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  1. Great to hear about the low crowds... Hopefully that rolls over to tonight. Gonna be a fun night!
  2. Yea pretty interested to hear about the crowds and if any changes were made to TWD finale. I'll be finally going tonight!
  3. I wonder if they are going to change up the end of this house this week. I remember Aiello talking about doing it after the premiere. I don't know what else they could do besides make it seem like Terminus was over run and have lots of gunfire...
  4. So I heard it was pretty busy last night (Thursday), anyone go last nights??? We usually go on a Saturday (every year since hhn12) and this is the first year going on a Thursday next week the 16th. I heard everything we around 90 mins at 11pm last night.
  5. Would u mind putting what each button does in a spoiler tag?? Can't wait to go in this house and would love to know what each one does so I can get my friends
  6. That's a shame. Hopefully they use the shack for other purposes. I understand with all the bullshit going on over seas that it could upset some ppl, but u have to put into context the type of event you are at. If that is going to bother u, then u probably shouldn't be at HHN.
  7. So I have to say I'm getting a little nervous about this house. I won't be able to visit until mid October so I haven't been through the house yet. When it first was announced they were doing AVP, the first thing i thought of was how intense this house would be. It was literally the first adjective to come to mind. The fact so many ppl are talking about the lack of intensity worries me. I figured this house would be insanely loud with chaos all around. Is there just a lot of dead space or not enough scares??? It just seems really weird
  8. Can anyone post the characters that are in the show? just hide it so others aren't spoiled who don't wanna know
  9. Sort of disappointed by the reviews I've heard so far for Roanoke... Hopefully it gets better
  10. I have to say I'm incredibly excited for this years event. This is one year where I really don't see a house where I feel I can skip it. Very pleased with the return of the scare zones also. I think we have one hell of an event on our hands
  11. I'm expecting this to be the goriest house which will hopefully make up for the lack of rooms.
  12. I am blown away by the originality and creativity behind this house. Great concept, hope it's equally as well done
  13. I have to say I am extremely pleased and excited for this years line up. It really seems to be strong from top to bottom. I haven't been this excited for HHN since HHN18
  14. Houses: AvP TWD Roanoke Halloween Giggles&Gore Dollhouse Dracula FDTD Scare zones: Bayou of Blood The Purge MASKerade Face Off
  15. One of my most anticipated houses. A classic in every sense
  16. Granted I am a huge TWD fan but I think this will be awesome. The first house was a let down, last year they learned from the first and had a great house... This year they should knock this one out the park. I go to HHN due to the high quality of the houses and the atmosphere, no one does it better. Most of us on here love this event and appreciate it more than just the general public... I know this genre has been done the last two years but I think we can all have confidence that Uni will make this house very unique from the last two
  17. A little late to the party but here's my list (this event uses both parks) Houses - All Nite Die In 3 (featuring the Director & Usher) - Alien Vs. Predator - Underworld based house - Story of the Caretaker (the evolution showing how he became the Caretaker) - Revenge of Michael Myers - Resident Evil - Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Classic Universal Monsters Scare Zones - Return to City Under Siege - Alien Invasion - AWIL - The Purge - A twisted Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs zone (similar to the Wonderland one a few years ago)
  18. Well finally decided to pop in since last year and boy have things picked up!! A Michael Myers house would be awesome. One of the best scares I ever got was in All Nite Die In at HHN13. If they could do a few scenes that well 11 years ago, I'm sure they could do a crazy good house this year!
  19. Great review. Really enjoyed your take on HHN and gets me pumped for this Sat night
  20. A little late to the party but we are going Sat the 12th... 1. Cabin in the Woods 2. American Werewolf in London 3. Walking Dead 4. Evil Dead 5. Resident Evil 6. La Llorona 7. Afterlife 8. Havoc
  21. Does anyone have a pic of the street bar menu?
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