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  1. This is my least anticipated house this year....
  2. I am so curious on how this zone will turn out!
  3. When will merchandise be on sell? Cause I am so ready to order the house shirt!
  4. Can anyone make some wallpapers that could be in the certain size so that it could fit into Instagram? I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Liked this house so much! ♥ But in the beginning after walking through the Pub there was an empty part felt like something was supposed to be there. :/
  6. The Walking Dead: 1 La Llorona: 1 Afterlife: 1 Resident Evil: 2 An American Werewolf In London: 1 Havoc: 1 Cabin in the Woods: 1 Evil Dead: 1 Shows: 0 !!
  7. Went on Sunday night this house was awesome! To that guy who scared me and made me fall and said thats right crawl!! You made my night!
  8. Just went to HHN this past Sunday night it was so Awesome! Might do a review soon!!
  9. Is there any live feeds for tonight? If so can you please post the link here will gladly appreciated.
  10. I just seen the HHN commercial on my TV got me super excited!
  11. When do they usually start selling HHN Merchandise online cause Im ready to buy my House T-shirt?!
  12. I agree beautiful and massive facade! Its so great I love it!!
  13. Just saw an HHN 23 news special here in Orlando on News 13 about last night!!
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