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  1. They were selling After 11PM Express last night (Thursday), for what it's worth. Best of luck!
  2. Well-written review, appreciate your take! Worth pointing out that the Monsters praise isn't limited to this/other "hardcore" forums. It's scoring EXTREMELY well.
  3. I'm almost wondering if this was a deliberate choice. Universal/Blumhouse would likely prefer to promote Purge versus Unfriended/Truth or Dare, and the Purge tent slot (there aren't really any official/useful names) has always seen the lowest traffic of any of the Metro slots. Maybe this shows just how pivotal an entrance sign location can be... Similarly, I feel Trick r Treat is suffering from its entrance. Stranger Things has the projection on the Transformers building and the prominent sign as you reach Transformers. Trick r Treat can only be seen if you're headed to Metro and is extremely inconvenient to access if you're leaving Metro (you have to go all the way around). Other than Blumhouse, it's reliably had the shortest waits of the night...
  4. Oh, that's interesting... didn't realize they moved up the entrance sign. Previously the AHS slot has been far more prominent/the most "obvious" maze exiting the zone, so it would make sense that people naturally flow into Purge, the exit of which leads to Poltergeist, then filter into Blumhouse on their way back.
  5. I have no idea why (other than the IP is hot, I guess?), but First Purge has been consistently outperforming Poltergeist and Blumhouse on the Metro... regularly commands a 40+ minute wait when the rest of the park is dead (and, based on my glances, seems like it's an accurate estimate). Last night was definitely weird, though, with that heavy onslaught of each maze that quickly dissipated. Was strange seeing Stranger at a 10 minute wait most of the night. Seems like ticket sales may be a bit soft...
  6. To be clear, I'm referring exclusively to Hollywood. Orlando has some puppeted and I think one costume capable of doing the mouth open/shut. None of that ever made it to Hollywood, for whatever reason.
  7. Um... going to step in here and say that there is no Demagorgon capable of opening and shutting its mouth deliberately. This may have been an intended effect/feature of the costume at one point, but it did not make it to the finished product, for any of the costumes. I say this with 110% confidence. Any "opening and closing" you're seeing is the flaps of the costume moving unintentionally as the performer does an abrupt or severe movement.
  8. I'd agree Skeletor looks a little "off" (I think it's his facial expression) and The Girl looks a little too corny. Everything else looks pretty rock solid. Really impressed with the Monsters masks, especially.
  9. No idea, but I guarantee it wasn't an extra room. It doesn't exist. My only guess is you thought you saw RIP lanyards that were actually staff lanyards (from a distance they look similar) and a lab goon handed them a non-working flashlight to be replaced. No idea who you're referring to in the "last room" - that's the blackout space with the final two Demagorgons - but if it was another lab goon, chances are they were examining the flashlights, which are having issues. Lab goons physically do not have enough flashlights to hand out to every member of a group and are certainly not equipped to take on that sort of additional task work (they can barely see faces, much less whether or not someone is wearing an RIP lanyard). The alternate exit you saw could either be the initial forest or the Hawkins lab entrance, both of which run parallel to the maze entrance/exit.
  10. This isn't a thing. I'm not sure what you thought you saw, but there are no hidden/VIP rooms contained in the Stranger Things maze. There are special Stranger Things photo ops at the lounge - I believe it's the bikes, a Demagorgon sculpt (same one used in the school hall scrim effect), and the Christmas lights.
  11. Your instincts are correct. If you're a swing, that means you're the "third" person for a role shared between two other people. When one of those other two people are sick or otherwise unavailable, you are the first (and probably only) alternate to be slotted in. In the past, there's only been a "swing" for the speaking role. That might have changed this year with the amount of look-alike characters (especially for Stranger Things). For AHS, they had de facto Countess swings, but it was never formalized. When you aren't filling that role, you'll be in regular pool, getting slotted where you're needed in other holes. If you have more questions, feel free to PM me - I've dealt with swings before.
  12. A few quick clarifying points, since I'm seeing some confusion... --Blumhouse only has one set of offices in Koreatown, near Downtown. They do not operate offices on any studio lot. --I think the confusion stems from people associating James Wan (creator of the Insidious franchise, among others) with Blumhouse. James Wan's production company, Atomic Monster (responsible primarily for The Conjuring universe), maintains offices on the Warner Bros lot. They are separate from Blumhouse. --Blumhouse carries a lucrative "first-look" deal with Universal Pictures. This is a common mechanism in the industry in which a studio invests an agreed-upon amount of money annually to a production company in exchange for the privilege of having "first dibs" on any project they pitch or make. If Universal passes (and they have), Blumhouse is free to take their projects anywhere else - including Warner Bros. This obviously precludes franchises that began before that first-look deal, including Paranormal Activity or its sequels.
  13. That's what I'm doing (no Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays), but I'm pool.
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