  9. You get the glasses in line for the house itself. And they are basically cheap paper fold ones ( but they do the job ) so in case people keep them its no big deal. They do have a glass recycle can out of the exit though. This house was awesome. Probably one of my favorites in a while. The room with the strings... simply awesome.
  10. Can anyone thats going tonight try to get pictures of Lady Lucks Minions? (were all in the front for the first 3 sets) I would appreciate it!
  11. I'm figuring that's what the males will be used as in this zone
  12. That's a good question JW. Possibly RTU?
  13. Very true Jeff. Guess I'm over anxious for all of this to get going lol
  14. I'm starting to worry about how this zone is going to be put together. It's a week before rehearsals, and this is the least worked on of the sz's..
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