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  1. rrally hoping I get together enough money to make one last trip to hhn

  2. another amazing night at hhn yesterday, did saws and steam 4 times hahahaha can't believe next weekend is my last trip :(

  3. Jack. no competition. although I have a horribly bad fear of clowns...It's turned into a full blown phobia, if someone even mentions them I get paranoid (ahhh the ways random childhood experiences affect you later on...) and Jack managed to put me into a full blown panic attack to the amusement of the girl working at the slushie cart I attempted to hide behind...
  4. My first year going was 2008, and I was 13. I had been wanting to go for a while but my mom thought it would be to scary...and she was right. I went with two of my friends who were just as scared as I was and we ended up not going in any houses. I remember being really paranoid and making my cousin walk behind me so no one could sneak up on me. Even though we didn't go in houses we did go through at least a few scarezones....I ran into one of the guys on the CDT without realizing that he was an actor and awkwardly apologized, obviously intimidated since he was twice my size, and then all of a sudden heard the chainsaws start up and had a chainsaw fly up in front of me. I ran out of that area like my life depended on it, and got chased by the entire CDT to the amusement of everyone else in the zone. We ended up seeing brian brushwood's show twice. We all felt so pathetic afterwards, but over all it was still fun, and now I'm hooked
  5. I suppose it depends on how scared I get, if I'm already on edge I'll generally gasp or I'll, as my friends call it, 'squeak' and say eep!, and then laugh awkwardly, but if I'm completely caught off guard I'll scream...and then trip (gotta love being a klutz)
  6. They have a drop off section where you can drop someone off and not pay for parking. I generally get dropped off before the event since neither of my parents go.
  7. I will be there september 30, and october 1st, 7th and 8th
  8. this house was fantastic, One of the actors almost had my friend in tears. great way to end our first night at hhn
  9. favorite house by far. Got the best scare of the night in here! Great costumes, great effects, great sets, great actors. Loved it!
  10. We must have gone through this house at the wrong time, because we seemed to miss all of the actors. It had a few good things, but we weren't huge fans. the few costumes I saw were funny though, and I'll definitely give it another chance this weekend.
  11. Loved this house, my cousin and I (being huge doctor who fans) both flipped at the weeping angels. We were dumb and decided to go in this house first Friday, being completely soaked from the rain, and came out freezing. The actors did a great job, and while I didn't get scared, they got my friend quite a few times.
  12. omg way to much fun at hhn tonight! sad I don't get to go tomorrow like I was hoping, but can't wait to go again next weekend!

  13. so much fun in atlanta! Don't wanna go home, but so ready for hhn to start!

  14. hopefully no one has already posted this, but hal posted a new picture "take a chance. it will be your last"
  15. oh my, weeping angels?!??!?1 just got SOOO much more excited!

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