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  1. I gotta say, this zone really surprised me. Shrek Alley tends to have non-scary to lame zones. But there was something about it that I really liked, and actually would like to see the Coven witches in the future. Maybe with it reminding me of the witch room from the Hallow in 08, I liked it more. But you all definitely get your scares and creep people out. Also you all manage better without the puritans than you do with them; probably because every other time I've been through the puritans have seemed bored or looked like they weren't doing anything. Definitely a cool zone: 4/5
  2. Your sig and icon are amazing!

  3. There's no hidden character; At least if there is, it's not known to anyone in the house, cast or ASM/Coordinators. All we heard was that the house had a hint to next years theme in it. We weren't told what it was or where in the house to find it.
  4. I read the review and can honestly say I understand and can agree with most if not all you've said. You had the same disappointments as I did, but I understood a lot of why Universal did some things that they did, however, I don't think a lot of their cuts and holding back should have been this year, being the 20th year of HHN. Only thing I found myself disagreeing with was the 08 rooms in Hallow'd Past; I don't really count the Body Collector room as an 08 room because it wasn't the 08 version of the room(I liked the 08 version better) and they were around pre-2008; I definitely agree the sewer Body Collector room could have been something else. And I loved the inclusion of Dead Exposure, but also felt it didn't need two rooms and it needed a tarp ceiling. I'm happy you at least enjoyed my house. p.s. regarding negative reviews and the alone comparison; We don't mind negative reviews, we just need more than vague blanket statements about what wasn't liked which alone is not good at giving.
  5. They're in the second room of the house. The baby corpses moving effect was recently fixed.
  6. No animatronics is probably due to the fact that stupid guests would mess it up. Jackass guests have been known to break sets, take props, hang razors/fishing hooks in houses, etc; Animatronics probably cost too much to let it be tampered/ruined by guests.
  7. Hahahaha I'm totally stealing this. ;p I don't think I know anybody who wouldn't come.
  8. After thinking back, I ended up figuring out those two were the witches because I do have a friend cast as one, but I couldn't put it together at the time. Harpy, Fury; Simple mistake. Both are demonic humanoid creatures with wings in Greek Mythology.
  9. That's the one. I probably misheard you say tiger instead of tigger. I'm not gonna lie though, when I first saw you girls with the tiger, my first thought was "They seem drunk, but they're nice drunks" lol But now I'm happy to see who named us Cats & Combs. Both casts love it.
  10. Are you the one that keeps coming in with a Tigger stuffed animal?
  11. I had an odd feeling about this house. Not quite negative, but not as positive as I would have hoped, especially considering I adore Greek mythology. This is from the walk through I managed to do on Saturday. While the facade looked great, once entering the house, it felt like I was going into an Aztec themed nightclub, not a Hades based house. I found the stone people scareactors interesting, but didn't quite understand what they were or what they had to do with Hades or Greek mythology. I did like the hanging heads in what I assume is the Cyclops room. I kinda felt bad for the guy with an eyepatch because he just looked like a bartender at a club. The next thing I remember is walking through a hallway with what my friend said was supposed to be one of the Harpies; It was alright, but I don't know, kinda let down with the look. I don't know if this was before or after the Harpie with the broken wings, but there was a random hallway of two scareactors in masks on the left and right sides moving weirdly, I'm guessing to add atmosphere or something? I wasn't sure what they were. Next room I remember is the Minotaur maze room; This was by far my favorite thing in the house. It was creepy and scary, and even though I wasn't a target for the Minotaurs, they definitely would have got me if not my friend. However my first scare was actually in the next room when a chain hanging from the ceiling hit me in the face. Medusa room was alright I guess, I think it would have been better with some statues or something. Medusa herself was cool, I love that the snakes had movement, however, I was disappointed we barely saw her fully, it was only upper torso and above visible; I figured they were going Clash of the Titans with her look, I just think they could have added a little more. I wasn't a fan of the drop door booholes with the Jurassic Park dinosaur masks behind; Sorry to anyone who has to wear those. And finally, Hades throne. I'm sorry, but I can't think of any good reason why there is no Hades on that throne; Bad decision Universal. Overall, I'd probably give the house a 3/5, because the work that went into it shows a lot, however, it barely relates to its theme besides 3-4 rooms.
  12. Yeah, the guy with the boils has always been in the house.
  13. I don't really know how to feel about this house. I liked the facade though the aroma turned me off immediately. But walking through, I kind of like the whole setting and how the scareactors looked, I can definitely say it was depressing, even as someone who hasn't been through a Psychoscareapy house ever. It almost felt like an entire black and white movie house, but I kind of liked it; reminded me of Tim Burton's 'The Island of Doctor Agor'. As for scare, a couple of jump ones here and there, but nothing really scary. I did the panic button but my friend was rushing me, but I did enjoy what I saw. I don't think I saw the Mary Agana reference at all. There wasn't much of a finale and there weren't really any standout scares or characters for me. I'll give it a 2/5, but I do think I'll suffer through the aroma again to give it another chance.
  14. For me personally, I don't mind the glow sticks. I don't think they're so bright that they kill the mood or anything. But anything blinky is a target for me. Not in the sense of only scaring them, but scaring them into dropping their horns, cups, etc. What falls near my boo hole by scaring inconsiderate guests is mine. Though so far, a good majority of guests have turned off their cups at least, but those horns are annoying. And yes, the ops people are just as bad if not worse than last year. When I was hit, I went to the end to get my ASM or security. The ops girl at the exit wasn't even acknowledging me and taking her sweet time to call security over. They are also slow as hell for cast changes.
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