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  1. Personally this house I am looking forward to the most! Im sure the black/white feature will be strobes or lights of some sort. I never had the opportunity to experience all the great monsters, so for me this will probably be my first house to hit!
  2. Perhaps another ip? But I doubt they would announce P&T this early if they were to be featured this year.
  3. Heading over to USF tomorrow, going to take some pics and upload soon after!

  4. As many here on the forums hope, I too wish that we still have 8 houses and 6 scarezones. But if the speculated 6 house and 1 scarezone plan is true, I will probably enjoy them just as I have with any other year when there were more houses and scarezones. Only after the event is over shall I release my full opinion on the event, whether it be positive or negative. What with the talk of Penn & Teller as icons, I really dont know enough or seen enough of them to make a full view on how I would feel about them being apart of HHN. My only deal I honestly have with any icon is: 1. Having a strong storyline that ties into the event and its houses 2. Featured in more than one little scarezone (preferably a house too!) 3. BE SCARY!!! Until I actually walk into USF, I remain confident that Universal will do the best they can with whatever resources they have to bring us a HHN that we will all enjoy. One way or another! -MM
  5. Well, I looked on Youtube and found 4 videos featuring what I believe is the full Bill and Ted show from 2006. Think it is from Orlando, and they all seem to work(but do load a little slow for me). Credit goes to HorrorNights who posted these 5 years ago, but nothing after that. Hope this is what you wanted!
  6. After doing some research, with the help from numerous websites including our own HHN history page, I believe I may be able to answer your question! The eye does look similar to the 1997 HHN Orlando theme poster, and HHN Hollywood first started in 1997. But, that year at HHN Orlando there was no feature of Psycho. Continuing, at HHN Hollywood they feature the Terror Tram, which goes past the set of the horror classic Psycho. So to my conclusion, the shirt probably originated from a gift shop at the end of the tour, which featured the HHN Orlando eye logo with Pyscho mixed in. Hope this answers your question!
  7. Top 10 Favorite Houses Horror Nights: The Hallow`d Past Winters Night Catacombs Dead Exposure Nightingales: Blood Prey Body Collectors: Collections of the Past The Hallow Saws n' Steam The Thing(2011) Scary Tales: Once Upon a Nightmare 5 Worst Houses The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes Jack's Funhouse Doomsday Reflections of Fear Creatures Narrow list is due to the fact I have only been 4 years. So not many houses to choose from!
  8. To be honest, the show was OK, but not better than last year in the funny aspect of it. A little bit of sexual comments I dont really mind since it is a part of Bill & Ted show. But the whole show either had girls dancing provocatively or certain blue people flirting with others. And that wasnt all too "funny" in my book, but the show did have its good parts too, such as "the terrorist" and the amazing set!
  9. My rankings: 1. 7 2. Grown Evil 3. Acid Assault 4. Nightmaze 5. Canyon of Dark Souls 6. Your luck just ran out
  10. Well, I know the least you can be is 18. And I THINK that any scareactor could be in any special branch(except for stilt walkers, requires experience). I have heard they have a special chainsaw drill camp or something like that. But thats all I can answer, you would have to talk to someone else for information about the chainsaws.
  11. When I was checking forums I saw this topic and I have taken some great interest in it. Mainly because I would like to for Universal in their A&D team for Halloween Horror Nights. In fact, it may have been me on the vault started that. Then again im not sure, but I have shown great interest in it. Yes, im still in high school, but it would be good to figure out how to get there.
  12. I will be wearing my horror night nightmares shirt and my pin(nerdy am I not?). Will be with 2 girls and a guy, two of them wearing hhn shirts on the 7th. On the 9th it will be the same thing but with my friend Thomas. All of us are in our teenage years.
  13. I have rush of fear and will be attending 6,7, and 9th. The 9th is only nigjt I will not be with a group.
  14. Thank you so much madmonk, really helped me out, and ill be sure they have thier tickets very soon!
  15. Okay, so last year on opening night I went into catacombs, and there were two plague doctors on either side in front of me. And ill be honest, I did not want to go through there! I was wearing glasses and hnn shirt, so hope someone speaks up. Eventually I ad to run through in between both pairs of outstretched arms. Anyways, good intimidation and scare! Really appreciate all of you making my octobers the scariest month of the year, keep it up!
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