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  1. Thanks for the redirect Trev. Got the characters mixed up, I dont know about the Otis guys but most of the Cpt. Spaldings are about 6'2" in costume...... I just looked up Sids Imdb and they list him as 6'4" definatley taller than the scareactors, I stand corrected. However being on the high side of 6'3" myself there are not a lot of people that big available and why waste them in a maze. Check out the big Clownz on NY street.
  2. Thanks for the shout out Anu. By the way I have been moved to the Unload area before Whoville. And I was on the Bigade for chaseout Friday. Dont know if its permanent but well see.
  3. For those of you saying that the layout and room design of the maze is exactly the same, you should pull out you old videos. As someone who spent 8 hours a night walking that maze last year I found myself nearly walking into a few walls. Of course due to space limitations, the maze is nearly the same general shape as it was when it was Chainsaw. It will always be that way. However from the first room the maze is different. The second room is nearly rotated and redecorated. Barbed wire is the same with an added waterfall. Bathroom -same, hallway completely different and scare relocated. Pound of flesh complete change taking up 2 old rooms. Freezer room same -but can you blame them its the most popular scene. Watertrap and Needle room are the same from there the only thing in the same place is the Question mark guy. I think the redo is worth while considering that most haunts will not even bother updating a maze early than 5 years in. The scares of course rely on the scareactors in this maze, my visit was so so. Timing is very important in this maze and it seems the pigs have been reduced. The Questionmark girl seemed lackluster. I talked with her and found out she hadnt seen the movie and wasnt sure what was going on. I politely mentioned she had got some bad reviews. Her response, "Well I dont take this as serious as you do" So you can take that as you like.
  4. What is that suppose to prove. Knotts has been getting better reviews that HHN for years. Its rare to see a review in HHN's favor.
  5. The sheet maze had chainsaws in it originally. If you look around there are several acoustic walls around the TT area. JM's response to the noise complaint was to hire sound technicians from Lucasfilm (or was it Spielberg anyway big time guys) to design the sound stage up there so we could keep the saws, screams and sound effects. Management wanted it all gone. Just a walkthrough with scareactors. This may be where the budget concerns came into play. He wanted saws up there badly. First night were were unsure if we would have any saws at all. There were supposed to be more. I personally dont get the complaints, TT closes at midnight and only takes place on the weekend (except for a few nights halloween week). I lived behind Knotts, you just zone it out after a while. I guess thats what happens when you have neighbors with multimillion dollar homes.
  6. Actually other than Killer Carl who is a little small and of course Tiny who is on stilts, the rest of the characters are about the right size. Dr. Satan was a small guy.
  7. The show control crew does seem awfully pushy. I dont have any problem moving the crowd along without them yelling at the guests. Whats wrong with guests actually getting a chance to look at the backlot set. Its big enough and we rarely get backed up. By the way my wife and friends were on that train that had to stop. Bruised knees all around. I know its scary but have a little common sense.
  8. One of the guys in the body room actually made me jump. Good placement of the door and great timing on the actors part. Of course I had to go find the maze supervisor and give the actor his credit. If you make a Scareactor jump you have done something right.
  9. Now you do realize that if they did do a Wolfman maze it would simply be HOH with werewolves inside. There is simply no justification for building another Gothic manor type set when you have one already built that you must do something with. The English streets are just sitting there and that big wolf in a cage will be on the street again. The only way I see Wolfman being done with any satisfaction is in the wilderness area on Terror Tram not as a maze.
  10. So JM tweeted the other day that he is working on plans for 2011 and asked for suggestions. I replied with (among other ideas) Army of Darkness on Terror Tram. A perfect fit I think. His response, I would love to do AOD if I can get the rights. Now is the time to rally the troops on this idea if you really want to see it happen. DDLC was the original production company for ED 2 and Universal purchased most of the DDLC catalog and released the DVD copies so it would seem that the right should be easy to obtain. Make your support for the idea known.
  11. One thing I dont understand Is why they always repeat things from one area in the park and on the tram. We have LL on western street and again on TT. The western street area seems superfluous. The Killer Doll Army belongs to Chucky, but the guest make it to my area they have seen about 50 of us. I would really love to see werewolves in the woods area. Both Wolfman and feral Werewolf in London types. Imagine a giant feral wolf crouching on four legs in the bushes waiting to pounce as guest walk by then retreating back into the wood. Just add slider glove type claws to thrash the dirt trail and make noise on the trees. A few ghillie suits and some half turned wolves, you would hardly need any set dressing. Im first in line if they are casting for that.
  12. Wow harsh. Well not to make any excuses, if we didn't get the job done I guess all we can do is try harder, but for those of you that went Saturday TT was very low on scareactors. Yes the insult emporium is supposed to run however half the Chuckies were out sick so they had to abandon it in favor of scares. At least 17 of the Army were out sick cutting my area (tram reload) down by half. And several of our saws were reassigned to the entrance. And of course a bunch of people just plain quit. So hopefully on your next visit we will be at full strength and more on the ball. As for the sheet maze, I just don't see the attraction. I thought it was some kind of joke when I saw it as a guest the first time. I made one of these when I was 10 and quickly moved passed it to a solid wall maze. But I guess if it is missed that much Im sure it will be back. Its still there but would require more actors obviously.
  13. I got a chance to walk through Vampyre saturday. I was a little surprised that the talent was doing such a good job. I expected all the hot girls they hired to end up hissing and clawing all night looking sexy. However I saw scantily clad vamps running down the path after guests. That is a major problem with HOH, the guest and scareactor are separated. My first year in Lore of the Vampire at Knotts had the same issue. They put me behind a railing (which I promptly jumped over) That said, I was disappointed at all the chucky's still sitting behind glass. It did look a bit like they may be still working in that area. Also I would like to be able to see some of the character. Coming from someone who spent the entire night in the dark in a mask with blacked out eyes, It means something when I say it was too dark in there. The characters had some wonderful makeup, bring a flashlight if you want to see it.
  14. Technically speaking (length wise) the trail for TT is longer. Hobbz where are you on TT?
  15. Our break room at TT is fine if I could ever get there. Apparently a few guys decide they just couldn't handle the chainsaw and switched to another area. Others simply wandered off to the break area, leaving the rest of us at the top of the hill waiting for a break all night. I finally got my only break at 10pm. We also had an 8oz water bottle between the 8 of us. Yeah Ill be bringing my own water this year.
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